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  1. I think the Camels and Stangs split their JV games, I know for sure one game the Camels JV won at Brossart last year for sure, it was over by the second inning. The Camels will put on a good show this year. The Camels had players on JV that could of have played Varsity last year. Also, the Senior class is a great bunch of boys that have the talent to go along way this year.
  2. Camels will show a different look from the previous Boone/Campbell game, and the last two games that they lost. Camels win this game by 4.
  3. In all fairness, could the Wildcats bring a cat into the Bred's facility? I think by bringing an animal to the game you are taking a chance that the animal could escape and run someone over. Strange things can happen. Let the game go on without the animals. No matter what, Newport wins ( either NHS or NC ).
  4. Doesn't this seem familar as two weeks ago. Eveyone picking against Campbell Co. but, in the end Campbell Co. won by playing more physical football and dominating against mason. I look for Campbell Co. to do the same thing by being more physical and dominating agaisnt Holmes. Camels will win by at least 3 TD's.
  5. I apoligize to Ludlow, I under estimated their potential and only predicted winning by 25.
  6. It all starts with how you practice, you only play like how you practice. Until they realize this, the wheel just keeps spinning. This is in all sports BG, to bring something to a higher level you have to be able bring it at practice. I have seen their practices and they are a joke. The girls soccer team practices harder than the boys football team. Maybe it is the coaching that is the problem, not the kids, but BB let the best coach get away in CC. By the way, I did not go to Brossasrt.
  7. Mr Ed was a great fan of all sports. He follow his granddaughter in their sports too, he love all kids. The kids always look for his treats of tootsie rolls and bubble gum. He was a good guy and upto the last couple years he was everywhere watching. RIP MR ED, you will be missed.
  8. Ludlow by 25 points. They in Ludlow at least know how to do somethings right. Brossart can not even run a decent practice yet, how do they expect to play the game.
  9. I said it, better athletes and better coaching would prevail. I also said 6 touchdowns. Looks like the light at the end of tunnel is getting brighter for BB.
  10. Camels 3 Bishop Brossasrt 1. Great win for the Camels.
  11. Better athletes, better coaching staff, plus more fundamentally sound will prevail. Newport by 7 TD's.
  12. It will not be as bad as the game that Beechwood against BB. Ludlow will show up better than BB. There is a tradition at Ludlow.
  13. In regards to running up the score. I have seen the shoe on the other foot for BB. Many times in other sports they have continued the pounding or thumping on lessor quality teams. Now they have to wear their slippers and take a beating just like they dish out.
  14. I heard that the Brossart score was off the Beechwood 8th grade and Cheerleaders. I said this would be ugly. It was the AD and his followers that made the jump to Varsity. It takes alot to start a Varsity Program and they were not using their heads.
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