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  1. I thought Thelen from NDA played basketball for a few years. I am sure there are other examples.
  2. Just a few stand outs in both sports that come to mind. Julie Farley Dixie/Alabama Michelle Cottrell Boone/NKU Rachael Adams Mount Notre Dame/Texas Elle Ogle Beechwood/LSU and UC
  3. Sounds like a good match and nice win for the Cougars. Were those 13 Solo Blocks, Assisted Block or touches? That is amazing work at the net. Great job by Watts!
  4. Cali Helinski is the only player at Conner that has put up that stats she has produced in the last few years in the last ten years of the program. She is the first Conner player that was named to Coaches Association All Star team and Enquirer All Star Selection in a very long time. I have always observed her to be a positive player and she played a key role in the success of the Conner volleyball program the last few years.
  5. Glad to see Freppon back. She is a great player. Did she miss the entire first match against Conner? Scores first time around were very close going five. The second match NCC won in two and only game two looked close.
  6. Coach Koors record speaks for itself. Under her tenure, she has appeared in the regional final 8/11 years. Coach Koors has one of the most successful program in the history of the school including boys and girls sports at Conner High School. It is ridiculous that her reputation is being put in question. She is well respected by her players, parents and the community. There will always be a few players/parents that will have an issue. I can guarantee that "intent" was not involved in this incident and has been blown completely out of proportion.
  7. Congrats to Kyler! He totally deserves it. There are not many top notch 3 sport athletes around that perform well in the classroom and serve as leaders in the school. #cougarpride
  8. Conner continues to get better. Conner wins this one and moves on to the next round. #cougarpride
  9. If Elly ends up at TMC this is huge for the Saints!
  10. Cooper looked pretty good last night. I would not say they are an automatic to get NDA first round.
  11. Have the underclassman and junior high kids been playing all year? When was the switch made?
  12. It is unfair to all involved. Volleyball is very different from other sports due to the amount of club ball being played at very early ages in Northern Kentucky, Louisville and Lexington. It will never change. This is the format that the KHSAA feels is fair to all.
  13. How can you transfer if you are a varsity starter? That violates KHSAA rules unless you move.
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