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  1. My alma mater will be locked, loaded and ready to hunt some Bear this Friday. The Panthers advance in a hard fought game.
  2. Coach Sander is starting to make these kids believe......better watch out if he gets the other stellar athletes currently walking the halls to buy in to the program and make their way on to the playing field. We might see Iroquois being tough to handle in the seasons ahead. This makes my day!
  3. Pretty sure Greg helped with Special Teams.
  4. Word is Sander is out...any confirmation??? Big Mistake IMO if it is true!
  5. Coaching change??? Big Mistake IMO!!!
  6. If memory serves me right Morris Manley, Jeff Stoops, a WR named Kannapel and a crew of other Bears pulled out a similar victory my Senior Year of HS when they won State over the Rocks. It's been so long ago my memory is a bit fuzzy. Different times and programs today...I like the Rocks chances in Shively nowadays
  7. 18-13 after two defensive touchdowns by the Tigers. My son is at the game and said the offense has struggled all night.
  8. Couldn't have said it better. :thumb: Attending the 1999 National Championship game was one of the neatest things I ever experienced. Coach B will be sadly missed by this Nole fan.
  9. That is Awesome!!! Congrats to the young man.
  10. Ditto...My son texted me this info not 5 minutes ago.
  11. Coach Sander's Colts had a great season and should hold their heads high. Fort Campbell has turned into a buzzsaw in 2A and is obviously the team to beat. Unfortunately, this Colts squad was extremely Senior laden and the cupboard doesn't appear to be stocked nearly as well for the years to come. I'm sure Mark will get the most out of what he has and they will be competitive but this might have been their best chance for the big prize. Good luck to my favorite Colt, Ryan Johnson, at the next level. Sure would be nice to watch you in Cardinal Red & Black the next 4 years but whatever path opens up we will be rooting for you. :thumb:
  12. I wish there were more Buehners on the way. That name has become almost as synonymous with State Champion to Tiger fans as the Brohm name has with the Rocks. I guess we will have to wait for Jon to get married and start having sons to carry on the tradition.
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