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  1. Having helped the 11yr old ASHLAND little league baseball all stars last summer on their trip to the final four in the state tourney, I know too well that had we not contacted the newspaper ourselves that there would be little or no coverage. But since we did some of the legwork the young kids on this team got the recognition they deserved from their accomplishments and not from where they resided.
  2. Good pickup for the Bearcats. And by the way, nice avatar LRCW, but here's a picture of my pride and joy:
  3. Maybe even better. Looking forward to next season.
  4. I'm going out on a limb and predict that it will be less than this.
  5. I, myself will be glad when this is all over and done with.
  6. Ashland will be back and will be competitive this year. Some quality kids coming up thru the program will step it up.
  7. So now your'e telling me you didn't name your son after a former UK point guard? :confused: :sssh:
  8. Having the opportunity to coach Drew a few years ago, I learned early on what a quality person Drew McDavid was not to mention a very athletically gifted individual as well. I do wish Drew all the best of luck in his endeavors at Georgetown College and I know he will be a winner there as well as long after that because he is a special individual. Good luck Drew! :thumb: I will miss watching you in the maroon and white.
  9. :confused: I don't understand, UK hasn't lost a game in March this season.
  10. Congrats Tomcats!! A very exciting game. Selby was unstoppable in the first half and I was a little surprised they didn't try to go to him more in the second, although he was playing a little tentative because of fouls. Good luck to both teams in the region.
  11. UK finds the going much tougher this time around especially since it's at Florida. The Gators will win this game by 10+.
  12. All from Ashland. Chris Hall Def OLB Travis Gallaher Def Line Michael Walters Off. Center
  13. I disagree, We are not that far removed from the Tigers of Painstville winning the state championship. And I think it can happen again.
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