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Looking ahead.....(fantasy question)


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2 person keeper league, who the heck do I keep out of this mess?


Carson Plamer

Terrell Owens

Greg Jennings

Sanatana Moss

Shaun Alexander

Reggie Bush

Todd Heap

Leon Washington

Jerricho Cotchery

Marques Colston

Duece McAllister

Ahman Green

Ronnie Brown


How do I pick?


Who would you keep?

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Torn on Shaun or Carson. No way you put Bush back in the draft pool...
That's where I was.


I know about Bush, I took him too early this year just to lock him up for the next 10.


I don't see how you pass on Carson though. I love shaun too, but he's on the back end.


I actually thought about Brown for a minute.

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I'm gonna disagree on SA. Like you said, he's on the back end. I think if it were me I would go with Bush and either Brown or possibly even TO. He looks pretty good with Romo.
See he's older too, and you just never know with him.


I'm thinking, Bush, and then either Brown or Palmer.

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You have to keep Bush and Palmer. If you drop Palmer who would you draft to replace him? In keeper leagues there are very few quality QB's in the draft pool. You will probably see some quality RB's in the draft, also they get hurt often and you can find "free agent" during the year. Bush is going to be a stud fantasy player (if he learns to hold onto the ball), no way would I let him go!

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Dude, are seriously even asking this?;):D


Carson and Reggie, end of story. You're set for at least the next 5-7 yrs.


I can see a case for SA, but if Reggie becomes the feature back in NO, there's no question he'll match SA.


Wideouts come and go, you live and die with QB's and RB's in FF.

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