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  1. I have to disagree with you my friend.. I don't think that the Belfry players had those kind of thoughts going into this game. I think that winning, as much as they are used to, built up their confidence a little, but you have to stop and think too, how hard and unsettling it had to be for such a young team as Belfry is right now, to start the season with such a big rivalry, knowing that P-burg, (and just about everyone else) wants to beat the Pirates more than any other team. I mean, Belfry lost more seniors that started in key positions last year than they had lost in several seasons. That has to knock the cockiness level down a peg or 2. For some reason, I didn't feel the intensity in this game between the two teams that is normally there. Congratulations to the Blackcats on their win. I know that Coach Haywood will have a lot of the errors corrected and the Pirates will improve with each and every game. With age comes wisdom and that is what this young group of Pirates will need (along with patience and support from the Pirate Nation)
  2. Great Job by the entire Belfry TEAM!!! The linemen for the Pirates are amazing! Can't say enough about the group of men that Haywood coaches, or about Haywood and his entire staff. This is the reason that everyone always says..."Once a Pirate..Always a Pirate" :dancingpa
  3. Belfry always brings a big crowd to everygame...heck, half of the time we outnumber the home team's crowd. I know that the visitor side bleachers were filled to capacity and there were a hundred or more standing around the track.
  4. I also have to add that Belfry's linemen are fantastic!!! They are the heart of this team!!! The tandum of Casey Whetstone and Corey Coleman are deadly...as well as every one of the young MEN who are standing shoulder to shoulder with them, play after play, opening the holes for the backs to get their glory....without them no one gets anywhere. MY hats off to the linemen...the ones who grind it out in the trenches with very little recognition:fight::ylsuper:
  5. Shew..I haven't gotten to post on here in about a year...but here it goes....LOL First, let me congratulate Coach Haywood and the Belfry Pirates on one of the most exciting games I have seen this year. The boys..let me change that..young MEN on this team NEVER gave up for one minute during this game. They didn't let anything get to them and they kept their emotions in check..a very mature and impressive team!!! Secondly, Johnson Central was ready and fought tooth and nail with the Pirates...They are a very physical team with a lot of talent and I wish them nothing but the best in the playoffs!! I know there will be a lot of what if's and if only's for many years to come about this game...the 2 point conversion will be the talk around the breakfast table as to whether that was the dumbest call ever made or whether you would have done the same thing in that position. I'm glad I don't have to discuss something like that since Haywood's call of a fake punt worked...:thumb: (If it hadn't, Belfry fans would have been having the same discussions that I'm sure JC fans are having) I have to say that Belfry fans were definitely back in the game as the 12th man on the field tonight....I love ballgames that bring out every emotion possible with one turn of events!!
  6. I will be there along with my rowdy crew!! :dancingpa
  7. Well, it has been forever since I had the opportunity to grace the good page of BGP!! Nice to be back in time for football season :thumb: I agree with a lot of your statements Cam, but I think that there is more potential in key areas than you state. From info passed on to me from the Boyd County scrimmage, Belfry's offense looked in pretty good form even with the lack of a true speedster. Size is the biggest factor in the backfield with May, Lee, & Dotson coming at you full force. If the line can make some openings then they will get 5 to 6 yards almost every carry. As far as Elkins goes for QB. I was highly impressed with this kid last year. He came in as starting Qb in the 4th game of the season, without expecting to do so, and carried himself and the team pretty far. As a sophomore last year, I don't think anyone could have done any better. As a junior, he should be more settled and relaxed in the pocket. I have heard his fakes compared to that of Dwayne Fransico's. Pretty good company there if you ask me. You mentioned Elkins looking tired and weak in the Pikeville game last year. If my aging memory serves me correct, there were a lot of arguable late hits all night that game and I'm sure after taking as many shots as he did that night, anyone would look a little tired. I would like to go back and look at that tape just to refresh my memory. There will be a lot of new faces in the secondary this year, so I can honestly say what strong or weak points we may have there until after the first game or after the scrimmage this Friday.
  8. Congratulations Pirates!!! Let's have CAM rocking with Red next Friday!!!!!
  9. OH YEAH...THE "B" Factor (although it let us down last year) Great win for the Blackcats and I can't wait for the usual matchup between the 2 programs.
  10. Let me say this...for the past 4 years, I have read numerous posts about what 1 team in 2A will take it all and is unbeatable and then that team plays a really good team and is beaten and everyone starts saying "I guess they hadn't played a hard team". I'm not saying the Mercer isn't a very good team or that won't be in the State Championship this year. What I am saying is that the one team that everyone has hyped all year long, hasn't won or even been in the State Championship the past 4 years.
  11. Belfry should come away with the win. They are executing very well right now and finding ways to come up with some big plays. Let's go Pirates!!!
  12. I'm sure that you would have enjoyed your trip to Vipperman in 2004 if the outcome of the game would have been different.. That is very interesting stats for Belfry. I liked them.
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