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  1. Walts does do a great job with his team. I do know that there are a few other teams that do the same with the kids to get colleges to look at their kids as well. Bluegrass Chiefs is one team that does have a few of there players going on to play college baseball as well. Kentucky Royals was one teams that has a few players going on to play ball as well. I think that this is great for Northern Ky to have summer coaches to do this for the kids. Great job by all the coaches.
  2. MO was a great person. I am glad i had the chance to know him. He will be miss no doubt about it. Hearts are heavy in Newport for a great person and coach.
  3. It was a great thing tonight. The new field will have black endzones with Newport in one and the other with Wildcats. At mid field it will have a BIG red and black N. I looked at a print of what it will look like. CONGRATS, Long time coming for Newport High School. THe heavey equipment will be there tomorrow and start. I hope to get pictures of it. :dancingpa
  4. well i would think the talk is in the works, for rent and from what i hear it will be like Highlands or somewere about that.
  5. The ground breaking will be at 6:30 at the stadium.
  6. Big Glenn Young from Newport has been considered a preferred walk-on at Western Ky
  7. i think and if im not mistaken the stadium was built during the great depression so people could have work and earn money during that time.......
  8. Well it was in the Sunday paper that Newport will start the new turf on Tuesday (6-20-06). I have to say i am glad it will happen. Congrats on the Turf. :dancingpa :dancingpa :dancingpa
  9. I heard yesterday that Zach Bartel, and Matt Atkins from Newport will be in the senior games, and JJ Hesch for the Jr. team. I guess i will go see the senior game to watch those two play one more game as Wildcats. Congrats to both on a great season and careers at NHS.
  10. RHP-Matt Atkins (Newport)-Kentucky Wesleyan
  11. keep in mind that the Chiefs were without 3 of there returning players from last year, and they are kinda young too. I know that Chaz Moore is still with Beechwood, Guesenhues on Vacation, and Atkins should return mid June. But that dont mean that the Warriors are a bad team either. I just think the Cheifs will get better when the other 3 players start playing for them. GOOD LUCK to the Chiefs
  12. just for the record im pretty sure campbell co and the grove will be playin in the all star game.
  13. you are correct but he had his fair share of each
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