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Best Of The West 7-On-7 Tournament

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It's a 32 team 7-on-7 passing tournament in Hopkinsville, KY on July 19th-20th. Anyone heard about this, or planning on going?


Christian County High School, Hopkinsville High School, and Hopkinsville Parks & Recreation are teaming up to hold the event at the Stadium Of Champions in Hoptown, and the adjacent Tie-Breaker Park. Each of the teams will compete in at least 8 games, and they're expecting to have teams competing from Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.


They've started announcing teams on social media, beginning with Corbin High School, and Brentwood Academy (TN).


Sounds like a pretty cool event.

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Do teams that win the 7v7 tournaments usually do well in the playoffs?


I wouldn't put any stock in to how a 7 on 7 tourney team will do in the regular season. It's touch football on a 40 yard field usually, and teams will often gamble more taking deep shots than they would in a real game. Also you get points for stops so maybe you have a good pass D coverage but your run D is horrible.

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It's a chance for quarterbacks and receivers to work on timing against different personnel.


It's a chance for defensive backs to work on their man coverage against different personnel.


While you don't want to put too much stock into it, you also don't want to gloss over it especially if you have an offense dependent on some passing or play in a district against teams that like to throw the football

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Not trying to be a wet blanket because I'm planning to go to this, but will they use different strategies concerning the weather/heat index than others did in the past. It's very likely to be hot and in the 90s in mid-July in Hoptown. So how will it end any differently than McCracken County's tourney did last July (tournament was canceled at about 10 am for the whole day)? They have these in Georgia and the south in July and I realize this is KY, but surely something can be "PLANNED IN ADVANCE". I.E. start in the late afternoon and play til midnight 2 days in a row. Show up at 6 am and play til noon. Something; otherwise "oh well - we tried but it's hot in July".


Come on man...

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As far heat goes AL and I believe most of the states south of us use a different heat index. There is a military one is my understanding and they use that. I do agree here in KY with the rules you need to have some back up plans or something.


7 on 7 can be either really useful or a bunch of crap. Some teams can’t even play their typical defense unless the tournament allows more than 7 defenders. You also get some real junk defenses with LBs at 8 yards presnap or playing 5 under 2 deep the whole time. You can get tournament rules that are very strict on contact (stricter than basketball at times) or places allow way more contact than should be allowed.


Offenses can be just as bad. Releasing a receiver right through the A gap down the middle. Throwing passes low and through the tackle box. Not taking drops. Having 4 seconds (at times more) to throw. 22 yard dig patterns. Route combos that they aren’t going to run during a real game or aren’t even really part of their offense. Then you got the guy running jet sweep in 7 on 7.


It has its place and you can get some good stuff out of it but it can easily be a cluster too.

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