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  1. I think this cold snap will slow them some and make for some interesting hunting in a few weeks.
  2. I think winning the whole thing today is actually harder than it was say 15-20 yrs ago. I say this b/c recruits are more spread out due to limitations in scholly #'s. Used to be that the powerhouses would stockpile the talent on the bench. Today everyone has talent. So I voted for Roy. Dean had overwhelming talent but did not close the deal many times.
  3. Well tell what is you have "heard" and we will tell you what is true. :clap:
  4. I could see this turning out like Bogans' flirtation with the league. He entered his name with no agent and got a honest evaluation of himself. It really changed his work ethic and made him into a better college player the following year at UK.
  5. :confused: They are typically one of the bigger teams around. Are you saying they are going to be bigger than usual?? Heck 3 years ago they averaged in the hood of 300 lbs on the O-line.
  6. This will be Coach Arnett's 2nd season and 1st full off-season. I would expect to see Clay switch from an offense first team relying on the pass to a defensive minded team establishing the run when they have the ball. I would look for them to compete for the 2nd spot in the district in 09.
  7. Good move by him to see were he stands. It will only help him and UK b/c he will know he has some weaknesses in his game to work on. I would not be suprised to see PP follow suit, as long as they don't hire an agent I don't see it as a negative.
  8. This hire will show how serious the SL administration is about football.
  9. I have heard the Bell Asst that has applied is Randy Frazier. He was the head coach at Cumberland back in the 90's when they had some wonderful teams. Coach Frazier is a great coach, wonderful leader and great role model for young men. I know the Bell Co. faithful would hate to see him leave b/c he has been a great addition to the staff the past couple of years. :thumb:
  10. A lot of head coaches like starting with a clean slate. I am sure that these assistants you are refering to are great coaches but in most cases it is a hinderance more so than a help to have someone that the players have a previous relationship with when trying to establish a new team idenity.
  11. Capel is reported to be headed to Az.
  12. 1 word........recruiting!!!!!
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