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  1. Cat n the Hat, you misspelled Letcher. Other than that, Congratulations HC! I think this is a significant victory.
  2. I do see some defense, but there's an awful lot of points in this game.
  3. I thought he was referring to the END of the game. As I mentioned, I just listened to the last of the game. Thanks for clarifying things. I hoped someone would confirm or correct.
  4. I listened to the last of the game on the radio. Didn't Burchett intercept BC and the Blackcats just take a knee one or two times?
  5. Concerning #30, Prestonsburg, I believe they are Class 2A AND play Class 3A Breathitt County at Breathitt County.
  6. Prestonsburg 28 Belfry 21 3:48 to go in the game Pburg 3 and 8
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