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  1. "Nothing great has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm" Emerson "I can accept deficiencies, I can not accept a lack of motivation" John Thompson
  2. I am stuck on band-aid brands and band-aids stuck on me.
  3. Congratulations!! As an old gentleman told me on the day I got married, "you're going to find out more about women than you ever wanted to know."
  4. Tubby: Be careful!!!!!! Billy G.: About what? Tubby: All of those UK fans that think you invented the game will hate you when they think you messed up.
  5. I'll be there if gametime brings his avatar live..............would love to come meet a few of you guys but I'll be out of town.
  6. "way to throw a seed" "tater" "good wheels"
  7. Tremendous person and a good coach......... Point made especially to you young people. Find something in life you have a passion for and get paid to do it. You never know when you'll have to leave this earth. College basketball and society in general lost a good man today.
  8. Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now let's pray that he can get on the right path.
  9. Teacher and coach for 21 years. Man I'm old.
  10. Kate Jackson's Ford Pinto in the original Charlie's Angels.
  11. What do you think? He wants to make a comeback. He said he's in better shape than he's ever been. 6'5" 245. That's about 20 more lbs than he went into the league with.
  12. Go to the store and get some of your favorite hot dogs and whatever to go with them. Drive up to the Chimneys picnic area and have a wonderful cook-out. Take a chair to sit in and enjoy the water rushing down the mountain beside where you eat. It's better than any restaurant.
  13. The old Dunbar teams of the early sixties with Bobby Washington, Richard Green and Co.
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