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  1. Raceland, once again will be making the short drive to Ashland's Putnam Stadium to play a very good Tomcats team. This series is now moved to a home / home format. Ashland will be coming to Ram Stadium in 2020. Back to this game …. As another said, there will be plenty of speed in this one. Both Raceland and Ashland have kids that can flat out run / break a big play. Should they get a step or two on their defender then it's more than likely six points. Raceland's defense has shown improvement from the first couple of weeks. The Tomcats are well on their way to a good season, one that imo they can make a deep playoff run. Raceland, after losing some key seniors from the 2018 team are coming around and playing better. This one will be a tough game and with Ashland at home , they just may upset the Rams, :popcorn:. ……. Seriously , I would love to see Raceland go in there and pull out a W, but I agree with @JDEaston in that the Tomcats should win this one by a sound margin.
  2. Final Rams scored early and often and never looked back.
  3. I lost I-net , Game now deep in 2nd qtr. Rams lead 42-0 / running clock.. Will post on half, 3rd qtr. , final ...
  4. I tried but will probably be unable to post updates ……… this m,s. still has my hands / fine motor skills messed up to unable to type a lot. May post scores if I can
  5. …… and I have no idea who will be the Rams QB in two weeks .A good thing is that an open week is next week and who knows who will play vs. Open :scared: :lol2:
  6. The Rams D kept them in this one. On offense ….. if it weren't for bad luck …..:ohbrother:. Hughes (qb) was inured and Raceland played the 2nd half with two kids at qb (Cox, Rousy). So, our qb-1 / Heghton was injured two weeks ago, qb-2 / Hughes suffured an injury tonite and we finished up the game with both Cox and Rousy at qb. Four qb's in 3 weeks and this team still played the 1A # 1 ranked team to within 6 points. No moral wins here in Ramblerville . Raceland lost fair / square.
  7. arrrggghhh …. Rams get pf call, ends drive …. stupid :rage:
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