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  1. Has the 9th Region named their player(s) of the year yet? Coach of the year? Or is it too early?
  2. Any candidates for this job? I know an assistant coach from Villa Madonna (Coach Ford) was asked if he was interested in applying for the job before Vories was hired. Any chance of him moving closer to the river this time?
  3. Whoever fills that 5th spot or that 4th and 5th spot and comes off the bench will be young. Like someone said before they have some young talent. If the coaching staff can keep them motivated and playing hard I could possibly see them make a run towards the end of the season. However, I think they may take a few lumps early. Are they still playing Newport and NCC next year?
  4. I'm pretty sure that both games are at 8pm. The finals are on the 29th at 7:30
  5. The game was a little closer than the final score shows. Villa was up 1 after the first quarter then only 8 at the half. (The score at the half was 37-29.) Villa came out and scored 21 in the third and 34 in the fourth. Bryan had a triple double 10 rebounds 11 assists and 28 points. Love also had double digit rebounds and 31 points. Eastin had 32 points and Brownfield had 16. There was a nice write up in the Enquirer today about the game. Its good to see DIII get some pub!
  6. Villa wins 72-64. Kessen led the way for Bellevue with 30. Love, Hamilton, and Bryan all had over 20 for villa. Close game. Bellevue had a huge run in the third quarter, but Villa came back and did the same thing in the fourth. Good win For Villa.
  7. I agree the new kid is a stud. I saw him play this summer and he could be the best player in DIII this year. I think Villa may be the most under-ratedt team in the region.
  8. Does anyone know if Cov. Cath has hired a new coach?
  9. Sorry I didn't realize it was at Bracken. That will make it a closer game, but I'll still take Brossart to win the 10th
  10. I'll take New Cath by 25 over Ludlow, and St. Henry by 20 over Beechwood. There is no one left in the 10th that can beat Brossart
  11. Ludlow beat Villa by about 10 I think St Henry beat Holy Cross
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