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Henlsey Rating System State Top 25 - Week #5


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Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in the three seasons that I have done the Hensley Rating System, I have decided to start doing the ratings for the regular season and not just the playoffs.


I must not take any credit for the numbers that are produced...however, all the credit goes to both the Louisville Courier-Journal's LitRatings and the Lexington Herald-Leader's CantrallRatings. All that I have done is to enter the figures from both papers into an Excel sheet, added them together and divided by two, sort them into order from highest to lowest, and post them.


I will be maintaining the HRS for the remainder of the season so please be sure to post your comments about them and to keep checking back each and every week for updated standings.


The standings for the top 25 in the state are:


1. Saint Xavier 118.55

2. Louisville Trinity 113.15

3. Highlands 111.80

4. Bowling Green 108.05

5. DuPont Manual 107.85

6. Male 105.45

7. Lexington Catholic 101.70

8. Newport Central Catholic 99.35

9. Ryle 98.00

10. Bell County 96.50

10. Ballard 96.50

12. Owensboro 96.35

13. John Hardin 95.15

14. Scott County 94.25

15. Pleasure Ridge Park 94.15

15. Eastern 94.15

17. Campbell County 93.70

18. Johnson Central 93.60

19. Warren East 92.65

20. Henry Clay 92.45

21. Dixie Heights 91.60

22. Boone County 91.45

23. Madison Central 90.75

24. Lafayette 90.45

25. Central 89.90

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Lex Cath too high...Johnson Central too low, IMO...but that be obvious that it is based partially on the Cantrell ratings or is that Can't tell ratings.
You might want to find another target ... Cantrall had Johnson Central at #8 this week, two spots ahead of Lexington Catholic.
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Why does Mrh think that Boyle should be in the top 25. He has i think now asked that in 2 polls. Mrh, Boyle is 0-4 right now. Even though they have had the 4 hardest games, this still doesnt make them in the top of the state when you lose all 4 of the games.


If Marion beats BE ... I won't be negative toward Boyle County for the rest of the football season.



For some reason Boyle is not one of his favorite teams this season. I though everybody loved us too! :creepy:

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