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  1. I will take the Tomcats in famed Putnam Stadium by two touchdowns.
  2. Didn't need to hold that one for 7 years. Facts are facts. You are quick to run your mouth about coaches but the facts are, your coach knowingly played a player that was not eligible and it took a court injunction to get by Bell County. That is proven facts.
  3. Sorry....LOL...I have taken a few darts so I thought I would give one this time..lol.
  4. That is a real nice post wishing that a group of kids would get a hundred put on them. By the way, all our kids will be playing without court injunctions to allow them to play.
  5. Maybe they do, but you can guarantee that he will do above and beyond what he is supposed to. That is the point. This is my last post on this site. If it has turned into a site that allows grown adults take out their jealousy issues on high school players then I don't want anything to do with it. Good luck to your teams the rest of the way.
  6. I agree. If you only knew Jude, you would understand what a hard worker that he is. I guarantee you this, at some time this AM and may already have happened, he will be out running and staying in shape even after playing in hard hitting game last night.
  7. Call or email the coach with your concerns, don't hide on here, if you feel so strongly about how the JC program is run, contact the coach or the player's parents. Tell them your concerns about how their son got a record. I can tell you this, you won't find a more classy kid that stays out of trouble and has one of the best work ethics that I have ever seen for a high school player. So, don't cheapen his accomplishments with your comments about the JC way of doing things.
  8. I am sure there is alot of people that is tired of Trinity too but you don't like it when it gets brought up. If you have a problem with the coach send him an email and let him know, I am pretty sure his email is on KHSAA. Don't come on a thread that is giving a high school player some well deserved recognition and put negative comments. I am sure that I could come up with J.J.'s father's email address if you want to send him an email telling him how you feel about his son's record.
  9. Is there any reason that you guys want to cheapen a young man's state record night? Be the adult and congrat the kid. If you have a beef with the coach, go tell him, leave the young man out of it.
  10. Johnson Central's radio crew had Jude for 18 carries and 74 yards. Still under a hundred and a very good win for the Tomcats.
  11. With all the complaining about running the score up, I think there is some bird fans that need to be eating crow for all those comments.
  12. Very nice athletes for Perry Central. They do have a good team. Johnson Central is young and it shows.
  13. Congrats to Wendell Wallen for being named the official from the 15th region. Hope you do well Wendell.
  14. Congrats to Coach Anderson. You are doing a great job coach.
  15. Bath is going to be better than what alot of people think. JC will be fine, remember the football players have only been with them for a little over a week. Johnson Central should have seen that they have to play hard everynight out. They can not just show up and win games. They have to get better on the defensive side of the ball. Bath has some really nice players. Dye is a load and Carpenter is a solid guard that can get to the basket.
  16. Congrats to Coach Anderson. Class guy and he will bring respect back to Boyd Co. basketball.
  17. 7 Greenup County 5 Paintsville 3 Knott County Central 2 Iroquois 1 Jenkins TB - Iroquois
  18. 18 play drive for JC. Congrats Bluebirds and great effort JC.
  19. Sanor dropped pass in the endzone. 4th and 10. ballgame on this play.
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