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  1. Finding games isn't that easy out here. Unless you want to play the two home games you get in your district schedule and go on the road for eight games.
  2. Don't sleep on Cahokia. They're solid. They'd easily by top 5 in KY 4A. Tons of speed and pretty well coached. Their QB did get dinged up briefly but came right back in the game. He was a tough customer. So were #15 and #21.
  3. Central played them in 2019. We have huge problems trying to find a ten game schedule. They were a real team then, and they played OHSAA teams. Thanks, ESPN.
  4. It isn't like teams are lining up to play Central. They'll come to Paintsville. We have played them before, so we know they're real.
  5. Haddix got handed a full cupboard of well coached, fundamentally sound players from the previous coaching regime. Now we will see what we does on his own merit. Chuck Smith is a giant footprint to follow in, I think anyone would agree there.
  6. Expected Boyle would gradually regress with Smith handing it over. Regression is ahead of schedule, 4A wide open.
  7. As a Johnson Central fan, now he's just making me anxious.
  8. Johnson Central defeats the #1 team in the state in Paintsville, 4-2. JC moves to 5-0 on the year.
  9. Johnson Central moves to 13-1. Only loss at Ashland in a game they led well into the fourth quarter.
  10. It definitely should be impossible for this to happen again. Was just talking about this recently. I bet there are plenty of Russell fans with long memories on this topic.
  11. Are we basing this on what they did in HS or what they did in college/NFL?
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