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  1. Hey @Ram, does that (a lot of flags at Paintsville ) sound familiar to you ?? :sssh: :lol2:
  2. As usual at P-Town, "yeller" flags have littered the field. Can't complain, Rams own t/o's, mistakes have cost us more than the flags …. and as I am talking, another flag on the Rams …...
  3. Tigers lead 13-3, scored after Rams int, drove length of field to score.
  4. I've heard homers before, but this TV crew reminds me of D. Martin at Ashland. lol
  5. FG Rams …. 25yds. 3-0 Raceland. both D's dominating this one.
  6. IMO this will be a tough task for my Ramblers to come out of this place with a W, one of the toughest places in the state for the opponent to get a win.
  7. Also, whenever the Rams got to the Eagles 40 yd, line, they att. FG, even if it was on a 1st down. Should coach Samons had wanted to, Raceland in jmo could've scored close to or over 100 pts. tonight.
  8. Raceland's first 3 off. plays were 3 one play drives. 3 passes, 3 TD's
  9. Could a mod please put the 69-6 on the top line, thank you.
  10. FINAL was 69 - 6 in Raceland's favor. I think that all can see in this one , the only qyestion was what the final would be.
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