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  1. Ian Welch should be at least 2nd all state with those 15 ints
  2. http://www.zoominfo.com/people/Starns_Mark_307960862.aspx Just some of Mark Starns accomplishments as a coach.
  3. I agree...Didn't appear to me that HH was playing hard-nosed, up-in-someone's-jock defense like I know they can. I still say HH +40 in a rematch
  4. And you think Barry Hall knows more about basketball than Mark Starns?
  5. I know of one for sure that will contribute right away and that is Ian Welch. As for all coming out, I couldn't tell you exactly by name who all is coming out. I think anywhere between 5-8 boys are coming out.
  6. Does anyone have pics for the layout of the new facility?
  7. PP didn't get many touches in the game for the simple fact that it was a guard-dominated game...Besides OJ standing out, #11 really impressed me...VERY VERY quick and big hops too...#30 Bruce Senior is good too...Good hands and finished around the basket well
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