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  1. In my opinion, Coach Hart is a good man, and a good coach.
  2. Here is an easy question........someone already posted that the game is at Putnam, but I was told, by someone tonight, it is at Greenup. So....is the game at Greenup, or at Ashland?
  3. Both teams sem to be struggling this season, both need to win, get some momemtum. Should be a hard fought, close game. And the "Ref crew" will be a "split crew", (see related thread).
  4. Goldsmith does love the kids and football, he's a good man.
  5. Does anybody know what's going on with the Football Officials in the 16th. area? The crews are being split up the last half of the season. From what I have seen and heard it doesn't seem to be working very well. To me, it doesn't make sense to break up the crews at the end of the season when the games mean more. Does any one know what's the reason? I have heard several opinions, such as an internal fued in the Officials Association, aimed at one particular top "white hat", and/or his crew, and the area "assignor" quitting, again, and that it is an "experiment". Hmmmm, it doesn't seem to be working. I have talked to several area refs, coaches, and administrators, they don't seem to be pleased with this. Does any one know anything? What is your opinion?
  6. This is my first "post" of the year, I really try not to. However I just want to agree with Gopher, and ask "why down talk any team? They are kids playing a game. A GAME. We all deserve common courtesy, and respect."
  7. I don't know anything about their Varsity team, but their 5th-6th, and 7th-8th grade teams are very competitive and getting better. They are doing a good job with the program.
  8. IF....Coach T. leaves.....it will surely be a loss to our school system. Coach T has the knowledge and love of the game more than any coach that I have seen coach at Rowan County..........This is his home and all of Rowan County is his family. Coach T....your FRIENDS loves you.........AND WE ALL STAND BEHIND YOU 100 PERCENT!!!!
  9. Listened to the game, Panthers soared back in the 4th quarter. Fleming County kept playing hard and never gave up. I think Rowan got a little relaxed in the 4th and playing not to lose. Give Fleming and Coach Peterson credit. Congrats on a comeback victory. Both teams played a hard fought game. Must have been a great game to watch.
  10. According to a friend in Morehead, Coach Thomas is getting a CT scan today at 4:00 p.m. Everybody that reads this say a little prayer for him today.
  11. Coach Thomas' blood results were negative which was really great. I talked to him last nite, he is still in a lot of pain, he may have a ATC scan to see if he has kidney stones that is causing him the pain. Please keep Coach Thomas in your prayers he is really having a hard time with this. He is in a lot of pain. Please pray for him.
  12. Hey everyone, I met Coach Thomas today and he had his test yesterday, Monday, he probably won't know anything until Friday. He asks that everybody keep praying for him. Keep praying!
  13. I talked with Coach Thomas last nite and he goes back in for more tests next week. He is very nervous and unsure about everything. He told me to have everyone to continue to pray for him. He needs prayer more than anything right now.
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