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  1. I would be more supportive of having the tournament at Campbell County Middle School. It’s a nice gym and is at least in the 10th. Considering the current environment, I don’t think we’re gonna have to worry about capacities.
  2. The real problem is that the KHSAA has done a disservice to the 10th region, with all its strong history, by stringing it from Mt Sterling to Covington. I would doubt there are few if any regions with so much mileage and varied areas.
  3. I also heard an interesting tidbit of information from a reliable source that perhaps the 10th Region tournament might not be able to be held at the Bank of Kentucky Center in Northern Kentucky next year (37th District's turn to host) . First I had heard of it, and I can't imagine what can't be worked out in the upcoming year to make it happen. I'll keep you posted on that one. I've also heard from a reliable source that there is a good chance that the 10th Region will not be held at BOKC next year because the business deal is too expensive. If thats the case, I'm wondering where the 3
  4. My opinions: Home court advantage is not worth much if anything to the teams during the tournament because the fans generally travel pretty well. It might be worth more during the season. Familiarity with the gym might be worth a couple of points. As for taunting, it should not be tollerated, not even the mildest form--by the Refs or the Coaches. But it does need to be enforced as uniformly as possible. The kids should be expected to use all of their energy to play as hard as possible and forget the rest.
  5. Thank you for the explanation. Very interesting but certainly makes sense. I would guess that after that class gets through the high school, the enrollment would be back to 900+.
  6. I'm confused about Pendleton County. The KHSAA enrollment numbers from 09-10 was 880 and they were classified as 4A with in football beginning in 2011 with 454 boys and Bourbon and Mason 3A. Being so close to northern Kentucky, I'm pretty sure they are a growing county and I don't think there are any other major schools in the county they could lose students to. What's the explanation for Pendleton's apparent significant loss of students?
  7. While Clark, Campbell, and Montgomery are the 3 largest schools in the region, Mason County at about 800 is the 8th largest. Besides that, size certainly is not directly related to the number of fans and is often usually the opposite.
  8. My guess is that this game will be very poorly attended especially considering that it is up against UKs final home game and Darius Miller's Senior Night.
  9. Clark County, at 1700 students and growing, is the largest school in the region by a good bit and at least 2 times larger than most of the schools in the 10th including Mason County. They should be extremely competitive every year with no excuses.
  10. Mason County, which is not a very large school and not located in a growing, urban or wealthy area, is very lucky and blessed to have Chris O'Hearn as our boys basketball coach AND David Buchanan as our football coach.
  11. Not 40+, but 25-30 years. I think we (Mason) should sit on the side where we are designated by the tournament brackets. 99% of us would be glad to change from our normal home side if that is what we are told. We want all teams to feel that the tournament is as fair as possible. However, Pendleton Head Coach and former Mason County player and Assistant Coach Chad Simms will likely agree to change team benches with Mason because he is a mature, smart coach who realizes that the game is played on the floor and not in the stands (or on BGP).
  12. Because the coach chooses to play them for his own reason. This is just another one of your many continuous comments which indicate how jealous you are of Mason County. A difficult schedule is not always the best for every team and does not necessarily translate to post season success. Although in a different time, former Mason County Coach Allen Feldhaus didn't usually play a strong schedule but was very successful in the post season and I'm sure there are many other examples. Many times, a strong schedule can wear a team out and peaking during tournament time is much more important, just
  13. Coach Feldhaus changed the home side to what it is now because he wanted Mason Countys fans on the same side as the Royals locker room to help prevent harrassment of our team by the other teams fans as the team went to the locker room.
  14. I honestly think both sides were at fault. Both schools could have easily prevented the problem but both were apparently too stubborn/prideful to give in. While it would have been much easier for Clark to change benches than for all of Mason's fans to switch to a different side than normal, 95% of Mason's fans would have been glad to go to the other side if that was where we were told to go. Nearly all of us Mason fans want the tournament to be the best and most fair possible. This includes sitting on the away and home side based on the brackets as drawn. Truthfully, I think it is ridicul
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