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  1. Sizemore has been a dedicated coach at Montgomery for 4 years. He has done everything that has been asked of him. I believe that he has worked his way up to have a chance at the head coaching job here. Montgomery hasn't hired a assistant since Owney Owens in the early 90's.
  2. Ag department is the killer at Montgomery County. Look at all the diesels in the parking lot. They hold their show and sale on the same night as we play our biggest rivals.
  3. Nothing wrong with giving a guy that has worked his way through the system a opportunity to be head coach.
  4. Not to argue my point but I was talking about the middle school being like a PE Class
  5. I agree that the Jr. Pro league in Montgomery County has greatly improved. I think that Coach Gooch has gotten involved with the league and has helped get it organized. I do think from watching Coach Stockdale run his practices that you can tell they finally have someone who knows something about football. I remember watching several practices 3 years ago, it looked nothing more than a PE class playing on the playground. That has nothing to do with the Jr. Pro program but has everything to do with the coaches they had.
  6. It was obvious to me watching the freshman scrimmage Spencer County that Montgomery County is on the upswing as far as football. I believe the main reason for this is much improved coaching at the middle school level. We went a few years with below average coaching and it show when these players got to high school. Coach Stockdale is doing a wonderful job at the middle school and has these kids learning to play hard every play, something I believe was missing with previous coaching staffs. Keep up the good work Coach Stockdale.
  7. Actually there is 4 district games, Woodford, Bryan Station, Ashland, and Johnson Central. I think that playing Clark in the Rec Bowl increases the attendance of the game.
  8. After reading post for the past year about Montgomery hosting the tournament, I was very relieved that when I opened my eyes the next morning the sun still rose. You would have thought the world was coming to an end by comments that were made in numerous threads that have been on this topic. Next year, if I'm lucky, I will be driving to Northern Kentucky to watch the Regional there. Congrats Mason Co. and good luck at state.
  9. I would think Ryan Spangler. He will be a sophomore and he was pushing Hovermale for kickoff duties this year. He's got a good leg
  10. It would seem that moving to Belfry would have been a logical move, as in going back home. So why go to Johnson Central when Belfry, year in and year out goes to the State Championship game. I don't know why he would bring Belfry up in the article.
  11. Everyone is concerned about the one kid at JC, what about the hundreds of kids from other schools that played JC. It would seem to me that they were the ones treated unfairly.
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