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  1. With only six seniors this season, this was going to be sort of a bridge year for Caldwell County. Some people were thinking 5-5 over the summer. But if Caldwell can get Murray, 8-2 is likely. Even with a loss to Murray, 7-3 is still a pretty good showing (if the Tigers can beat Fort Campbell and Trigg County, and I think they will). Some help is on the way for Caldwell though. The eighth grade team went 10-1 and the seventh grade team was 8-1. That doesn't necessarily always translate to wins on the varsity level, but there are some kids with a lot of potential on those teams.And Caldwell returns a ton of starters next year.
  2. Caldwell County is 418-285-11 since consolidation in 1954. I'm not sure if Princeton Butler High School and Princeton High School records before that can be included going back to 1911, but that would push Caldwell well past 500. Also of note, of the 714 games played by Caldwell County, I have been at the last 378.
  3. Caldwell County leads the all-time series with Crittenden County 41-10 and has won the last nine.
  4. Somebody alert Druther's that Crittenden County fans are on their way! :lol2: Caldwell County filled that place up several years ago on the way to Green County.
  5. Joby Jaggers' 394 yards passing at Fort Campbell were his most ever and the fourth-most ever for a Caldwell County quarterback.
  6. Union County dominated the first half, forcing four Caldwell turnovers, and led 14-7 at halftime. Caldwell held Union to just 12 total yards in the second half. Meanwhile, the Caldwell offense scored touchdowns on its first five possessions after the break. Joby Jaggers threw six touchdown passes — three each to Oliver Parker and Travis Newsom — and even completed a 10-yard pass to himself while throwing for 225 yards.
  7. Caldwell has really played well the last three weeks. Those losses to Christian County and Hopkinsville earlier don't really look good, but the Tigers were committing a lot of turnovers and a lot of penalties in those games. Caldwell has really cleaned that up the last 2-3 weeks. No turnovers against Tilghman and just three penalties. And just a few dropped passes early. It was a pretty clean game for the Tigers.
  8. To me, the turning point in the game was Caldwell's defense making a big stop on 4th-and-1 ... and then making an even bigger stop on 5th-and-inches in the fourth quarter. That was followed by a 78-yard touchdown pass to Jameer Riley, which put Caldwell up 26-13. Riley caught 3 passes for 151 yards — all 3 went for touchdowns. People seriously need to start recruiting that guy!
  9. Caldwell County made five trips into the red zone that it got zero points out of. Caldwell had 4 turnovers, Hopkinsville had 1 turnover. Hoptown had 485 total yards, 329 on the ground. Caldwell had 428 yards, 296 in the air.
  10. Big Stat: Graves 5 turnovers Caldwell 1 turnover Yardage was pretty even, 348 for Caldwell and 342 for Graves.
  11. Not a big deal, but I can't get it to accept negative receiving yardage. It changes it to zero and that means I end up with different numbers (but still close) for passing and receiving. Anyone else run into that? It does take negative rushing yardage, but not negative receiving yards.
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