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  1. PRP - Crutcher (#34, I think): Big, strong, has good range and handles the ball well. The only downfall was bad sportsmanship for him and his team. Come to think of it, I didn't see any good sportsmanship all weekend. That is sad.
  2. I think he'd make a decent "couch," but a better recliner.
  3. I noticed in the picture on BGPreps homepage which is of OJ Mayo shooting a jumper from the corner. Off to the right, does anyone else think those two men sitting there look like Tubby Smith and Bob Huggins? If it's not they share a strong resemblence.
  4. Could they have 35? How about 45? Or even 50? Would that be possible?
  5. If we wanted we could say the same for Red Bird, June Buchanon, and East Ridge who all beat David School by 65+ margin. East Ridge beat them by 84 and just because SV beat them by 85 you're making a big deal of it. Let's be honest if I were a JV or Freshman player who got to see some action here I would have played hard and not made it look like playing "monkey in the middle" on our side of the court because that seems like a bigger slap in the face than beating them by a million.
  6. This is a game, not a charity. David's best competition this year has been Piarist and we all know they're not stellar competition for already established programs in the region. The only good thing that comes from this is the money David School generates from the program. Shelby Valley can't bring lesser talented players off their bench if they don't have them. They are only allowed so many on the bench anyways. I'm sure if they wanted to they could call up Virgie Middle School and ask them to send their B or C team and they would probably still win. It's just unfortunate that the David Schoo
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