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  1. I think that all can see what's going down here. I will post on the half, end of 3rd and on the final thread.
  2. END 1st Qtr., 41-0 Rams. ttl. yds. - Rams 164 / Eagles minus 13.
  3. TD Rams, 15yd run. …. 41-0. Rams. Running Clock, 4 min. in 1st.
  4. Just getting online from needed medical procedues. Game is at 28-0 Raceland, 8 min. left in 1st qtr. . Rams have ran a total of around 7 off. plays w / 4 td's. 4 pass plays - 4 td's
  5. SOMETIMES A SINGLE PLAY / PLAYER means more than the outcome or a W/L. Tonight, Rams coach Salmons subbed Sr. Matthew Richardson in at RB on the final set of downs. Matthew ran a long run for a TD as time expired. Not running up the score ….. Matthew Richardson is a special needs kid who wanted to play Ram football, has been on the team, went thru all practices and got his moment tonite. A CLASS ACT BY ALL INVOLVED
  6. Was good to see J. Heighton back at QB tonight after an injury in the first game of the season.
  7. FINAL. The Ramblers got an early start on preps for their homecoming dance tonight by sending this one to a running clock just past the 6 min. mark of the 2nd qtr.. The Rams scored on their 1st play from scrimmage and kept it going, scoring at will. Could've been even earlier but in a move that I really loved, Raceland coach M. Salmons started a lot of substitutions in the 1st qtr., before the running clock started. The Bobcat team should not be hanging their heads at all. Those kids played hard the entire way and were just greatly outmatched in this one.
  8. Game now on running clock, early in 2nd qtr. i Will Post Final, will go back to updates if game should get close.
  9. TD Rams ….. 31yd. pass, Hieghton - Rousy. xp-g 42-0 Rams.
  10. Raceland has mass substitutions in on defense. JV and Frosh
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