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Stan Van Gundy: Kentucky couldn't beat NBA team

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Stan Van Gundy: Kentucky couldn't beat NBA team | NBA.com

The Wildcats, the favorites to win the NCAA championship next week, have multiple players who are expected to be NBA lottery picks. Forward Anthony Davis could be the No. 1 overall pick if he enters the draft.


That's not enough for Van Gundy.


"Look, it's absurd," he said before the Magic faced the New York Knicks. "I mean, people will say, 'Oh, Kentucky you know's got four NBA players.' Yeah, well the other team's got 13."


Van Gundy said the talent level, experience and age of the players would favor the NBA team, even one as bad as the Wizards (11-38).


I have to agree with Stan. I think any NBA team would be UK by 20.


People have jumping on Wildcat fans about this a lot lately. Barkley is the one who start the whole can Kentucky bean an NBA team thing.

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Wizards vs. Wildcats? It would be a laugher

To widen the scope of opinion, I was requested to supply knowledge from two NBA employees who make their bones scouting college prospects. Because they've been asked to discuss players who haven't declared for the draft, these NBA experts will remain anonymous.


By the way, both of their immediate reactions suggested the caliber of startled amusement that often triggers the spewing of a carbonated beverage through nostrils. When these physical responses finally were under control, they offered insights built on years of experience with both levels of basketball.


"They're an NBA team ... a dysfunctional NBA team," the scout we'll refer to as Scout A said of the Wizards, "but an NBA team. I think it would be a 40- or 50-point game.


"I really like Kentucky's team, and they do have players who will be playing in the NBA ... just not now."


Right, the 'Cats — who go seven deep — are led in NBA potential by freshman post man Anthony Davis and freshman Swiss Army Knife small forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. They're joined on the front line by sophomore forward Terrence Jones, a versatile lefty with lottery ability and second-round inconsistency. The backcourt features sophomore sniper Doron Lamb (who also can drive to the cup) and quick freshman point guard Marquis (brother of Atlanta Hawk Jeff) Teague. The sixth man is senior Darius Miller, who had eight turnovers (Teague and Lamb each had four) against the Louisville pressure last Dec. 31.


"They would be playing against grown men who play against the best players in the world," Scout A said. "I don't think some people appreciate the difference."


Not sure why he picked the Wizards. They are MUCH MUCH better with Nene. They should have looked at the Bobcats.

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