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MLB Awards Predictions

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NL Awards



Bryce Harper: .330 avg, 30 HR, 73 RBI, .456 OBP


I think this is literally a crapshoot. If team success factors in, it's a complete shot in the dark. Personal feeling is that Paul Goldschmidt of Arizona deserves the award, but the Diamondbacks aren't even contenders so I think he gets overlooked. Other names to consider: Buster Posey, Anthony Rizzo, and Andrew MuCutchen.


NL CY Young

Zach Grienke: 13-2, 1.58 ERA, 150 Ks, .193 OBA, 0.86 WHIP


As of now I think Grienke is the clear cut winner here. Of course, Clayton Kershaw is right at his heels and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he ends up winning it again. Other contenders are Jacob DeGrom, Jake Arrieta, and Gerrit Cole.



Matt Duffy: .304 avg, 10 HR, 59 RBI, .340 OBP


Very tough race here. You have Duffy, Schwarber, Kang, Grichuk, and Kris Bryant right there along with Noah Snydergaard on the pitching side. While the others might have more hype, I think Duffy has been the most complete.



Joe Maddon


There's really no other option, right?

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AL Awards



Josh Donaldson: .293 avg, 33 HR, 91RBI, .362 OBP


Mike Trout was a lock IMO earlier in the year, but Donaldson's surge has led the Blue Jays from out of the playoffs to a very comfortable WC team. I give him a slight nod. Others in the race: Trout, Nelson Cruz, Manny Machado, Eric Hosmer, and Prince Fielder.


AL CY Young

Dallas Keuchel: 14-6, 2.37 ERA, 156 K's, .216 OBA, 1.02 WHIP


This is a three horse race between Keuchel, David Price, and Sonny Gray. With Oakland a cellar-dweller I think it'll be tough for Gray to win it, even though he leads the league in ERA, OBA, and WHIP. If Toronto surges to the AL East crown, I could see Price getting it.



Miguel Sano: .284 avg, 10 HR, 34 RBI, .394 OBP


Really will come down to Sano and Correa IMO. Correa has slightly better numbers (15 HRs and 41 RBI), but also has over 100 more ABs.



A.J. Hinch


Much like the NL, I don't really see how this could go to anyone else.

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Donaldson/Trout is an interesting race to watch.


Donaldson has some great numbers on a strong offensive team. I think the number I saw was that he had 33 or so more PA with RISP than Trout. Both are hitting about the same in AVG/SLG/OPS in RISP.


I try not to use the playoff yes/no measure. Way too many variables that are not in the control of an individual player.


If it were today I'd say Donaldson and he has the lead going into the last month.

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If the Reds are in first place would Votto win NL MVP, his numbers are incredible, having a better year than his MVP season. I know we get after him on here but its amazing what he has done this year.


I was thinking the same thing. I don't think he'd win, but I feel he'd certainly be top 3.

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Saw some of the baseball ESPN talking heads made their predictions and a lot had Maddon for NL MOY. Some had Matheny and those that did I definitely respect more for it.


Just wondering why? Don't you think Maddon is deserving?

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Just wondering why? Don't you think Maddon is deserving?


I think he is but his team is still 10.5 back of Matheny's. Matheny has worked around losing his opening day starter/ace, 3-4 hitters and CF. He also lost his two key setup guys. People say 'the Cardinals were picked to win the division' but I guarantee not one person would of picked them if they were able to look at the lineups they've regularly run out and lose Waino in April. Or people will say 'that's just the Cardinals, doesn't matter who they put in there' and that makes me mad because I think the majority of that is the way Matheny handles these guys/rookies. We certainly didn't see as much of these young guys contributing when asked in St. Louis before Matheny.


I also think this is overdue for Matheny. He hasn't had a losing month since June of 2012. His teams play consistent baseball. I've been on his case in the past due to his bullpen usage in the playoffs, but at the end of the day he managed the Cardinals to a division championship last year while the team had a +16 run differential. His reward, 1 3rd place vote while Matt Williams wins it because arguably the most talented team in baseball won their weak division (no other team over .500 last year).


I'm a Cards guy so I see through those glasses, but I just can't see how you could give it to anyone else given they are by far (record wise) the best team in the game. I'm not going to take anything away from Maddon. He certainly is deserving of consideration because no one thought they would compete this year and if they weren't in the toughest division they would be in first place. I just want Matheny recognized and not this lazy 'well it's the Cardinals' garbage.

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