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  1. I agree. That looked like a team that had bought in to the system. Pike Central's offense looked more explosive than I've ever seen, both in terms of passing & running the ball. More impressive, to me, was that the Hawks missed very few tackles on D. Great win for Central.
  2. Boone County St. X John Hardin Paducah Tilghman George Rogers Clark Carroll County Madison Central Breathitt County Crittenden County West Jessamine 46
  3. Anyone got any info on these games this weekend? I looked on the KHSAA website, but the times dont really make any sense.
  4. I wont swear its true, but from what I've heard, Arkansas is the school that has had the most contact with Justice. Makes sense, with the whole Pelphrey, Eastern KY connection.
  5. I haven't seen either one of these teams play, but from what I've heard & read about each team, I'd say this breakdown is as right as it gets. This is probably the biggest game of the 1st round, since the winner of this one has a GREAT shot at playing on Saturday night.
  6. I know he has already been mentioned, but I think the player who will open the most eyes will be Elisha Justice from SV. I dont think people realize how great this kid is. He is a little undersized (5'11"ish) but has all the tools you look for in a guard. If SV can make a run, this tourney could serve as his coming out party. Another kid from SV that I love watching is Taylor Newsome (#15, i think). He doesnt do a lot of spectacular things so he might not stand out to most people. But he is the perfect role player, the type of glue guy great teams need to have.
  7. Hazard Adair Co Central Eastern Lex Cath Holmes Mason Co Elliott Co Adair Co Eastern Holmes Elliott Co Eastern Holmes Holmes 109
  8. Perry Central misses a 3 to tie, but gets the ball back with 2.4 to play Timeout Hazard Great game
  9. Hazard up by 2....9.8 to play Whitaker to the line for 2 more
  10. he makes first, misses 2nd rebound to PC and they turn it over Whitaker from Hazard to the line for 2, Dawgs up by 4
  11. Amos from PC misses Hazard with the rebound Warren to the line for 2 more
  12. Kidd misses both PC with the rebound Timeout PC... 1:05 to play
  13. Warren hits both Perry Central missed 2 from the stripe Kidd from Hazard going to the line up 3 with 1:19 to play.
  14. Hazard up 1, under 2:00 to play. Robert Warren going to the line for the Dawgs.
  15. Is it available to watch online or just listen to? B/c ive been listening to WSGS out of Hazard.
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