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  1. Gratz to the Cavs, theyve worked hard to improve considering the obstacles they had to overcome the last few years. :thumb: :thumb:
  2. Belfry has always been good but with Pburg they have seem to drop in intensity and have not been as good in the last 2 years I can think of. Belfry can easily take home the win as long as they dont overlook Prestonsburg. With keeping Valley on the schedule its a good idea since Valleys program is improving and the facilities are awesome. Next year Valley is going to be better and Valleys program is doing good this year with the prospects of going 6-4 or maybe even 7-3.
  3. Shelby Valleys best kicker was probly Americo, he was an exchange student(cannot remember how to spell his name). I saw him kicking 60-70 field goals and could not punt that well as far as punters I would go with Josh Tackett who could just about put that ball on any part of the field he wanted.
  4. Ive got to be a little bias but: Valley 33 Sheldon clark 30
  5. Its great to once they get everything set up i will pst a pic
  6. ok here i go... i think that valley is one of the darkest horses theyve went 5 and 0 and got a chance to go 8-2 7-3 and they will be gettin better so who know maybe 5-2 9-1 next year.
  7. For them to get to papa johns they would have to get past belfry and p-burg which though sheldon clark is good i dont think that they can overcome both belfry and pburg
  8. Valley has got a good chance against East Ridge and i think valley is capable of taking pburg but as far as SC or belfry goes valley has the abliity its just a rise to the challenge thing and will haft to play hard to stay with the caliber of sc or belfry. Congrats cats
  9. :thumb: :thumb: gz to the cavs they earned it
  10. In essence Valley hasnt played Pikeville where Mcname was at and Saunders is from a different area so that means that he has seen different methods to coaching and will be bringing what worked over there to here.
  11. Either way its going to a new level with new coaches and new styles of coaching its going to be one heck of a game but im going to say Valley42 Central 38
  12. SO valley and central new coaches and a rivalry what does everyone think the outcome gonna be?
  13. The field was interrible need of redone. It flooded easy and didnt drain so it was a mud filed (the players didnt complain lol) but it was just a hassle to pay to resod/regrass and redo the field every year not to mention the football team working on it to keep it up.
  14. Well with alot of bias lol im going to say that even if shelby valley wasnt as good as the score said then what really helped SV was the coaching since Saunders and his staff did pick out matewans weak secondary so in all SV played good and used matewans weakness against. In the end it didnt win them the game but they still stayed close to matewan and thats showing that SV is improving coaching wise and that can make or break a game that was this close.
  15. Matewan is usually good sucks that Valley lost but it seems that valley is starting to improve and become the program that it can be.
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