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So do you see it as Orange or no BCS for UL?
At this point, yes. Louisville's best chance for an at-large would be the Rose Bowl, and that only happens if Florida destroys Arkansas so bad that it highly devalues LSU's win.


1) I don't see that happening and


2) Even if it did, the Rose Bowl committee is THE establishment in college football. Can you see them holding their nose hard enough to take an upstart program like Louisville, no matter how deserving? I sure can't.

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Despite their two losses LSU resume is better than UL's.


Notre Dame is 10th. They automatically qualify for the BCS if they finish in the top 8, what about finishing #10?

Like anyone, they're eligible in the top 14. Eligible means 'going' for the Irish.
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I thought a top 8 BCS guarenteed a BCS bid.


It's top 4 and even then there are certain stipulations that would basically make it impossible for Louisville to get an automatic bid.


Right now all UL fans need to become Moutaineer fans for a week. We'll know by 11PM Saturday night if the Cards are in.

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The top 4 automatically make a BCS bowl but ND has a stipulation, because of not being in a conference, that if they have 9 wins and also in the top 8 or top 10 then they are assured a spot. Boise State is assured if they finish in the top 12.

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Let's look at that LSU resume:


4th place in SEC (3rd place in SEC West)


Lost to Auburn #3 in SEC

Lost to Fla t-1st in SEC

Beat Tenn t-5th in SEC

Beat Ark T-1st in SEC

Beat Ky T-6th in SEC

Beat Ole Miss T-9th in SEC

Beat Miss St. T-11th in SEC

Beat Ala T-9th in SEC



Beat 8 loss Tulane Last in CUSA West

Beat Arizona 7-5 6th in the PAC 10

Beat La. Lay 6-5 5th in the Sun Belt

Beat Fresno St. 4-7 5th in the WAC



4th place in SEC 5th Place in the country

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