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  1. Johnson Central moves to 13-1. Only loss at Ashland in a game they led well into the fourth quarter.
  2. It definitely should be impossible for this to happen again. Was just talking about this recently. I bet there are plenty of Russell fans with long memories on this topic.
  3. Are we basing this on what they did in HS or what they did in college/NFL?
  4. Watching these teams in person, I’m not sure CovCath and maybe JC/Boyle couldn’t hang right in with them. Neither looks particularly impressive.
  5. Good catch on the edit, I was already writing my mental reply before I saw the bottom! Mayer has been the most impressive individual talent I have seen, not really sure the 6A will change my mind. Physical specimen. I was wondering if I could spot him just looking at the field. Yes. Yes, I could. Head taller than anyone else. Man among boys. Better on D than O. No slouch on O, but he lays the wood on D. Those are hits you HEAR, not just see. I’m sure the 6A champ is very likely the best team in the state, as is true about every year given size and talent pool, and likely their runner up is number two. But the “who was the best at finals” is always fun speculation. Regardless, I’m just ecstatic that my JC Golden Eagles can even be mentioned in this conversation these days. When I was a student there, we weren’t the best team in Johnson County, much less top tier in the state.
  6. Believe that is 56 wins in a row for Martinsburg. They’re a machine. A lot of folks on the WV boards are surprised Midland kept it that close.
  7. Right now, based on the games so far I have seen, I’d personally say CovCath 1, JC 2, Boyle 3, FD 4, Belfry 5, Somerset 6, Mayfield 7, Pikeville 8, Bell 9, Paintsville 10. Just my observations of a single game set.
  8. One thought on the FG - they’re kicking here on college uprights, considerably narrower than HS. JC set up a replica of the college uprights dimension wise and practiced kicking on it all week. Perhaps concern about accuracy on these uprights from that distance in that pressure?
  9. Can tell you after two games today I haven’t seen anything resembling parking enforcement in the lots.
  10. We didn’t think so, but man, that guy tried real hard to dig his own grave in those videos. Surprised Coach Smith didn’t show up and grab him and carry him off stage before he could provide any more bulletin board material.
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