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  1. I think that the whole ring thing is probly the most stupid thing in the whole world. They win ONE regional championship and you all think that they are gods. They really wasnt that good. Everybody gets lucky once and a while wins something. Big deal and who cares. They went up there and got killed by J-Town. I know that they won it but that was the worst field of 16 teams in state tournament history. When they win a state championship you can give them a ring. I would rather watch the grass in my yard grow then watch those boys play. They wont even make it out of the district this year. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fire:
  2. Paintsville by 5. Home court isnt worth anything in this region.
  3. Pulaski County Calloway County Bryan Station University Heights Boyle County Lincoln County Barbourville Wayne County Paducah Tilghman Todd County Central TB-153
  4. Allen - South Laurel Smith - South Laurel Slone-Paintsville
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