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  1. Numerous reports are that Asst. Coach Russ Shearer from the University of the Cumberlands is a candidate.
  2. Andrew Link for Harlan did most of the damage. I don't have the stats, but I think that he may have hit the 200 yard mark to go along with 4 TD's. I picked WBurg by a TD going into this one because I didn't know what to expect from Harlan. Harlan's O-Line & D-Line looked really good. WBurg looked slow of foot and unprepared for this game. Harlan's pass defense did well. However, I thought that WBurg could have used the deep ball a little more. The Harlan coaching staff had their team ready to go in this one. The Green Dragons have a chance to win some games this year
  3. Perfect example of why football shouldn't be played during this time of the year. Boring game... very disappointing.
  4. Does anyone know the score of this game tonight played over at Corbin?
  5. It doesn't matter if he is smoking weed, snorting coke, or shooting meth... he is in the wrong and should be treated as every other athlete that has done drugs. I am a Phelps fan, but he is officially retarded for putting himself in this situation.
  6. How would everyone feel about this if Phelps was Kobe, Lebron, or any other star from a major sport??? Those guys would be crucified. Don't go so easy on Mr. Phelps. Other countries might go as far and strip the medals from their olympic athletes.
  7. Good post!!! You have made a lot of valid points. I think that some of what I have said and some of what others have said are highlighted. Clearly, none of us were at the game, so we don't know the entire situation. Maybe the topic should be... should the coach have been fired???
  8. They haven't won in over 4 years. Do you really think that is fun for them? Do you think that they enjoy getting embarrassed?
  9. As most people can tell... I like to take the opposite end of the spectrum with arguments.
  10. That still doesn't explain the points that I made. Why is this team playing basketball? Clearly they don't need to be competing at a varsity level.
  11. Here is my arguement.... Why was the game scheduled? If the team that didn't score is that bad, then why are they playing a varsity schedule? It's not the winning teams' fault that the other team didn't score. If people were going to complain, then the game should have been called at half.
  12. Calm down chief!!! I am a Darius Miller fan, but you might not be watching UK basketball if you don't see what I am talking about. I really believe that he will be a major contributor by the time that his career is finished, but right now he is struggling BIG-TIME!!!
  13. I have played both as well, and YES, you are right, the are both about the same. It's just a matter of the ball slicing in another direction.
  14. I like Adam Dunn as a player, but let's be honest. Playing in the windy conditions of Wrigley Field would not be pretty.
  15. Adam Dunn in the outfield is a joke. As a Reds' fan, I thought you remembered???
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