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  1. ........ GAMEDAY ........ A Huge Challenge in Front of You RAMS. An Effective Game Plan in Place...."Clear Eyes + Orange Hearts = Can't Lose ! EXECUTE, FOCUS, Play RAM PRIDE FOOTBALL !! ..... DO YOUR JOB .....
  2. Being at home will help GC. I just think that Lawrence may have too much. Good luck to both teams. Lawrence 27 GCHS 19
  3. I am sure that Dabo Sweeny is hoping that this was that one game that his team is M.I.A., the one they usually lose by playing down to the competition. Clemson played horrible, imo the consistency of the one RB that had around 170-180 yds. or so rushing won the game for them. An official missing a U.L. facemask on Clemson's last possession gave the Cards one more chance to win. On a side note, someone could start a contest on how many time the old motorcycle daddy throws his cap or whines to the officials :popcorn:.
  4. Good post Valley, thanks for the info. Good luck to your Indians ... after Friday night.
  5. South Carolina is coming off a loss at home to U.K. and now travels to Athens to take on a very good UGA team. Who ya got in this SEC East showdown ? I think the new coordinators at UGA make all the difference in the world to the 2015 Dawgs. Spurrier has an excellent record against Georgia teams but I believe that Georgia is on a mission to take the East and challenge for the SEC Title game. UGA is "between the hedges" and will come out with the W. Georgia 34 South Car. 24
  6. Ole Miss has embarrassed both of their opponets this season, scoring 70+ in both games. Will Bama put an end to the Rebel roll or does the Rebels upset the Tide ? I think that Bama is a completely different animal than the teams that Ole Miss has blown out. That fact and the Alabama defense will put an abrupt stop to the Rebels fun. Alabama 27 Ole Miss 10
  7. Louisville should be ready to play after an 0-2 start but they need to be playing someone else to get the win. Clemson has been known to lose a game they shouldn't and that can happen here but imo Clemson has too much. Clemson 31 Louisville 13
  8. The weather is supposed to be more Humid today, increasing on Friday. Rams, I would hope that you already have been getting fluids down and even more today and Friday .... do your part in preventing leg cramps, this game needs all of you at 100% Ram Tough
  9. :lol2: The specialist told me that is was a terminal condition found in Raceland fans . As for me, with older siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. all being Raceland alums then I was born infected ... NO Cure and NO Cure Wanted. :thumb: BTW ... Did I see a little maroon and gold on your post ?
  10. RT, I posted a link from Max Preps earlier on this thread, they had a roster with 21 players listed. That's what I was going on when I posted that. One thing is for certain and that is (unless Ohio has changed their rules) both teams can only put 11 on the field at a time and those 11 on the field will determine the outcome. I haven't made a prediction on this game yet, everyone should know what my "heart" pick is but my logic tells me that this one is going to be tough. Playing a good, unbeaten Ohio team at their place, to say the least will be very tough for the Rams to come out with the W. So having said all that to me Valley is the logical, solid favorite. I have never been accused of being "logical" when it comes to Raceland Ram Football :sssh:. I have witnessed too many Ram teams go into a game where by all "logic" and "on paper" the opponent should win only to see Raceland band together and come out with a Win. OOPS, I just cut my arm and there's the ORANGE and BLACK Blood running down my arm ....... (possible ot) Raceland 29 Valley 28
  11. Maybe so but I was just passing on info that came from a Valley school board member. I guess we will see just how good they are on Friday night.
  12. Finally ! A non bias post. :lol2::thumb:
  13. 5 LSU 3 Utah 3 Va. Tech 1 UCLA 1 Bama 1 Texas 1 Kentucky 1 Ga Tech 1 Indiana 1 Nebraska Tiebreaker 52
  14. This is who we think will win, not who we want so I am picking that school in Westwood by 3 td's + .....Go East Carter !
  15. I am not so sure about Ashland having more Pure Athletes .... That's not a cut on Ashland at all. As I stated in another post, L'Ville has around 5 D1/Big time program kids. One already commited to the Buckeyes and from what a school board member had said there probably will be 3 to 4 more. One receiver from what I understood has narrowed down choices to Purdue, IU and OSU. Ashland has more numbers, obviously more depth of good players but as for the pure "blue chip" players L'Ville may have more, at least as many. JMO. As for the game itself, I believe that everything hinges on the very good Ram defense to somehow contain this teams passing and speed. As in any game .... the big ugly's in the trenches will have a big say. Rams defense/ line imo has to get in their backfield and disrupt / stop the offense before it gets started, I am concerned about the speed factor. I am a bleed orange and black Ram for life and will back the Rams, win or lose. After 47-50 years of this (I am 58) ...I see no reason to change.
  16. Rams .... this one might be your toughest test yet (Ashland may be the exception) but this Valley team is Legit ! Ashland, maybe Paintsville are as good but the point is you're going to have to Step Up. This week is going to reveal a lot about what's inside of you. Work hard, your coaches will have another excellent game plan but the best game plan on earth is worthless if you don't Focus, Work Hard and Execute ! ALL IN !
  17. I completely forgot / left USC out, I would probably put them around 7 or so.
  18. Not hard at all my friend, I am a U.K. fan as well as the Buckeyes. Some think that you can't be both but I am. I am not like a lot of the 'SEC Elites" on here. Yes, the SEC is the best conference in America but as Alabama and a lot of the OSU / Big 10 bashers on bgp found out ....they can play some pretty good football in other places. GO CATS GO BUCKS
  19. I thought that I would post this before this week's poll comes out just to see who everyone's top 10 (or more) would be. So, yes I am a little bored and it means nothing - let's see them. My top 10 .... 1. Ohio State 2 Alabama 3 Michigan St. 4 Georgia 5 TCU 6 Clemson 7 Baylor 8 LSU 9 Florida State 10 Ga. Tech / Ole Miss
  20. I realize that it's been since the Revolutionary War / defeat of the British since U.K. beat the Gators but I honestly believe that the Cats may get this one ...maybe. U.K. 27 U.F. 24
  21. Here is a link with some info on Valley ..... Valley (Lucasville, OH) Football Schedule | MaxPreps
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