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  1. He must have had that mysterious "issue" suffered by Chris Rodriguez for UK That nobody would talk about.
  2. Was hoping we might shut out the privates one time. Anyhow, I have said this year Mr Football deserves to be Sivori for his impact at the level he plays at (private or not).
  3. Did anyone notice in 50% of the games the MVP was a super senior? 2A. 3A, 4A? Regardless of how you think (and I know my own thoughts), can anyone deny it made a huge difference?
  4. Give Howard a second senior year before you settle the debate.
  5. He does one thing well. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/khs/2013/11/01/khsaa-penalizes-fairview-football-removes-team-from-2013-playoffs/3350511/
  6. Franklin County is a class act. Great game, two great teams. Unfortunate someone has to lose this.
  7. If we don't rush for 100 yards...that'll be a bad day for us. I think we at least do that. If Boyle can keep us under 100 yards rushing, they deserve the title for sure and I'd have no problem recognizing they're the best. If. But like 2019...you never know.
  8. This doesn't look like the same Franklin County team as last year. Completely reimagined the offense, much more run-centric featuring Moorman, QB looks to be more dangerous on the ground than through the air. (Which is credit to a good coach, being able to change your system to play to your strengths.) That being said, it also plays far more into JC's defensive strengths. Franklin has also been extremely sloppy the last two games, very turnover and penalty-prone. All that being said, obviously they'll come in and play their best game of the year Friday night, wouldn't expect anything less
  9. Nobody in Johnson County overlooking Franklin. Memory is still fresh.
  10. This take suddenly looks much less hot.
  11. WSIP had Central with 496 yards rushing unofficially.
  12. This game being played in round 3 is a shame. If you're gonna use this RPI, start seeding with this round. 1-8, whole state.
  13. Double digit D1 recruits, maybe the rest of the world expects you win something by now? Although D1 recruits are obviously the products of combines and camps now and nothing to do with on the field performance. More about height than winning. We have seen over and over again that college recruiters don't care about whether you're a winner. Ask Calipari about that. It's true in football too.
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