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  1. I see Barnes being the second option for Artest each time he gets into foul trouble.
  2. Pippen is no where near the talent level as Lebron. Lebron can go to any team and make them a competitive team. Lebron tried to pulll a Kobe I guess you could say. Lakers went and got Gaslo and Cavs went and hired another decent at best coach. At Miami Riley will call the shots and gather in the type of talent needed to be great, as he has recently done. I am a Kobe fan but Lebron will eventaully win a championship as long as the Knicks, Boston, Orlando and other Eastern Conference team doesn't make it so hard to get out of the east that it wears that team out. The power conference imo is shifting , if not already especially now, over recent years back to the East overall. With Boston, Cavs and the emergence of Orlando now power team Heat, which are all teams that could win it an given year. Lakers are the best team in West especially since Amare left Nash and the Spurs growing old.
  3. Pippen is/was a no name without Jordan. Jordan would of been great, maybe not as great, but still great no matter what team he was on. Magic had great players around him as soon as he signed so he is an example of being fortunate enough to be on a great team from draft day. Lebron was in a similiar situation as Jordan. Lebron is gonna be great no matter who you put beside of him but getting lucky and finding his "Pippen"(someone who matches him perfect) was what Cleveland never did or seem to try hard to do. This is why I fault the Cavs because when Mo didn't work they stuck with him and then never improved any other positions to compliment Lebron, this is why the Cavs lost Lebron. Going to the Heat was the only option for Lebron to win a championship because the Cavs was a dead end road. He has figured out that if he stays in Cleveland and never wins a title then hes become a Karl Malone or Charles Barkely or Patrick Ewing. At least this way he is in the same sentence as Magic, maybe not Jordan, because he is on his own level with Bill Russell, but after he wins one championship and if he did win MVP then he can be put in Elite Status. CP3 is extremely nice and an extremely hard worker. I played againest him in AAU and was at a camp with him and was fortunate enough to have met him. I wish him the best.
  4. Just for some reason I like Gilchrist more than anyone right now. He has just amazed me on and off the ball each time I observed him. Does everyone else think that Davis beats Gilchrist out for the #1 spot?
  5. This will help the NBA playoffs but a lot of seasonal games will be pointless to watch almost. Records in wins per season, points in games,seasons and any other record including NBA championships could be in jeopardy. There will be five ridiculous teams within the next three years then a bunch of decent teams that dont stand a chance.
  6. Moderate fan just because him and Coach Cal have connections and he came to UK wearing UK colors. I am a larger fan of UK's than any individual player in any league.
  7. Bledsoe just then was by far the best player on the floor. He controlled the game with his ball handling, passing and threat of scoring.
  8. I am a Kobe fan and have been since late 90's but I actually like Lebron more because if this decision. Two years ago before the Olympics Lebron played no defense and I dislike anyone not willing to give it all on both ends. Then after the Olympics I have seen signs of his defense getting better and more effort put into it , not only the blocks but the one on one defender he is becoming. I think within the next year or two now that he won't have to do so much one the offensive end his defense will pick up even more. I think he made this decision knowing that it will put him in the Magic Johnson and Larry Bird area type status instead of the Micheal Jordan and Bill Russell status, imo. Not a big differnce now but ten years from this years when he will be remembered he will always have Wade connected to him.
  9. Exactly its a team sport and I think with the talent level in the NBA right now he just put his self in a better position to win a championship. I dont think Cleveland was going to bring in the talent level he has beside him right now and make sacrifices like Pat Riley is willing to make. Pat Riley is an all or nothing kinda leader so great decision for LJ imo
  10. I heard that this is all Kentucky's doings. Pat Riley called President Lee Todd Junior that asked Joe B Hall if thats a good idea, which Joe B Hall gave it a thumbs up, that buzzed down to Mith Barnhart which walked over to Coach Cal's office that then called World Wide Wes that then called Leon Rose that called Lebron and asked if he wanted to come play for the Miami Heat for a max contract. Lebron told Leon Rose that he would as long as he could have his own annoucement show because he didn't get one out of high school like all the other high school players, Leon then called World Wide Wes that then called Coach Cal that then walked over to Mitch Barnhart's office that then buzzed up to President Lee Todd Junior's office that called Pat Riley and told him thats its a deal. lol...jk
  11. Wooden, Rupp are no doubters as of right now imo because of what they did for the game in their times. I mean all games Coach Rupp won in a time when KY Basketball was nothing till him and he made the most storied program in college basketball, he is a must. Wooden and his mentality of positive attitude and championships he achieved was unbleiveable and speak for themself, no question his face is probally the first up. If we can pick college coaches still coaching then Coach K is the next one on the mountain. He did what Adolph Rupp did in his day, the next probally Coach Dean but hes not at the top with the rest imo.
  12. I don't see how Tony Delk is not being considered to be on this mountain? I mean someone put Prince and there are no way I am putting Prince on there ahead of Delk. Issel is the only for sure one that goes on this list with a close Mashburn right beside him. Other than that many names could be considered but Kenny Walker and Tony Delk are right there beside them imo. # Player Seasons Games Points 1 Dan Issel 3 83 2138 2 Kenny Walker 4 132 2080 3 Jack Givens 4 132 2038 4 Keith Bogans 4 135 1923 5 Tony Delk 4 133 1890 Delk is top on list with points in NCAA tounry. Issel drops all the way on this list to 6th. # Player Seasons NCAA Games Points 1 Tony Delk 4 17 247 2 Kenny Walker 4 14 225 3 Scott Padgett 4 17 218 Issel 1st in rebounding. # Player Seasons Games Rebounds 1 Dan Issel 3 83 1078 2 Frank Ramsey 3 91 1038 Delk #41 in assist all time. # Player Seasons Games Steals 1 Wayne Turner 4 151 238 2 Tony Delk 4 133 201 # Player Seasons Games 3pt Field Goals 1 Tony Delk 4 133 283 2 Keith Bogans 4 135 254 I don't statistically see how you don't add Delk.
  13. Yes, every time Boston attacks they are shooting over long arms bumping bodies.
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