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Found 13 results

  1. BluegrassPreps 2019 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 7 Edition The top story line this week is the BYE Week Cometh! EIGHT (8) of the Top 10 Teams are on the BYE Week come October 11. And another 4 teams in spots 11 thru 20. So 12 of the Top 20 Teams are now on the Bye! WOW! That just seems like more than I can ever remember. But on the other hand, it is a good time to stretch your legs after 6 or 7 straight weeks of the grind! Some teams use the Bye Week better than others. What about your team? Do they usually improve or decline after the break? You tell me… Week 7 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 5A Bowling Green (4-2) 14 at 5A South Warren (6-1) 3. Terrific game at Spartan Stadium on Friday Night! BG received 3 South Warren Turnovers in the first half and still could not get on the board thanks to a fantastic South Warren defensive effort. The Spartan offense did manage to get into range for a 27 yard field goal and led Old-School Style 3-0 at the half! BG made a significant adjustment at halftime and that led to being able to keep South on their own end of the field early in the 3rd Quarter. BG then methodically moved deep into South territory late in the 3rd Quarter and JR RB Javy Bunton took the draw and scrambled into the end zone to finally put the Purples on top 7 to 3. Now into the 4th Quarter; South Warren managed to get into field goal range, but the kick was blocked and after a wild scramble, BG recovered on the South 45 yard line. BG then went to work on the clock, but South forced a 3rd and 18 from roughly the Spartan 25 yard line. Javy Bunton then took it around the left end and made about 3 Spartans miss in route to the final score of 14 to 3. Great Game! But this is only Round 1 between these 2 IMO! Much more analysis below! Week 8 Western Kentucky Games of the Week: 4A Hopkinsville (5-2) at 4A Madisonville North-Hopkins (6-1). 4A District 1 - The District that keeps on giving! The top 3 teams in this District are all worthy of representing 4A District 1 come the 3rd week of the playoffs, but only 1 will get that honor! And this game right here will help decide that as it will at least help ensure seeding for the first round of the playoffs! Madisonville comes into this one after taking a crushing home loss vs Logan County 2 weeks ago; then throttles County Mate Hopkins County Central. The Tigers come into this one after a terrific performance against a very gritty Logan County team. Hoptown now controls their destiny in this district. And with a win in this game, will become District Champs and avoid the other 2 worthy district adversaries until Week 2 of the playoffs! But if the Maroons win, then we have ourselves a fun 3-way tie and we’ll have to get our tiebreaker charts out! BIG GAME! Honorable Mention: Graves County at Grayson County and Apollo at Henderson County. Try to make it out to one of these great games! Week 7 Top 10: 10) Glasgow (3A) – Preseason Rank: 12 - 2019 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: Win 50-22 vs 3A District Mate Adair County (2-5). The Scotties took out their South Warren near miss frustrations on the Indians, but give Adair County credit as the Indians battled admirably and played awfully well into the second quarter before Glasgow pulled away! I think both of these teams are going in the right direction for where they are presently. Also Scottie Fans, don’t make much of dropping to #10 this week. That simply has to do with turbulence above you, but I am still very high on Glasgow! Week 8: BYE WEEK. The Scotties have to feel good about where they are at this stage of the season. They are laying in the tall weeds at #10 in the BGPs 3A Poll! That’s a steal from where I’m sitting! I like Glasgow against most of those teams in front of them. Not all, but most. They should have light work to get to the 3rd Round. The new RPI ranking tool isn’t the Scotties friend as they are below all those top 10 teams, but 1. But a LOT to like if you’re a Scotties Fan! 9) Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Preseason Rank: 7 - 2019 Record 5-2; [District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: Loss: 49-14 vs 3A DeSales (4-2). When a running team can’t run – that’s a problem! DeSales is currently the #1 Team in 3A right now for a reason and they have one of the best defenses around! That showed last Friday night as Tilghman only gained roughly 50 yards on the ground. Well below their typical output. But I would put this to you Tilghman Fans, what have you lost by this game? Yes, you took a loss on your record. Yes, the neigh-sayers can take their shots, but who cares about them. If you take this film and experience and take care of business in your district and come out ready to go in Week 3, I still believe you have the talent to make some noise beyond that! Go Tilghman! Week 8: BYE WEEK! Rest up Blue Tornado’s, but don’t sleep on Union County! Be ready for a tough game on October 18th, as that will put you in the District Driver’s Seat for sure! 8) Logan County (4A) – Preseason Rank: 10 - 2019 Record 6-1; District Record 1-1] Week 7 Results: Loss: 21-6 at 4A District Rival Hopkinsville (5-2). Rough loss for the Cougars! No doubt about it! But like our good friend @TackleTrap said, I have a great deal of respect for the Cougars, who never quit even when players were going down injured throughout this game! QB Tyler Ezell and RB/LB Gary Hardy are undoubtedly the heart and soul of this team! Ezell played his heart out; got banged up and went back in any way! Hardy was carted off the field in the 3rd Quarter! There’s no question the physicality of the Madisonville and Hoptown games on the road in back to back weeks took their toll on the Cougars! Even through all that, they took the early lead and chose to play aggressively going for the 2 point conversation and just after an on-side kick. We learned in the Update threads the regular Logan kicker/punter wasn’t in Hoptown, as the young man is also a soccer player and Logan had a soccer game that night as well. Logan won that soccer game vs Butler County 11 to 1. Sure seems like the coaches could have spoken in advance to get the young man where he was most needed, but I digress. Sending a pray for Mr. Hardy to get better soon! Terrific player! Week 8: BYE WEEK! No one has earned a Bye Week more than Logan County! Getting your 2 district rivals out of the way knowing you are still in the District Race at this point has to be a good thing! But Logan County has multiple injuries and a mild schedule upcoming until they go to South Warren the last game of the year. I’d look to get those injured some time off in order to make a playoff run no matter who you face! Good luck Cougars! 7) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – Preseason Rank: 5 - 2019 Record 6-1; [District Record 1-1] Week 7 Results: Win: 48-14 at 4A District Mate Hopkins County Central (0-7). The Storm just can’t buy a break. Arguably the worst week of the whole season to play Madisonville was likely this week, as the Maroons were surely still angry from their whisker close loss to Logan County. This game seemed more of a scrimmage than a District game, as these two teams are just at such different levels! Week 8: Western Kentucky GAME OF THE WEEK - vs District Rival 4A Hopkinsville (5-2). Well 4A District 1 is down to this final game between the Big 3! If Hoptown wins, they are District Champs and get a much easier game in Round 1 of the playoffs! If the Maroons win, then it’s a 3 way tie! The attached link will take you to the KHSAA rules page. The Tie-breaker rules for the District Championship are to the right on the first page. https://khsaa.org/common_documents/handbook/competitionrules/fbcompetitionrules.pdf I simply don’t have time this week to go through that in details, but maybe one of you might. But again, if Hoptown wins, it’s a moot point. But will they? I think Madisonville is in a good spot, playing at home with a chip on their shoulder. What say you… 6) Hopkinsville (4A) – Preseason Rank: 6 - 2019 Record 5-2; District Record 2-0] Week 7 Results: Win: 21-6 vs District Rival Logan County 4A (6-1). This was a very physical, hard-nosed football game. Thanks to our good friend @FSfan who brought us excellent updates for this game! Star QB Jay Bland played a whale of a game! He had success passing the ball, but it was likely his gutty, tough, physical runs that ultimately made the difference for the Hoptown offense. Concerning the Hoptown defense, LB Eric Grubb was a solid as the Rock of Gibraltar! And remember the name of the young Freshman DB Dejaun Mercer, who really stepped on the scene in a BIG way for the Tigers! You’ll see him later, but he is already near the top Tiger for INTs in a single season this year at 7! Impressive for a Freshman! Huge win for Hoptown! Week 8: Western Kentucky GAME OF THE WEEK - at District Rival 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins (6-1). Another HUGE District Game! When this game is complete, we should have a much clearer picture of which team will basically get a first round bye (District Champ), while the other two teams will have to play each other a second time. That’s what makes these games so big, as they are almost like playoff preseason games! I look for the Tigers to try to establish just enough of a run game to have some play action take hold prior to just lining up in the shotgun and slingin it all over the field. I think Hoptown comes in really focused in this game. Coach Clayton and staff have done a terrific job this year! I see this game as pretty even and should be one HECK of a game! Get out to support your team Tiger Fans!!! 5) Owensboro (5A) – Preseason Rank: 8 - 2019 Record 6-1; [District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: Win: 54-0 vs 5A Muhlenberg County (2-5). The Mustangs simply got mauled! Owensboro is playing well and a very good team. QB Gavin Wimsatt had a big game and you’ll see him and his stud WR Treyvon Tinsley (Oh, another Tinsley!) later! Their District Mates are simply not on their level, for right now at least. But that holds the Red Devils back from being able to compete with BG & South at the top of these Rankings. But that’s not to say, I don’t think O would be able to win those games because I do. If Owensboro played BG and/or South, I think they would be close competitive games, but we wouldn’t see that now until Week 3 at the earliest. Onward! Week 8: BYE WEEK. Might as well get this out of the way Red Devil Fans! But I will say that I really like how Coach Fallin got backup QB Taquan Robinson a couple series in this game! SO SMART! Nobody knows when injuries will come your way and you need to be prepared. The Red Devils coaching staff should be applauded for that! Rest up Owensboro! 4) Mayfield (2A) – Preseason Rank: 1 - 2019 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: Win: 45-7 at 2A District Rival Caldwell County (5-2). As our good friend @WKY_Football said, Caldwell played hard, they just didn’t have the horses to keep up with Mayfield. It feels like Mayfield was very focused this week and played a sharp, clean game. QB Jayden Stinson played really well again passing for over 200 yards on the night. Also RB Kylan Galbraith had a big game for Big Red and you’ll see him later! Mayfield clearly seems to be ramping up to me going into the Bye Week. What say you… Week 8: BYE WEEK! The Cardinals roll into the Bye Week in fine shape. Yes, I’m sure they’d like to have another shot at McCracken County, but I also think that this loss will help/has helped the Cardinals focus this season. I’m not aware of the Cardinals injury report, but don’t know of any serious losses yet this season. If I’m wrong, I’m sure our good friend @Squirrel will let us know! Looking down the road at the Cardinal schedule, a HUGE District Tilt at War Memorial Stadium sees the Murray Tigers coming in as strong as they have been in some time! That will be followed by a long drive east to Madisonville to take on rock solid Maroons squad who have deep playoff hopes as well. Madisonville is a VERY physical team. Mayfield will need to prepare for that. Finally, our good friend @Mayfieldsportsfan provided us with such a cool video of Mayfield during the Graves County game and really shows what the Cardinals mean for the entire Mayfield community! It’s inspirational and I’d like to add it here as well: Access Denied Good luck Cardinals! 3) McCracken County (6A) – Preseason Rank: 9 - 2019 Record 5-2; District Record 2-0] Week 7 Results: Win: 50-36 vs 6A District Mate Apollo (2-5). Thanks to our good friends @Brown and @redleg13 who brought us updates on this one! Early on SR RB Shane Riley for Daviess County had roughly 4 carries for 165 yards and 2 scores to give the Panthers the early lead. But he got hurt and the Mustangs regrouped and settled down and led 43-14 at the half and started the running clock at 9:37 in the 3rd quarter. The Mustang offense is playing really, really well and if their Big 3 of QB Elijah Wheat, RB Hunter Bradley, and WR Franklin Hayes stay healthy there is no reason McCracken County can’t go into Week 3 of the playoffs looking to compete for a Regional Championship! Week 8: BYE WEEK! I’ve been sayin it for a while now! McCracken County is in a good spot with the rest of their season looking for them to be the favorites in every game. Even the likely district showdown at Hendo! I would make a point to get in younger Mustangs who will be needed next year. The teams that understand this are the teams that stay at the top! If you just blow through the mop-up time, that’s on you! If you put it to good use with getting some younger guys some snaps with the Bright Friday Night Lights, things will continue to look up for Mustang Nation! Good luck Mustangs! 2) South Warren (5A) – Preseason Rank: 3 - 2019 Record 6-1; District Record 0-1] Week 7 Results: Western Kentucky GAME OF THE WEEK - Loss: 14-3 vs 5A District Rival Bowling Green (4-2). I realize it is difficult to lose to your rivals Spartan fans, but you have no shame here! Your defense played super! And honestly, I thought your offense was ok as well, especially SO RB Kobe Martin, who I still believe will be a special RB before he’s done in a South uniform! I also felt young SO QB Mason Willingham played well in only his second varsity start in a very difficult position, as BG didn’t make it easy on him. Consider this Spartan fans, Mr. Willingham did throw 3 picks, but remember the first one gave BG the ball at their own 2 yard line, where the Spartans forced BG to punt soon after. The second, BG didn’t do anything with that possession. And the 3rd INT was in Hail Mary mode and that will happen when Joe Montana is in the pocket. However, it is also fair to say that the full measure of Caden Veltcamp’s absence was felt in this game. As I predicted last week, those 3rd and long/medium throws were just not there. If Veltcamp were in the game, it opens up more running lanes and South could likely have attacked BG up top as well. BUT, you play with who ya got! My South friends suggest Veltcamp “could” be back for the next BG game. But they also say that seems awfully aggressive for a broken wrist on your throwing hand. I agree, but we will see Week 2 of the Playoffs at El Donaldson Stadium! Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t spotlight star JR WR/DB Jantzen Dunn, who was all over the field for South in this game. He caught passes, he returned kicks and he was a stalwart on defense tripping up countless Purples who would have broken much bigger plays had it not been for his stellar efforts. Outstanding! Week 8: BYE WEEK! The Spartans can use the Bye Week to heal up, as they have some injuries that could use a week off! Good luck Spartans! 1) Bowling Green (5A) – Preseason Rank: 2 - 2019 Record 4-2; District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: Western Kentucky GAME OF THE WEEK - Win 14-3 at 5A District Rival South Warren (6-1). The Purples have to feel good to travel to South Warren and break their 21 game win streak and also snap a 2-game losing streak to South and evening up the series record with the Spartans at 2 games each! Most Purples fans were very concerned at halftime when you are given 3 turnovers while not turning it over yourself and still find yourself losing at halftime. But such it is when you play a very good team! The BG offense can be said a Tale of 2 Halves, with the first half being mired in conservative run plays and incomplete pass plays. But halftime saw a change in QBs and IMO a change in the outcome, as BG moved the ball in the opening possession to keep South pinned in their half of the field. Add some key pass completions and QB scrambles along the way and you could tell BG had improved coming out of the locker room. In many ways, this second half was JR RB Javy Bunton’s coming out party. Many staunch Purples fans already know of Bunton’s talent, but he put it on display Friday night against arguably the best run defense in the West and had a BIG game! You will see him later! And how bout that BG Defense! They had to hold the fort the whole first half and made huge plays in the second half as well. Well done! Finally, IMO this was HUGE from a mental standpoint for the Purples, as you don’t want to lose 3 straight to South knowing you’d have to come back in 6 weeks to play them at South again! Big! Week 8: BYE WEEK! I would think Coach Spader is pleased with getting this win and this South film will be invaluable to ironing out strategy to get the next one (hopefully if you’re a BG fan)! Rest up Purples! Next 10 – 11 to 20: 11) Owensboro Catholic (2A) (6-1) – Week 6 Results: Win 55-21 at 2A McLean County. I think McLean hoped to have a little bit better team than their 3 and 4 record would let on. Let’s see how they do down in Elkton taking on a good Todd County Central Club for the #2 spot in this district. But this is what it’s come to in the Hansel and Gretel District of 2A with OCATH being the domineering Witch! All OCATH different Day! Star QB Drew Hartz has a monster game along with his supporting cast and you’ll see them later. But wouldn’t you get the backup in and throw a few passes with him now in the weak district schedule? I’m not complaining; I’m looking out for your future Aces! Think about it… Onward! Next up: BYE WEEK! Maybe our good friend @zoneblitz2 can shed some light on the injury report for OCATH. Outside of that, it pretty business as usual for the Aces! Looking at the Aces schedule ahead, I only see routes except for possibly at home vs 6A Apollo. That game has another 81-51 feel to it to me! What say you… 12) Henderson County (6A) (5-1) - Week 7 Results: Win 42-7 at 5A Marshall County. The Colonels get back in the win column in comfortable fashion, as the fighting Marshals just aren’t that good this year. Hendo playing well right now. On to District play! Week 8: vs 6A District Mate Apollo. Interesting game here. HENDO has certainly played better this season, but with 51 points on the board vs McCracken County, even in defeat for Apollo, you have to think they are dangerous. At least with a punchers chance if everything falls into place! Still, the game being in Henderson is an advantage for the Colonels and I like them to pull this one out by a couple TDs! Good Luck Hendo! 13) Franklin Simpson (4A) (3-4) – Week 7 Results: Win 35-21 at 4A District Mate Russell County. According to our good friend’s @macdon and @FSfan, the Wildcats are dealing with many injuries, but their replacements are now starting to hit their stride! Of particular importance are the offensive and defensive lines are seeing continued improvement. Just what the doctor ordered! Next up: BYE WEEK! The Wildcats enter the Bye Week after having gotten up off the mat from 4 straight losses to start the season against medium to tough competition and are now on a 3 game win streak against low (Russellville) to medium competition. I look for the win streak to continue, but I will admit that I’m intrigued by the Wildcat games with Warren East and at a Gritty Glasgow squad. While I “think” Franklin will be the favorites in both those games, I’ll certainly be paying attention to them! Good Luck Wildcats! I still look for the Wildcats to be a dangerous team come Week 3 of the playoffs! 14) Murray (2A) (5-1) – Week 7 Results – Win 49-17 vs 2A District Mate Fort Campbell. The Tiger knocked the feathers off the Falcons yet again. It’s been a rough 2019 campaign for Fort Campbell. Star QB Hunter Utley was outstanding again, but a BIG Game is just up over the horizon. But not next week! Next up: at 2A Poor Ole’ Ballard Memorial. I’m shaking my head as I type this, as Murray could easily win this game with their JV team. I’m not trying to slap the Bombers in the face; I’m trying to tell you the disparity in these 2 teams! But hey, the Bomber earned their first win of the season last week – Yeah Bombers! Go Tigers! 15) Caldwell County (2A) (5-2) – Week 7 Results: Loss 45-7 vs District Rival 2A Mayfield. I don’t have any stats for the Tigers on this one, but just feel Mayfield jumped on the Tigers and that was pretty much it. I do think Caldwell County put up good effort. They just don’t have the horses this year to run with Mayfield. It’s that simple. But the seasons not over Tiger fans and this sets up a great game just over the horizon, but not next week! Next up: vs District Mate Ft Campbell. Poor ole’ Fort Campbell has lost all 7 games this year and yes it’s likely, make that, very likely to be 8 straight! Would be a great chance to get some younger Tigers into action in this one as the Falcons are about to get flogged again! Tigers roll! 16) Graves County (5A) (3-3) – Week 7 Results: Win 37-7 vs New District Mate Ohio County! Graves blew the doors off Ohio County more than doubling the Eagles in yardage. QB John Brown had a great game and you’ll see him later! Next week: at District Mate Grayson County. This is an interesting game! From Mayfield to Leitchfield is roughly 2.5 hours by bus one way. That’s a haul! Graves has easily played the tougher schedule by a mile and should be the more prepared team because of it. But Grayson County is coming off the Bye Week and Coach Smart is a pretty good coach. So I think this game can go either way. I’d say regardless these 2 will meet up again in the first round of the playoffs. But where will that game be played? This game should determine that and with a 5 hour round trip on the line, it’s a big deal! What say you… 17) Barren County (6A) (5-1) – Week 7 Results: BYE WEEK! The Trojans are just now empting the last bottles of Dom Perignon ’53 from the Vino cellars deep inside the Barren County Fieldhouse after their eye-popping win 19-16 at 5A Greenwood! It’s been a fun ride leavin the old broken down chassis on I-65 formerly known as 5A District 2 and fielding a new Formula 1 inspired 6A District 2 chassis! That along with a Neosporin-inspired schedule, have the Trojans riding high! But now it’s time to pay the Band! Next up: vs New District Mate 6A Central Hardin. This is probably the best Central Hardin team I can recall. They have a really talented offense with playmakers all over. On defense, they aren’t as talented. Central Hardin has played 3 6A teams this year winning on average 50-20. I look for that margin to continue here. But prove me wrong Trojans! 18) Grayson County (5A) (6-0) – Week 7 Results – BYE WEEK! Grayson County called up the Trojans to see if they had any more spirits left after enjoying their best pre-district campaign since 2012! But I’m hopeful the Cougars have used this time wisely, as likely their most important game of the season is upon them! Next up: vs. District Mate 5A Graves County! Why did I say it was Grayson’s most important game you ask? It’s because of all the remaining Cougar games, this is likely the only one still up in the air. I look for them to beat Ohio County at home and Hart County on the road, while losing to Owensboro at Rash Stadium. So here you go Cougars! It’s your opportunity to win a home playoff game right here! And as I said before, with a 5 hour round trip bus ride and getting the gate for the playoff game is a pretty Big Deal to me! Good luck! 19) Greenwood (5A) (5-2) –Week 7 Results: Win 20-14 at 5A Christian County. Big District Win for the Gators! Congratulations! While I don’t see any other District Wins for Greenwood, this win was important for momentum, as I could see Greenwood beating John Hardin even on the road in a close scrap in Week 10! Mr. Everything Reed Sloan did it all for the Gators running a punt back and running another TD in to help Greenwood avoid a winless district slate! I feel bad for Christian County, who will not likely have a winless season this year. That’s tough! Better luck next year Colonels! Next week: BYE WEEK! Getting back in the win column is more important than you think going into the Bye Week as mentally it sets the tone for the rest of your season. Yes, the coaches can yell at you and tell you to suck it up, but nothing helps more than winning! Rest up Gators! You’re going to need it! 20) Warren East (4A) (4-3) – Week 7 Results: Win 53-12 at 4A District Mate Warren Central. Welcome to the Top 20 Ra-Ra-Raiders! JR QB Nolan Ford had a super game and you’ll see him next. Also SR RB/DB Damontra Pillow had a big game to for the Raiders with nearly 100 yards rushing and 1 INT and 4 tackles on defense! Interesting team here! Could the Ra-Ra-Raiders have anything for Franklin this year? You tell me… They are dangerous! Next up: BYE WEEK! The Raiders last 3 games of the season are challenging at home vs Allen County, at Franklin Simpson and then at Daviess County! Tough slate, but that should get you ready to battle in Week 1 of the playoffs! Go Raiders! Week 7 Players of the Week: *I don’t have all stats available, so please add as you see fit! 1) Dejaun Mercer – DB – Hopkinsville - 3 INTs vs Logan County! Outstanding! 2) Javy Bunton – RB – Bowling Green – 14 carries for 82 yards and 2 TDs vs South Warren! And against South Warren that’s sayin something! 3) Jantzen Dunn – WR/DB – South Warren – I don’t have specific stats yet for South, but I watched the game vs BG and IMO Dunn played a significant role in all 3 phases for South Warren and contributed on all 3 levels and that’s why he is here! Great effort! 4) Drew Hartz – QB – Owensboro Catholic – 22 for 32 for 468 yards and 7 TDs vs Ohio County! Add ultra-talented WR Hagan Edge 7 catches for 152 yards and 3 TDs and WR Braden Mundy with 6 catches for 169 yards and 2 TDs! Then there’s another Boarman for OCATH! LB Chris Boarman with 19 tackles! Outstanding! 5) Kylan Galbraith – RB – Mayfield – 17 rushes for 223 yards vs Caldwell County! 6) Gavin Wimsatt – QB – Owensboro – 11 for 19 for 185 yards and 3 TDs vs Muhlenberg County! Add talented WR Treyvon Tinsley with 3 catches for 102 yards and 2 TDs! 7) Hunter Utley - QB – Murray – 8 for 9 with 236 yards and 2 TDs vs Fort Campbell! Add talented WR Jordan Duffy with 4 catches for 101 yards and 2 TDs! 8) Nolan Ford – QB – Warren East – 10 for 14 for 148 passing yards and 3 TDs AND 14 rushes for 131 rushing yards and 1 TD vs Warren Central! Outstanding! 9) John Brown – QB – Graves County – 24 for 38 for 309 yards and 4 TDs vs Ohio County! GREAT WORK GENTLEMEN!!! Week 7 “Teams Trending Down” Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Down – I’m not here to beat the Blue Tornado’s down. If you read their section above, you will know that. But to be fair, the DeSales game was a Big Game! It highlighted the Blue Tornado’s need to build a more balanced offense. That is a process because you have to play the players you have. BUT, to have such a powerful run game, I think Tilghman should look to enhance their play action package to help them going forward. Just a suggestion when teams stack the box on them! Good luck Tilghman! Logan County (4A) – Down – Let me start by saying I thought the Cougars gave everything they had last Thursday night and really appreciate their effort! But I also felt they were too aggressive at times with the 2 point conversion and on-side kick right out of the gate that I felt gave Hoptown a chance to a short field early in the game. Did that have to do with not having their starting kicker? You tell me… That and the poor snaps have to be corrected. That’s easy really. But the kicking game has to improve the next time Logan County sees either Hoptown or Madisonville. I hope Logan County’s injured players heal soon! Good luck Cougars! Fulton County (1A) – Down – The Pilots went to Russellville with a 5 and 1 record and looked to go up in the District race. But fate would serve up a brutal 34-31 loss. The Pilots are not here for that so much as they are for late in the 4th Quarter back to back RB passes were called with the last one being a Pick 6, which ultimately proved to be the deciding score. My point is when you have a horse as fine as RB Caleb Kimble, you ride him to the end! Teams “Trending Up” Bowling Green (5A) – Up – Excellent win Purples Nation! In my book, Bowling Green broke through several thresholds last Friday Night! Beat South for the first time since early 2017. Used Vito Tisdale on offense for the first time since the humbling loss to Owensboro in 2018 (even if it was only 2 plays – baby steps Purples Fans!). Hopefully, based upon the results Friday night, a full time QB can be named (we’ll see!). The BG defense played as well as they have all year. And the running back tandem of Javy Bunton and Jayvan Collins is really coming into their own! And as long as after playing Trinity, there aren’t more Purples in Greenview than the BG Fieldhouse, I feel really good about where this team is! Go Purples! Hopkinsville (4A) – Up – Coach Clayton has to be extremely proud of his team! Their physicality may have been the difference in the critical District win vs Logan County! With talent all over the field, this Tiger team is really playing well. They should have supreme confidence going up the Pennyrile Parkway Friday Night with the District Championship on the line! Hoptown playin as well as anyone right now! Go Tigers! Hancock County (2A) – Don’t look now but Coach Eubanks club has jumped out to a 2 and 0 record in the district! The Hornets just knocked off a good Todd County Central club 36-18 last Friday! While I don’t see the Hornets stinging the Aces, I do think they are a shoe-in for #2 in the district! The Hornets played a tough pre-district slate with now a 3 and 4 record, but I think that tough early season schedule is paying off now! Good luck Hornets! “Broke Their Maiden” – In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant: 1. Ballard Memorial Bombers dropped the BIG MOMBA on Fulton City 26-8! Congrats to Coach Mark Brooks and the Bombers Players on their first win in 2019! 2. Russellville Panthers pulled out a thrilling 34-31 win against solid Fulton County on Friday Night for their first win of the season! Congrats to Coach Benton and the entire Panther Nation! They have played a very tough schedule and to their credit, never quit and battled to the end to get this critical District win! THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS – It’s that time of year, when I try to recognize teams that are currently undefeated (The Haves) and teams who have yet to win a game (The Have Nots). Concerning the Haves, I don’t think any of us realize how difficult it can be going through 6 or 7 games and winning them all, even with less difficult games, I think that should be spot-lighted! The Haves – Thru Week 7 – Only 1 left after this week (2 dropped out this week)! 5A Grayson County (6-0) – Have not played Murder’s Row, but have played very well against the team in front of them. Likelihood to stay undefeated – 5% Tough teams ahead – Graves County (Home), Owensboro (Away). Concerning the Have Nots, I admit I have a soft spot in my heart for the teams that do not win even 1 game all year long. I am not on the “everybody deserves a trophy” train. I just know the long, arduous, demanding schedule these young men endure in order to simply put on that uniform and step out onto that field to represent their school. It is one of the most noble, dedicated paths we still have left in our society. As you know, these young men are roughly committed to football year around now. After the season, and at least by the first of the year, they move to winter conditioning, followed by spring condition, spring practice, before things move into the summer with more conditioning, followed by the 7v7 scene and then your back into active football season again. So: The Have-Nots – Through Week 7 - 5A Christian County (0-7) – The Colonels are strangers to being down here and they’ve been really close in a number of games this season including last week. But they simply are too young to make the plays down the stretch at the moment. Likelihood to get a win this year – 5% It pains me to say it, but with BG, South Warren and McCracken coming up, it’s goodnight Irene I’m afraid. Better luck next year Colonels! 4A Hopkins County Central (0-7) – After falling 20-14 at Webster County, the Storm really haven’t been close since. They also play in a very tough district. Likelihood to get a win this year – 40% Teams they might beat – Calloway County (Away) - Might as well go all in Storm! 4A Calloway County (0-6) – The Lakers have competed well in 3 games and were just overmatched in 3 games. But I applaud their effort. Likelihood to get a win this year – 40% Teams they might beat – Hopkins County Central – It’s the Basement Bowl! And I’m glad someone will get a win here, but the loser with almost definitely go winless in 2019! Good luck Lakers! 4A Warren Central (0-7) - According to our good friend @All State Baseball, the Dragons have lost 42 straight games. I am speechless with that stat, as I still see the Dragons as an old rival, but maybe just in my memories now. Regardless, I am pulling for those kids to get a win! Likelihood to get a win this year – 50% Teams they might beat – Monroe County (Away) and Russellville (Home) 2A Fort Campbell (0-7) – The Falcons played Grayson County & Fort Knox well, but not well enough. But there’s still time! Likelihood to get a win this year – 50% Teams they might beat – Ballard Memorial (Home) Now that the Bombers got a win, I’m pulling for the Falcons to get one also!
  2. BluegrassPreps 2019 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 5 Edition The top story line this week is ¾ of the Top 20 recorded wins during Week 5! Great Job! And 3 of the 5 losses were to other Top 20 teams. The other 2 were Bowling Green falling to 6A stalwart St Xavier and Henderson County losing a close game at solid Anderson County. Overall, it was another good week for the Western Part of the State! Week 5 PurpleHaze Western Kentucky Game of the Week: Bowling Green 5A (3-2) 14 vs St Xavier 6A (4-1) 28. St Xavier came out very strong in this game and took two opening series drives in for touchdowns. Bowling Green’s defense then seemed to recover and it remained 14-0 at the half! BG made good additional adjustments at halftime and came out strong in the second half and had a chance to tie the game at 14, but the turnovers kept mounting for the Purples and it was ultimately too much to overcome! While disappointing, I think this game can help BG down the road as hopefully mistakes made in this game are identified and corrected. Onward! Week 6 Western Kentucky Games of the Week: This week we spread out focusing on some of the best District Openers around! 4A Logan County (5-0) at 4A Madisonville North-Hopkins (5-0). A dandy right here sports fans!!! Both these teams have played so well thus far! Madisonville is the favorite and playing at home is a clear advantage. But could Logan County Stars QB Tyler Ezell and RB Gary Hardy roll up 431 toward Madisonville and come away with a vital district win right out of the gate? You tell me… 3A Paducah Tilghman (4-1) at 3A Trigg County (4-1). This is a diamond in the rough the highlanders out east would overlook! But this is likely the top District Matchup in 3A District 1 right out of the gate! The stellar skill guys from Tilghman will test ultra-talented Wildcat QB Cam Jordan. Jordan will lead his crew into this matchup hungry to prove they are worthy to be considered in the 3A playoff race! Good Luck! Honorable Mention: South Warren at Glasgow (This game is worthy too); Bowling Green at Corbin; OCATH at Todd County Central; and Crittenden County at Union County. Try to make it out to one of these great games! Week 5 Top 10: 10) Hopkinsville (4A) – Preseason Rank: 6 - 2019 Record 3-2; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 41-13 vs County Rival 5A Christian County (0-5). After a tough road trip last week at Henderson County, Hoptown refocused and regained the “Bragging Rights Trophy” for the first time since 2014. QB Jay Bland had a record setting game! You will see him later. Star WR Reece Jesse was double covered the entire game, which allowed others including Lane Rushing and Tyrell Gray-Lewis to have big games from the WR spot! But the bigger take away from this game was the return of the Tiger rushing attack that gained over 110 yards on the night against a County defense that prides itself for stopping the run! Week 6: vs District Mate 4A Calloway County (0-5). The hits just keep coming for the poor ole’ Lakers! They have had 2 close games and 3 blow outs. Unfortunately for Laker fans this will be another blowout loss. I don’t get any pleasure typing that. I really believe all teams should get a win. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not an “everybody gets a trophy” guy, but want to see all youngsters hard work rewarded. But it won’t be here Lakers! Tigers Roll! 9) Glasgow (3A) – Preseason Rank: 12 - 2019 Record 5-0; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win 42-0 vs 3A Hart County (3-2). QB Tanner Abernathy and RB Nick Mitchell have big games for the Scotties as they roll to their 4th straight running clock game. But that streak will end next week. Week 6: vs 5A South Warren (5-0). Great game here for the Scotties to find out where you are really are at this point in the season! While you will not be the favorite in this game, you are capable! If you can find a way to neutralize the powerful South OLine, I think the Scotties can hang around. If not, I’m not sure. But regardless, Glasgow needs this game to prepare for the post-season! Good luck Scotties! 8) Logan County (4A) – Preseason Rank: 10 - 2019 Record 5-0; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 43-6 vs 5A Greenwood (4-1). The Cougars good a good win here and seem razor sharp heading into a crucial district matchup next week. QB Tyler Ezell had a great game – you will see him later! And the Cougar Defense was rock solid only giving up 88 yards the entire night! Week 6: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK at 4A District Rival Madisonville North-Hopkins (5-0). Did anyone think just 3 seasons ago that Logan County would ever be a part of anything close to a Game of the Week! Congrats to them on turning their program around! This 2019 season is rolling right along and here were are to the District Schedule and we have a Great Game right out of the Gate! Last year the Cougars were set up in this game outgaining the Maroons by over 140 yards, but 2 big fumbles proved costly and the Maroons snuck out of Russellville with a big district win. This year the Cougars would like to return the favor. While I expect the Cougar offense to play well, I also expect the Cougar defense to be under duress with the rushing arsenal that Madisonville will unleash. And late in the game, will Logan County be able to come up with a big stop if it’s needed? You tell me… 7) Owensboro (5A) – Preseason Rank: 8 - 2019 Record 4-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 55-17 at Daviess County (1-4). Just the haves and the have nots here! The Red Devils have the weapons to control a game like this and that’s basically what they did! I have no stats for this game, but it was a mismatch from the start. Week 6: at 5A Ohio County (2-3). District game #2 for the Red Devils! They will have to pay particular attention to hidden gem RB QDaryius Jennings, but I don’t think I have to tell the O Coaches that! Should be too much Red Devils in this one for sure! Running clock… What say you… 6) Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Preseason Rank: 7 - 2019 Record 4-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 44-21 vs 4A Calloway County (0-5). According to our good friend @TilghmanPride, the Blue Tornados rested several injured players last week, but still managed almost 400 yards on the ground. Star Jayden Freeman had a big game and you’ll see him later. Week 6: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK at 3A Trigg County (4-1). Your district opener is always highlighted on anyone’s schedule, but when it may be at your most difficult district opponent it carries more weight I think. This will be a fascinating strategy game with Tilghman trying to impose their will on the ground while Trigg County can play the shootout game with anyone. So will the Trigg defense carry the majority of the minutes in this game if Tilghman runs the ball and Trigg scores quickly? I’m not sure, but it’s something to pay attention to. What say you… 5) Mayfield (2A) – Preseason Rank: 1 - 2019 Record 4-1; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 48-7 vs 5A Graves County (1-3). No chance of a 2 game slide here, as Mayfield comes out very strong in this one. According to our good friend @Squirrel, Mayfield earned the running clock in the 2nd quarter at 41-0. Mayfield played refocused and Graves did not. Week 6: at 3A Fort Campbell (0-5). I’m not sure if Mayfield has ever lost to Fort Campbell, but I know they won’t next week! The Falcons typically pick up a win against their military counterparts Ft Knox, but the Eagles upended the Falcons to extend their difficult stretch! Mayfield rolls… 4) McCracken County (6A) – Preseason Rank: 9 - 2019 Record 3-2; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 42-6 at 5A Marshall County (2-3). The Mustangs fresh off a memorable win against Mayfield rolled on! I don’t have stats here, but McCracken County now has their sites on starting off their district slate on a positive note! Week 6: at 6A Apollo (2-3). The Mustangs roll into the district schedule welcoming new district mate Owensboro Apollo! The Eagles have played some tough teams and are coming off a very nice win against an uneven Meade County squad. The Mustangs should be in a good spot to get out of town with a win and some fine Old Hickory Barbeque! I already feel cheated since BG didn’t get to play Owensboro this season! Oh well! Good luck to both teams! But I think the Mustangs will be too strong in this one, but it will be interesting to see how Apollo plays after a solid win! 3) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – Preseason Rank: 5 - 2019 Record 5-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 41-7 vs 2A Ballard Memorial (0-4). The Maroons haven’t been 5 and 0 since 1993 according to 14 News out of Evansville. The next most important information for this game was reported by our good friend @Maroonman in that this game was a fill in when other/better teams scheduling didn’t material and Madisonville was left scrambling for a game. So the Poor Ole’ Bombers had to drive 2 hours each way to Madisonville. I really feel for Ballard. They have no wins this season. They have scored a total of 27 points all year. They have 25 kids on their roster and 10 or 40% of those are seniors. What about next year? You saw that Poor Ole’ Jenkins in the far eastern part of the state just packed up the program! I’d hate to see that happen to the Bombers, but it is a problem for the majority of small schools across the state and nation. Sorry to focus on this, but the game isn’t very interesting. We all knew what would happen. Moving on to a MUCH better game! Week 6: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK vs 4A Logan County (5-0). There should be no excuses from Madisonville in this one. They come in hitting on all cylinders! They have arguably the top rushing offense in the State with Jeriah Hightower in the saddle. Add to that a passing offense that really hasn’t been needed this season, but was very evident they had hit another gear when SR QB Hayden Reynolds and company surprised many by leading the opening day at the highly successful Best of the West 7v7 Tournament this July! So Madisonville has the rest of 4A in the West on notice, as I look for them to play awfully strong here. If they can dictate offense with the run and sprinkle in some Hayden Reynolds passes, they will be a very tough out! 2) Bowling Green (5A) – Preseason Rank: 2 - 2019 Record 3-2; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: PurpleHaze Western Kentucky Game of the Week - Loss: 28-14 vs 6A St Xavier (4-1). In a word, disappointed. Not in the fact BG lost the game, but more so in the first half of the ball game. I think every Purples offensive series had third down and long every time. So ineffectiveness on first and second downs really cost BG. But not more so than 4 big turnovers. You simply can’t give a very good team that many and expect to win. See some highlights here: VIDEO: Week 5 high school football highlights | Sports | bgdailynews.com Week 6: at 4A Corbin (2-2). The Redhounds were on their BYE WEEK last week, so they should be well rested when the Purples come calling next week! I got to see Corbin in the Best of the West 7v7 Tournament back in July and they had some fine players, but they seemed young as they couldn’t click in that environment, but Friday Night Lights are much different. I look for this to be a competitive game. You tell me… 1) South Warren (5A) – Preseason Rank: 3 - 2019 Record 5-0; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 22-8 at 4A Louisville Central (1-4). The Spartan defense played very well only giving up 88 yards on the night. The Spartan offense played well enough, but the big news out of the Spartan camp is talented SO QB Cade Veltcamp was believed to have broken his wrist and likely out at least 6 weeks. I certainly hate that for the young man if this is confirmed, who was playing well for South! It will be interesting to see who will now step into the QB slot. But the new QB will be tested right out of the gate. Week 6: at 3A Glasgow (5-0). This will be a good game, but it’s a better game for Glasgow than South. I say that because all perspectives say South should win this game. I realize when you get on the field of play that a good team is a good team. The fact is South favors a medium schedule. No problem, but own that. It will not be until October 4th when the Purples come calling that we will really know where the Spartans are. That will continue to be a game most will look forward to. Next 10 – 11 to 20: 11) Henderson County (6A) – Preseason Rank: Not Ranked - 2019 Record 4-1; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Loss: 21-17 vs 4A Anderson County (3-2). I don’t have any stats on this one, but obviously was a good game. It’s tough to drive across the state and play a good team, but was a good pickup on the schedule for Hendo, as Anderson will have to travel to Henderson next year! Week 6: BYE WEEK. The BYE WEEK is undefeated and comes at a good time for the Colonels. Rest up as your near term games area very favorable. Those lead to the likely District Championship game when the Mustangs of McCracken County come calling on October 25th! Mark that one on your calendar sports fans! Good Luck Hendo! 12) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – Week 5 Results: Win 68-14 vs 4A Hopkins County Central (0-5). Team Air Raid continued to put up big numbers handing poor ole’ Hopkins County Central their 5 straight loss. It was a remarkable output for the Aces offense and you will see them later! OCATH is really playing well now as they head into district play! Next up: at scrappy Todd County Central. The District Opener! This will be a terrific test for the Aces. The 2 hour bus trip down 431 should be very entertaining. The Aces rarely get tested in their district. I got a little glimpse at both these teams in the 7v7 earlier in July and I honestly think the Rebels have a punchers chance in this game at least for a while. Yes, Todd County Central is the clear underdog, but beware Aces! 13) Greenwood (5A) –Week 5 Results: Loss 43-6 at 4A Logan County. The Gators have been arguably the best “feel-good” story this season, as they have come out of nowhere to shock most people! But that fairy tale ran out of magic dust in Russellville on Friday night as the Cougars controlled play and the game as well, but chin up Gators! Next week: vs 6A Barren County. I hope the Gators lay the law down next week as the Trojans rubbed me the wrong way last year, but let’s move on! Go Gators! 14) Caldwell County (2A) – Week 5 Results: Win 50-13 vs 3A Union County. This is a good win for the Tigers! Coach McGowan’s Tigers appear to have hit their stride as the Tiger offense is playing really well right now. Too bad they are in Mayfield’s district! Next up: at Poor Ole’ District Mate Ballard Memorial. Not much to see here. Ballard is winless with dwindling numbers and Caldwell is playing good ball right now! This one’s over early! Tigers roll! 15) Franklin Simpson (4A) – Week 5 Results: Win 42-0 vs Old Foe Russellville. Not much of a game here as Russellville is still trying to put the limited pieces together. For Franklin, it has to feel good to get a win. That’s the game you play with a tough schedule and they have played a challenging schedule. Good first step Wildcats! Next up: at 4A District Mate Allen County Scottsville. The Wildcats are favored against all their district mates. That’s why they play the challenging early schedule. Because there are other VERY tough 4A teams awaiting should Franklin seek to advance beyond Week 3 of the Playoffs! Wildcats roll! 16) Murray (2A) – Week 5 Results – Win 64-27 at Trigg County. The Tigers get a very nice road win last Friday going to Cadiz and rolling up over 400 yards on the night! QB Hunter Utley had a big game with 250 passing yards and 5 TDs. RB Charvelle McCallister also had a big game. You will see him later! Next up: Vs 3A Fort Campbell. This game should be over early, as I see the Tigers running away with this one! The new playoff system hurts a team like Murray more than most, as they will be over-tested to get through the Mayfield Forest, but could take down most other 2A squads that will make it through to Week 3 of the Playoffs. Fair? You tell me… 17) Graves County (5A) –Week 5 Results: Loss 48-7 at Mayfield! Talk about walking into a Buzzsaw! Poor ole’ Eagles draw the unenviable task of facing Mayfield after a rare home loss. But they are going to have to forget it as district season is upon us. Next week: vs New District Mate Breckinridge County (3-2). Just what the doctor ordered Eagles fans, as the Fighting Tigers won’t be able to drive 3.5 hours over and put up much of a fight IMO! Eagles roll! 18) Trigg County (3A) – Week 5 Results: Loss 64-27 vs 2A Murray. I don’t have any Trigg stats here, but I think a dose of toughness was given out on Friday Night! It will be up to the Wildcats to take that medicine and get better from it. If they hang their heads, the Blue Tornados won’t let up. A test of character in Cadiz this coming Friday! Next up: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK vs Paducah Tilghman! Great Matchup sports fans! Wildcats QB Cam Jordan will have to play a special game to get this done for Trigg! But he is capable! It’s a big spotlight! Let’s see what the Wildcats have for a very solid Tilghman squad! Go Wildcats! 19) Todd County Central (2A) – Week 5 Results: Win 57-27 vs Poor Ole’ 1A Caverna. The Rebels ambushed the Colonels early and it was over fairly quickly! I don’t have stats for the Rebels, but there was a SUPER Effort by one of the Colonels and you’ll certainly see him next! But now comes a BIG Game Rebel Fans! Next: District Foe vs 2A Owensboro Catholic. Now is your chance Rebels! The Aces are and have been the Top Dog in this District for a long while and I really think you have a punchers chance to compete here! But it will take a GREAT effort! You will need the home fan support in this one! Oh and make sure you call the refs so they show up for sure in this one! Ha! Good luck Rebels! 20) Grayson County (5A) – Week 5 Results – Win 24-12 at Breckinridge County! 5 and 0 Cougars! That has to feel good! Congratulations! The Cougars haven’t been 5 and 0 since a very strong 9 and 3 2012 team opened that year 7 and 0! If the Cougars can beat Graves County they will tie that mark! We’ll see! Next up: At Muhlenberg County. I like Grayson County to pull this one out, but it certainly could be close! Good luck! Week 5 Players of the Week: *I don’t have all stats available, so please add as you see fit! 1) Drew Rhodes – QB/OLB – Caverna – 19 for 39 for 219 yards passing with 2 TDs v 1 INT! He also ran the ball 10 times for 116 yards and 2 TDs! And instead of selling popcorn he had 1 INT as well – OUTSTANDING! Add WR Zyier Yates with 7 catches for 111 and 2 TD vs Todd County Central! Great Job! 2) Jay Bland – QB – Hopkinsville – School Record 6 TD passes (218 yards) vs Christian County! 3) Drew Hartz – QB – Owensboro Catholic – 18 for 21 for 548 yards and 9 TDs vs Hopkins County Central! Add WRs Hagan Edge 6 catches for 167 yards and 3 TDs and Dre Thurston with 5 catches for 147 yards and 3 TDs! WOW! 4) Charvelle McCallister – RB – Murray – 17 rushes for 161 yards and 3 TDs vs Trigg County! 5) Tyler Ezell - QB – Logan County – 21 for 31 for 347 yards and 5 TDs vs Greenwood! GREAT WORK GENTLEMEN!!! Week 5 “Teams Trending Down” Greenwood (5A) – Down – The Gators have had a storybook beginning to the 2019 season! There’s no doubt about that! But from afar Cinderella lost her slipper in Logan County Friday Night! But still a lot to play for Gators! District play is looming in about a week! Rise up Gators!!! Trigg County (3A) – Down – The magic the Wildcats have been hammering people with this year got transferred to the Murray sideline last Friday! Can’t win them all Wildcat fans! But you still have a good chance to control your own destiny with strong District play. Let’s see what you got Wildcats! Teams “Trending Up” Hopkinsville (4A) – Up – Hopkinsville has been all over this part of the article the last few weeks. I’m sure Tiger fans like it down here as opposed to up above any day! And when you punch your rival in the gut for the first time since 2014 has to be that much sweeter! Nice win Tigers! OCATH (2A) – Up – Coach Morris’ club has played very well this season and has dominated pretty much every team not named Owensboro! Drew Hartz is playing as well as anyone right now! It will be interesting to see if any of their typically soft district teams can put up ANY resistance? Can they? You tell me… Caldwell County (2A) – Up - The Tigers continue to play well and dedicating their season to their former Coach David Barnes has produced a talented team heading up as we go into district play! While I don’t think they can take down the Mayfield Cardinals, I do think their likely 2 games with Murray to be very competitive and highly entertaining! Good luck Tigers!
  3. BluegrassPreps 2019 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 11 & Playoff Preview Edition Concerning the top story line for this week: Defenses across the west took a back seat to offenses this week for the most part! Man, we had some BIG numbers put up this, the final week of the regular season! And you also know what that means right - the third season has arrived: Playoff Time! The time most of us cherish most, as teams prepare for the win or go home drama ahead! Looking back, we have had some terrific football this season! These playoffs seem pretty open (At least initially) with many teams in the West capable of making deep playoff runs! But does the new playoff structure hurt our Western Kentucky Teams loaded into the same district? It certainly does in 4A! But you tell me… Get your honey-do’s out of the way Sports Fans and get out and watch some playoff High School Football! Nothing like it! Week 11 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: I’ve been pretty good at picking solid, hard-hitting, close games this year and am glad I end on a Great One! 2A Mayfield (9-1) 53 at 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins (8-2) 50. It was 50-Burgers all around in Madisonville on Friday night! What a Ball Game! Mayfield was up over 3 TDs at halftime, but after what I’m sure was a stern halftime encouraging speech from Coach Burgett, the Maroons came out with quite a bit of fire in the second half and stormed ahead 50 to 43 in the 4th Quarter! Mayfield then tied it up at 50. Madisonville then throws a big INT! Mayfield then takes it all the way down to the Maroons 1 yard line and chooses to kick the game winning field goal with 9 seconds on the clock! Holy Moly! Great game by both team! I look for Mayfield to play in Lexington in Week 5 of the Playoffs with this win here! No doubt in my mind! For Madisonville, all is not lost, but you did drop from a #1 seed playing a cupcake at home to being a #3 seed and going to tough Logan County. So QUITE a difference there! Rise up Maroons!!! Week 11 Top 10: 10) Tie Glasgow (3A) – PR: 12; 2019 Record (9-1) [District Record 3-0] – RPI – 0.638 : Week 11: Win 28-21 vs 4A Old Rival Franklin Simpson (5-5). GREAT game right here! At the end of 1Q – 0-0; at halftime 14-14; at the end of the 3Q 21-21! On to the 4th Q! Both teams trade TDs and then Glasgow gets a 60 yard end around run to put the ball at the Wildcats 1 yard line prior to RB Nick Mitchell running it in for the winning score! Thanks to our good friend @FSfan for the great updates in this one! I really felt Glasgow belonged in the Top 10 of this ranking at the end of the year! I also didn’t see a need for Tilghman to drop from a close road loss to a top 6 team! So I split the difference here! Playoff Snapshot: This is one of the better Scotties teams I can remember! They are deep for a 3A school, athletic and very physical on the lines! They will be a tough out! Very nice season Scotties! District Rounds: I would consider Glasgow losing in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs to be a major upset and I don’t look for that to happen. But to not prepare for Taylor County would be a mistake. Still, Glasgow with way too many weapons IMO! RPI Rounds: Glasgow’s RPI rating, if the top ranked teams advance that would put the Scotties in the 4 seed and traveling more than 3 hours one way to Paducah to take on the (#10 Tie-Mate) talented Blue Tornado’s! Purple 88 Pick: Scottie Nation will roll this early competition in my book! They will roll over to Paducah and give everything they have! I personally think this game is dead even. With that said, I look at other things, like a 3 hour bus ride, which I counterbalance with Glasgow clearly having better passing abilities. So if Glasgow can contain the Tilghman run game, I like their chances! With all that said, I look back at Glasgow nearly defeating South Warren and I will take that as my deciding factor to pick Glasgow 28-27 in the best 3A 3rd Round game! From there, I’m pulling for Glasgow all the way! Go Scotties! 10. Tie Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Preseason Rank (PR): 7; 2019 Record 7-3 [District Record 3-0] – RPI – 0.665: Week 11: Loss 17-15 vs 4A Hopkinsville (7-3). What a game here! Defenses made some really big plays in this one! It was 15-14 Tilghman after 3 quarters and neither team could get a lot of offense going, but Hoptown managed to get to the 22 yard line of Paducah Tilghman with seconds to play and kicked a 32-yard field goal to win the game! Thanks to our good friend @TilghmanPride who gave great updates on this one! It should be noted that Tilghman started a Freshman at QB in this game, so that will keep your play calling more vanilla than most games. Jayden Freemen for Tilghman starred in this game for Tilghman and talented DE Tim Watkins was one of many who played well for the Tilghman D! Playoff Snapshot: The Blue Tornados have been really solid this year! Think about it; they have only lost to Mayfield, vs the #1 Ranked 3A School (DeSales) and now to a very good Hopkinsville squad on the road with a Freshman QB by a field goal at the buzzer. No shame there! I think Tilghman was making some marked strides in the passing game, but injuries seem to have stalled that. Now, we know they can run the ball, but it feels the highest high for Paducah seems to be known. But if you can stop that run game then it will really hamper Tilghman’s likelihood to win. Plain and simple. But I love their solid scheduling and really feel that it has set the foundation to give the Blue Tornados the chance at a significant playoff run! District Rounds (1st and 2nd Rounds): I just don’t see one of Tilghman’s District Mates coming to Paducah and beating them this year. So if they lose before Round 3, I will be very surprised. With that said, I would say Tilghman’s Floor is Week 3 of the Playoffs. RPI Rounds (3rd & 4th Rounds): Tilghman has a great RPI rating, actually second best in All of 3A! So if they can win, Tilghman will host all the way to the State Championship Game! With that said and like you read above, I think Glasgow comes calling in the 3rd Round! I think that is a razor tight game and could go either way! I picked Glasgow above due to their better passing game and playing a really solid South Warren team to a 1 point loss. Those are better accolades than Tilghman has, but Tilghman is at home and that’s a big deal and do those other things really matter! I could see the Blue Tornado’s winning that game and if they did I could see the DeSales Colts come calling again! Purple88 Pick: The Blue Tornados tomahawk Poor Ole’ Hart County, who needed an extra tank of fuel just to get over to the Purchase! They beat Trigg County to win 3A District 1 again! They play Glasgow really tough, but QB Tanner Abernathy just makes 1 more play! Terrific season though Blue Tornado’s!!! 9. McCracken County (6A) – PR: 9 (2019 Record 6-3; District Record 2-1) – RPI .572 - Week 11 Results – Win 19-14 vs 5A Christian County (0-10). The Mustangs eke out a surprisingly tight game vs winless Christian County (although I’d say Christian County is likely the best 0-10 team I know of – for what that’s worth)! Thanks to our good friend @00Rocket28 who reported star RB Hunter Bradley suffered a bad ankle injury where the game was stopped and Bradley was carted off the field. I am certainly sad to here this news so close to the playoffs, as Mr. Bradley is a VERY talented young man! This led to statements of the Mustangs “lost a lot of wind in their sails”! So it will have to be “next man up” for the Mustangs with more doses of Wheat to Hayes in my book! Playoff Snapshot: The Mustangs had put themselves in position to ramp up for a good playoff run, but I’m not liking this “losing wind” tone here! And don’t look now but Round 1 just got A LOT more interesting in Paducah!!! District Rounds – The Mustangs have owned 6A District 1 since they became a school. But if Bradley can’t go and knowing you’re going to get a double team on Hayes all night, I get more and more concerned all the time as the Apollo Eagles could be the most improved team in the West in the second half of the year! Get through that game and Hendo or Daviess will give you a game as well. Without Bradley, is McCracken still the favorite in this District? You tell me… RPI Rounds – McCracken County’s RPI rating is 7th best in 6A, which is pretty good, if they could get past district foes, you would be on the road if no upsets occur against potentially the Male Bulldogs. That’s not good. Purple88 Pick: Understanding that I have no idea if Bradley can play or not, in making this decision I am going with the upset, as I think Apollo, as long as they can weather the bus ride over (and this ain’t the first rodeo for @coachhawk) I think they have the team that can compete here and pull the upset. It’s that simple. Will they get upset and will Bradley play? I don’t know, but I’m putting this game on Upset Alert Right Now! 8. Henderson County (6A) – PR: Not Ranked (NR) (2019 Record 7-3) [District Record 3-1) – RPI 0.561 - Week 11 Results: Loss 22-16 at 5A Owensboro! Henderson kept battling in this game! Whenever you go to Rash Stadium it will be a tough game, but the Colonels kept coming and were up by 1 point after 3 quarters. But the Red Devil defense is one of the best units around this season and Hendo just couldn’t muster anything in the second half and Owensboro did most of their damage on the ground and ran the final TD in within the 4th quarter! Good effort and good game to prepare you for the playoffs Hendo! Go Colonels! Playoff Snapshot: Of all the teams in the West, I have missed most on Henderson County this season. I didn’t even have them ranked in the Top 20 in the Pre-Season and they have REALLY battled to be where they are now. Truth be told; they should have also beaten Anderson County and Daviess County. So I think they could easily be 9 and 1 and another fortunate bounce or two and dare I say 10 and 0! The holidays are coming, so the Colonel Fans can make wishes too! District Rounds: (Rounds 1 & 2) – These games are going to be a battle. There is no doubt about that. You lost in OT to a rugged and solid Daviess County squad before, but that was in Daviess County. Now with revenge on your side and playing at home, I like Hendo to move on to Round 2. From there, I’ve picked Apollo in the upset. If that were to play out, it would be another good game. And if McCracken ends up winning Round 1, Hendo drives and it would be another battle for sure. RPI Rounds: 6A District 1 is low RPI Man on the Totem Pole this year and whoever makes it out of the 2nd Round of the Playoffs will have to travel and that’s not a good spot IMO. Purple88 Pick: My gut tells me Hendo still has quite a bit left in the tank and I think they take care of both Daviess County and the winner of McCracken County and Apollo. But from there, I don’t like their chances against the likes of Male, Manual/St X, and North Hardin or Central Hardin. But hey, this has been a ground breaking year for Henderson County IMO. They finally beat the McCracken County beasts in the regular season and now have another home playoff game! Those are big building blocks to me. And should you get to Round 3, you have a punchers chance so punch away Colonels! Go Colonels!!! 7. Logan County (4A) – PR: 10 - 2019 Record 8-2; [District Record 3-1] – RPI 0.565 - Week 11 Results: Loss 53-6 at 5A South Warren (9-1). Just wasn’t meant to be Cougar fans! You simply played a better team last Friday night. South’s defense just will not give up rush yards to most teams. They have a very talented secondary and it puts a ton of pressure on your offense. So you tend to gamble and most of the time you lose on those and then add a couple defensive scores/set up scores for South and its 53 to 6. Head up Cougars, as there isn’t anyone that resembles South Warren to face anytime soon! I have just heard that Star QB Tyler Ezell is likely not to play in the game this upcoming Friday! I am truly sorry to hear this! This young man has been a staple in the Cougars return to prominence and an absolute Warrior on the football field! Sincere thoughts go to him as he hopefully recuperates soon! District Rounds – 4A District 1 is one of the toughest districts around! These games are going to be real battles! Madisonville comes to Logan County where a rematch of the best 2-minute drill of the season was conducted by Logan County that allowed them to score basically on the final play to steal this regular season matchup on the road 26-24! Look, this game WAS simply a toss-up. I think Madisonville has the revenge factor going for them and now if Ezell can’t go, I just don’t see how they beat a very good Madisonville team! What say you? RPI Rounds – Logan County’s RPI rating is down around 7, so should the Cougars get through they will be on the road with likely opponents being Franklin Simpson, Franklin County or Shelby County. Purple88 Pick: I really like this Logan County team and Coach Adler! And Star QB Ezell and RB Gary Hart have been generational players for Logan County. I hate to see this run come to an end when they are both not on the field! With that said, I am picking Madisonville in the first round and would pick Hopkinsville in the second. That’s not to say the Cougars can’t win, but for me they won’t be favored! But prove me wrong Cougars and GREAT work again this year! Go Logan County! 6. Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 6 - 2019 Record 7-3; [District Record 3-1] – RPI 0.602 - Week 11 Result: Win 17-15 vs 3A Paducah Tilghman (7-3). Terrific game for both teams to get them playoff ready! Back when Hoptown was Team Cupcake, they had a better record but I didn’t feel very strongly for them to have the pedigree to move forward against tough teams in the playoffs. That’s not the case this season and this game speaks to that. This is a very sound Tilghman squad and Hoptown had to play sound football to win and they did that! Coach Clayton has done a super job since returning to his hometown! The Tiger defense was the star of this game and they are a formidable unit! Playoff Snapshot: Just a difficult district with 2 other capable, worthy teams to battle yet again! Except Hoptown will only have to battle one thanks to beating Tilghman! The Tigers can easily go a long way, but the journey (after Round 1) will be filled with peril throughout. Should be a heck of a show! The Tiger defense is underrated and their offense has a good balance that they are still working on. Don’t discard this Tigers team! District Rounds: With Hopkinsville’s win and Logan County and Madisonville’s losses, Christmas has come early for the Tigers as they earn the #1 seed and stay away from the other 2 top District teams and can simply wait for week 2 as I’m giving them a pass against poor ole’ Calloway County. They will have to play very well to get that second round win, but they will clearly be the fresher team and play at home, so you have to like their chances! RPI Rounds: Hoptown’s RPI rating is about 6th and they would have a good chance to host the likes of Louisville Moore, Franklin County or Franklin Simpson. I like that opportunity for Hoptown if they can earn it! Purple88 Pick: I think this Hoptown team is sitting in a “preferred” spot. I mean most coaches would select to be in Hoptown’s spot! With that said, the second round will be an absolute battle! I like Hoptown’s chances a lot and think they are the favorite right now in their district, but it’s not by much! From there, I would like the Tigers in the 3rd Round, but it would be hard to pick them against Boyle County or Johnson Central. But we all know what Franklin Simpson was able to do to those perceptions, so go take your best shot Tigers – I’m pulling for you!!! 5) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – PR: 5; 2019 Record 8-2; [District Record 3-1] – RPI 0.598 - Week 11: WESTERN KENTUCKY – GAME OF THE WEEK: Loss 53-50 vs 2A Mayfield (9-1). It’s tough to lose a game when you score 50 points in a football game, but what a shootout! The Maroons’ losses have both been tough, stinging losses against 2 very fine teams by a total of 5 points! While there is not shame there whatsoever, in order to advance deep in the playoffs as I know Madisonville wants to, they are going to have to start making plays in the 4th Quarter to make that happen. But will they? You tell me… Playoff Snapshot: After I saw the Maroons beat my Purples in the Hoptown 7v7 tournament this summer, I have really felt this was their year. I still feel this way, but not nearly as boldly now. To have the top RB (and by association the best OLine) in the State and SR QB Hayden Reynolds is one of the most undervalued QB in the State. And this hidden offensive balance can continue to pay off for the Maroons! But they play in the District of Death so anything can happen, but if I have a gun to my head, Madisonville moves onto Round 2 of the Playoffs, but from there? I’m not sold on that! District Rounds: This matchup with Logan County would have been one of the most competitive games in Rounds 1 in the entire State! But I think without Ezell at QB for Logan County, I look for Madisonville to control this game and move on to Hopkinsville! I am leaning with Hopkinsville due to their Bye and playing at home in Round 2. RPI Rounds: Madisonville’s RPI is 7th in 4A! If they could make it to the 3rd round, I like their chances a lot in that game! That would likely be the end of the road, but I look for this Madisonville team to be a very tough out so keep fighting Maroons! Purple88 Pick: I just think Madisonville will use the revenge angle well and come out with a solid win at Logan County. Travel to Hoptown the next week and just run out of gas in the second half. If you look at the Big 3 and games they have played against each other, all but Madisonville lost the second of back to back games, but that was likely due to consequences associated with being out of the district race. I am going with Hoptown in this 2nd round rematch by a very close margin! Prove me wrong Maroons! 4) Owensboro (5A) – PR: 8; 2019 Record 9-1; [District Record 5-0] – RPI 0.663 - Week 11: Win 22-16 vs Old Rival 6A Henderson County (7-3). Red Devils get a hard fought home win to prepare them for the playoffs! Thanks to our good friend @Brown who gave great reports of this game! QB Gavin Wimsatt was the star on offense with his legs instead of his arm and produce yet another weapon for the Red Devils. But truth be told though, without Imonte Owsley, this team will go as far as their defense takes them. And don’t look now, but Star All-State LB Austin Gough is back in the Red Devils lineup and led the team with 13 tackles last Friday vs Henderson County! That’s significant in my book! Owensboro could go a long way! Let’s take a look below! Playoff Snapshot: Owensboro may have found the Old Nebraska Corn Huskers route to the National Championship/State Championship under Tom Osborne, where they didn’t play any really tough teams and would up at the end every year. I look for Owensboro to dominate their District for at least the next 3 years before potential realignment throws kinks for all back in the mix. And they look as they will stay clear of 5A District 2 for that foreseeable future as well. So if I asked Coach Fallin if he would take a road game at a talented team with a trip to the State Finals on the line every year, what do you think he would say? I know I’d take that in a heartbeat! What say you Red Devil fans!!! District Rounds: NEXT… Really, I think Graves County can hang around for a couple quarters, but that’s it, as that game will be at Rash Stadium this time. To win at Rash Stadium in the playoffs is a VERY difficult task. I’ll go one further… If Owensboro loses in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs this year, I will walk to the winning coach’s office from Louisville to shake his hand! Moving on… RPI Rounds: Owensboro’s RPI Rating is a sterling 4th place! That’s awesome! That means they will likely get Louisville Fairdale in the first round at Rash Stadium and from there – likely a trip to either Frederic Douglass or Covington Catholic. Purple88 Pick: Owensboro blows the doors off 5A District 1! They then HAMMER Fairdale or my sneaky feeling is that Bullitt Central might sneak in there and upset Fairdale, but it won’t matter to the Red Devils as they roll here! They then travel to play a fine team on the road in the State Semi-Finals. At that point, lay it on the line Red Devils you have nothing to lose and I’ll be cheering for you!!! Best of luck! 3) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 1; 2019 Record 9-1; [District Record 3-0] – RPI 0.753 - WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK - Week 11: Win 53-50 at 4A Madisonville – North Hopkins (8-2). Not many teams can give up over 500 yards offense to a team 2 classifications above you along with 50 points and still come out with the win on the road no-less! But then you wouldn’t know much about the Mayfield Cardinals that I honestly would like to see play either my Purples or South Warren to get a good feel of where those teams are compared to these Cardinals! Those would be great games for the West! But I am fine pulling for all here! Playoff Snapshot: Some would say here that Mayfield needs to ratchet up the defense and make some adjustments and etc and while there may actually be some truth to that, my first statement above trumps all that! This ain’t Coach Morris’s first rodeo and I am now more convinced than ever that Mayfield is definitely better right now than earlier in the year and will be headed to Lexington to play either Somerset or LCA in what should be a barnburner for the 2A State Championship!!! District Rounds: Mayfield has rolled over their District since Sherman Marched to the Sea! In Week 1, Big Red could use their Freshman Team to get the win. In the 2nd round game, if you come out in business-like fashion at War Memorial, it will be over quick. But don’t let Caldwell County hang around, as they will be playing for their old coach and will play hard. Still shouldn’t be near enough in the end! Cardinals roll!!! RPI Rounds: Mayfield’s RPI rating is a dazzling 2nd place in 2A, which means they will stay at home as long as they win all the way to the Championship Game! Mayfield could play the likes of OCATH or Edmonson County in Round 3 and maybe a Beechwood or Breathitt County in Round 4. Mayfield “may” want to pull for Somerset in their Round 2 rematch with LCA, as if the Briar Jumpers win that game, Mayfield would have the top RPI and likely avoid Beechwood in Round 4, unless you just want to play Beechwood again. Purple88 Pick: I think Mayfield goes to Lexington is the bottom line. I think the first and second round games are running clocks. I think the OCath game will not be a running clock, but I think Mayfield wins decisively! They would then likely either rekindle the old fire with Beechwood or welcome Breathitt County who would max out all Frequent Flyer mileage for the entire Eastern part of the state just to get a few area codes over to the left back of the state (Come on man…)! From there, I think the Cardinals face the Somerset/LCA winner in what should be an outright classic football game! I’ll be pulling for you Cardinals!!! 2) South Warren (5A) – PR: 3; 2019 Record 9-1; [District Record 2-1] – RPI 0.611 - Week 11: Win 53-6 vs 4A Logan County (8-2). Spartans completely control this game with their defense stepping up and putting their offense with great field position when Logan County felt they needed to gamble to try to create scoring opportunities! That doesn’t work well against South. They are too well schooled and disciplined for that to work and pride themselves on making teams one-dimensional and that’s exactly what happened last Friday! South playing better each week now and clearly ramping up to the playoffs after their only loss of the year! As always, South Warren will be a tough out! Playoff Snapshot: What about QB Caden Veltcamp and his potential status to return this year from a throwing hand broken wrist? I simply don’t know, but still feel that is VERY aggressive to try to have him back for the BG game in 2 weeks. We shall see. Even with that, I think young backup QB Mason Willingham has done awfully well to be thrown into the mix with no summer ball or preseason work to run the South offense as he has. Young RB Kobe Martin is a load and there isn’t a more versatile player in the West than Jantzen Dunn! South will be a tough out! District Rounds: South rolls Greenwood! It’s that simple! The Spartans then travel across town to take on the Purples again for the right to move on deeper in the playoffs. It’s a toss-up game honestly as many rivalry games are. While I am biased (so take that into account), I think South will make adjustment from the first game and try to do a better job of locking down the Purples run game, which was a big deal in the regular season game! For South on offense, they will have to do something to get the ball down field more. If they can’t do that, it will put a ton of pressure on the Spartan D to completely keep BG out of the end zone! It will be another great atmosphere at El Donaldson Stadium! Another fine season for the Spartans! RPI Rounds: South Warren’s RPI rating is a respectable 6th place, which means if South makes it to the 3rd Round they will likely travel to a surging South Oldham team. From there it would be to either Frederic Douglass or Covington Catholic, which would both be very tough games for sure! Purple88 Pick: South Warren puts a running clock on Greenwood. They travel to BG and put up a tremendous fight, but just don’t have enough this year to beat BG, but it’s a very close game! And if I’m wrong, I like South in a very close game at South Oldham. But that would be the end of the road for the Spartans at that point! Good luck Spartans!!! 1) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 2; 2019 Record 6-3; [District Record 3-0] – RPI 0.554 - Week 11 Results: Loss 49-21 vs 6A Powerhouse Trinity (9-1). Nothin like getting crushed your last game before going into the playoffs! I know Trinity is good! I’ve watched them play twice in person this year, but the timing of this game is a problem. I don’t have a problem with playing Trinity, but move it to Week 1 and switch your Week 1 opponent to Week 10. You need to be ramping up for the playoffs now, not picking up the splinters left behind by gettin your doors blown off! Rebound Purples! I kept BG at #1 because no other team in the West could beat Trinity either. Could another team in the West keep it closer than 4 TDs, well that’s debatable, but I don’t see a line forming to sign up for playing the Shamrocks!!! I have to say this: 2019 will be the year I look back on for the Purples and I will recall the year “Without Vito Tisdale” and yes I know he played some offense against Trinity, but the Trinity game in A LOT of ways is like the Warren Central Indiana game last year. Wrong team, but more so wrong spot (right before the South Warren game last season). And for the neighsayers, I know it is difficult for BG to schedule. Let me say clearly again, I am NOT against playing Trinity, but I am against playing them in Week 10. Back to Vito, BG should not have lost against Father Ryan period. Truthfully, what do you think St X thought when they heard Vito would not be playing offense against them this year after he carried BG to their best win of 2018 against X. I’m not aiming to cause problems here, but I am aiming to paint the white elephant pink again! What if Michael Mayer, Covington Catholic’s star, who is going to Notre Dame, only played LB, do you think they would be as good as also having him play Tight End? What about Reece Smith at Boyle County who will play D1 ball? Do you think Boyle County would be as good as they are with Reece Smith only playing DB? I think those answers are clear. And I’m sure there is a reason why Vito isn’t playing offense to an effective measure, but without saying it or communicating it in some way I’m not sure how else to vent! Am I off base, I have been before, but don’t feel so now! Playoff Snapshot: Simply put, the Purples have a good chance to play into the RPI rounds of the playoffs. I think JR RB Javy Bunton has played tremendous football for the Purples along with their offensive line. Take out the Trinity game and I like what QB Conner Cooper has/had been ramping up for (this playoff season). The Purples defense has overall played really well this year with MUCH better line play and a secondary that started poorly but has really come on of late until both corners got hurt last Friday. I don’t look for either to play this Friday, but hopeful for the South game! And here again, it will all come down to the South Warren game. And maybe for both teams, the winner of this playoff game will have a good season, while the other has a really sour taste in their mouth all winter and summer long. Such it is with a rivalry. District Rounds – BG smashes a gritty 0-10 Christian County team that is really young and by this point in the year beat down! On to South Warren! I just think BG is a little better this season than South; mostly because of the backup QB for South. But if BG can continue to run the ball like they did in the first game, that will be bad news for South Warren and I do look for the Purples to move on in a tight, hard fought ball game! RPI Rounds – Bowling Green’s RPI rating is 13th best in 5A. BG clearly didn’t get the RPI is important to pay attention to notice, but that is likely because BG schedules way YONDER higher caliber competition, perhaps to a fault. While I enjoy playing good competition, is playing X & T & a Tennessee team in the same season a winning formula if you value home games in the 3rd and 4th round of the playoffs? Number 13 in 5A says no. But I am very likely not giving light that MANY other teams that BG would schedule won’t schedule them. I’m not going to call out names for detention, but there are many. I’m merely stating now is the time to re-evaluate your scheduling objectives and more so the TIMING of those better opponents to strategically set yourself up in the future for the best position possible for later playoff round success. Purple88 Pick: BG handles Christian County with low problems. They then face a very good South Warren squad with revenge on their mind, as BG gave them their only loss of the season! This will be a tight, hard-hitting matchup, but again I just feel BG comes out on top, as I think they have the better team, but not by much. From there, they travel to a surging South Oldham team. I won’t stop now, I like BG in that game as well, but it will be tight as well (no free lunch in the RPI zone on the road)! But the end draws full circle with a trip to Frederic Douglass or Covington Catholic. I hope I’m wrong! But no shame there! While I’ve presented some tough love above, it is with the intent to improve things strategically instead of simply throwing mud! I’ll allow the politicians to do that! Go Purples!!! Next 10 - 12 Thru 20 – 12) Franklin Simpson (4A) – PR: 5; 2019 Record 5-5; [District Record 3-0] – RPI 0.464 - Week 11 Results: Loss 28-21 at 3A Old Rival Glasgow (9-1). Terrific game here! As Franklin fought the whole way, but Glasgow just made more plays in the 4th Quarter; it’s that simple. In a lot of ways, I think this Franklin team is the product of the aftermath of back to back championship seasons where a few injuries intermixed along with just being a young team took over this trajectory for their season along with a brutal opening 4 game schedule. With all that said, I like where Franklin sits for the future! Good luck Wildcats! Playoff Snapshot: Franklin Simpson is still the top team in the 4A District 2 and will be again next year. This is a young team that should continue to improve over time. But this year getting to the 3rd round of the playoffs and giving it your best shot appears to be the ceiling. What say you? Purple88 Pick: Franklin only beat surprising Russell County by 14 points, but that was over by Lake Cumberland. At Rhea Stadium, I expect a more convincing outcome. In the second round, I ‘m not sure who wins the AC-Scottsville vs Warren East game, as Warren East should have competed better in that first matchup. Regardless, I don’t see either of them winning in Franklin. Then the Wildcats would have to travel to Franklin County or the 4A District 1 Survivor (Hopkinsville, Madisonville, or Logan County). While I don’t like Franklin in any of those matchups, if it’s the 4A District 1 winner they will likely be beat up by the time you get there and if so just give it your best shot! You have nothing to lose Wildcats! Best of luck! 13) Caldwell County (2A) – PR: 16; 2019 Record (8-2) [District Record 2-1] – RPI 0.691: Week 11 Results: Win 56-54 vs 3A Rival Trigg County (6-4). The old 139 Bowl Rivalry certainly did not disappoint this season with the Tigers having just enough to outlast a proud Trigg County squad! Good effort by both teams! Star QB Russ Beshear and Star RB DeEric Hollowell played awfully well for Caldwell and you’ll see them later along with a commendable effort by Star QB Camron Jordan from Trigg County! Caldwell County has played very well this year in light of the tremendous loss of Coach David Barnes! I know they have played their hearts out this season! Playoff Snapshot: The Tigers will start the playoffs from their friendly home field vs a rugged Murray squad they beat barely earlier in the year. With Star QB Hunter Utley likely done for the year, I think Caldwell is set up to go to Mayfield for another try! Give it your best shot Tigers!!! Purple88 Pick: I like Caldwell by 3 TDs vs a wounded Murray squad. I think Caldwell is playing well right now. I see them going to Mayfield and playing as hard as they can, but it’s just not enough. No shame there! Good luck Tigers!!! 14. Daviess County (6A) – PR: 18 - 2019 Record 5-5; [District Record 3-1] – RPI 0.513 - Week 11 Results: Win 28-27 vs 4A Warren East (4-6)! I don’t know much about this game other than the offensive yards was nearly even. It appears the game was settled due to the kicking game/extra points or going for 2 for the win. Regardless, this is a good win for a solid Daviess County squad as I think Warren East is a better team than most give credit to. Very solid season for the Panthers, as their OT win vs Henderson stands out nearly as much as Hendo’s win over McCracken County, so good for the Panthers! Playoff Snapshot: I would think Henderson County has revenge on their mind, as it was losing to Daviess County that dropped them out of first place for the District Championship! I think Daviess is flying below the radar and they have some good players, but I just can’t pick them at Henderson County in the first round! Purple88 Pick: One and done for the Panthers, but you had a solid season Daviess! Good luck Panthers!!! 15. Apollo (6A) – PR: 14 - 2019 Record 4-6; [District Record 3-1] – RPI 0.467- Week 11 Results: Win 56-35 at 2A Owensboro Catholic (8-2). The Eagles just refuse to fold! They have played a difficult schedule this season for sure! They started out pretty uneven as several players just trying to get accustomed to things, but you look at their District performance and they have been in all those games! And now with the “upset” of OCATH come in guns a-blazin! Don’t discount this team! Playoff Snapshot: Well sports fans, Apollo will come out of the Playoff gate and travel to the #1 seed McCracken County Mustangs, whom they haven’t beaten ever to my knowledge. But if Star RB Hunter Bradley can’t go for McCracken County, I really feel that puts Apollo in reach of this win! Star RB Harold Hogg is the most undervalued RB in the West and he will be a BIG factor in this game! Should Apollo move on from Round 1, I see Henderson County at the next stop. I think Apollo would love that chance to get another swing at Hendo and from the regular season score of 20-13 Henderson, I think Apollo has the opportunity to turn the tide here! From there, I don’t see any more 4-leaf clovers floatin down the Western Kentucky Parkway, but hey that would be a HECK of a way to go out Eagles! Purple88 Pick: I’m not backing up now, and I’ll take Apollo in a BIG Round 1 Upset! Write it down! In the second Round, I’d love to pick Apollo, but am afraid it will take a lot out of the tank to get that Round 1 win and will say Hendo trips up the Eagles by a late TD. But prove me wrong Eagles! 16) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: 15; 2019 Record 8-2 [District Record 4-0] – RPI 0.645 : Week 11 Results: Loss 56-35 vs 6A Local Rival Apollo (4-6)! Aces played very well in this game for about 3 Quarters! Thanks to our good friend @chuckit who reported on this game and described the major turning point in the game was a turnover in the 3rd Quarter where OCATH was set to take it into the end zone and tie the game up at 28, but it never materialized and Apollo rolled from there! This will happen from time to time Aces when you play teams 4 classifications above you! But you have to give credit to OCATH for scheduling tough games because that’s the only way you can ramp up if you want to battle Mayfield, which we all know is a tough task. Chin up Aces! Playoff Snapshot: The Aces have competed really well this season and even though they took it on the chin last Friday they are the best team in their district by a mile! From there, it’s likely a road game at Mayfield or the Somerset/LCA winner. That’s tough! Purple88 Pick: Running clock vs 2A District 2. Travel to any one of the 3 I mentioned above and play as hard as you can, but it just isn’t enough. No shame there! Tremendous season for the Aces and QB Drew Hartz will be sorely missed next season! No shame there Aces! Great Season! 17. Graves County (5A) – PR: 11 - 2019 Record 6-4 – RPI - : Week 11 Results: Win 21-28 at 6A Marshall County (3-7). Eagles have had a good year so far and I think they are the second best team in their district! No super impressive with only a 7 point win against lowly Marshall County, but no blood, no foul here! Good luck in the playoffs Eagles!!! Playoff Snapshot: I look for Graves County to hold up their end of the bargain and own the 2nd spot in 5A District 1. I think they are clearly better than Grayson County and will prove that on Friday and head to Owensboro looking to prove something. Purple88 Pick: The Eagles have played a little bit better than I would have thought going into this season. And with that said, I like them rather easily over Grayson County in Round 1. But then you travel to Owensboro and that’s a completely different matchup. I just don’t see how you’ll be able to make enough offensive plays to win that game! And that should be all she wrote for Graves County, but not a bad season at all – above 500 record and winning a playoff home game is a good accomplishment! Go Eagles! 18. Murray (2A) – PR: 13 - (2019 Record 7-3) [District Record 1-2] – RPI 0.626: Week 11 Results: Win 35-0 at 1A Fulton County (6-4). Tigers outgain the Pilots roughly 300 yards to 100 and firmly control this game. But as our good friend @BadaBing has told us before, this scheduling won’t change their playoff makeup in a positive light. But hey, a wins a win! Enjoy it Tigers!!! Playoff Snapshot: A season that started with such promise has turned South pretty quickly with the untimely loss of Star QB Hunter Utley. Without Utley to direct the Tiger attack, I don’t see them getting by a solid Caldwell County team in Princeton. And even if they did, it would be an early exit at War Memorial Stadium if truth be told. Chin up Tigers! Purple88 Pick: It’s one and done this playoff season for the Tigers IMO! Sorry Murray, but better luck next season! 19. Crittenden County (1A) – PR: 20 (2019 Record 8-2) – RPI 0.625 - Week 11 Results: Win: 49-22 vs 3A Todd County Central (6-4). Crittenden shut down a fairly strong Rebel rushing attack with one of their own. RB/DB Xander Tabor had a big night and you’ll see him below. Good win to ramp up for the Rockets!!! Playoff Snapshot: The Rockets are in control of 1A District 1 and that shouldn’t change this playoff season! But don’t discount a dangerous Russellville squad! Purple88 Pick: I like the Rockets to go to the 3rd Round of the playoffs. From there it looks like they would be on the road to either Louisville Holy Cross (who I say play Paducah Tilghman earlier this year) or Kentucky County Day. Those would be difficult games for the Rockets, more so in distance than opponent IMO. Go give it your best shot Rockets! I’m pulling for you! 20. Allen County-Scottsville (4A) – PR: NR - (2019 Record 4-6) – RPI 0.452 - Week 11 Results: Win 49-32 vs 2A Monroe County (5-5). I don’t have any information here, but am happy for the Patriots to still be invited to the Top 20 Party! Good luck going forward! Playoff Snapshot: If ACS could beat Warren East again, that would be a really good season in my book. But I just don’t think they will. But heck, I didn’t think they could in the regular season and the Patriots won pretty easily. Let’s see this time! Purple88 Pick: I just think Warren East is a better team. Prove me wrong again Patriots! WEEK 11 PLAYERS OF THE WEEK*: 1) Harold Hogg – RB – Apollo – rushed for 332 yards and 6 TDs vs OCATH (his former team)!!! That puts Hogg with over 2,000 yards on the season! Outstanding! 2) Xander Tabor – RB/DB – Crittenden County – 198 all-purpose yards with 2 rushing TDs and a 42 yard Pick 6 return vs Todd County Central! 3) Cameron Jordan – QB – Trigg County – 25 – 37 for 423 yards and 4 TDs, plus 19 carries for 60 yards and 3 more TDs vs Rival Caldwell County! Add WR Kion Thompson with 7 catches for 211 yards and 2 TDs! 4) Jeriah Hightower – RB – Madisonville – North Hopkins – 27 carries for 190 yards and 3 TDs vs Mayfield! 5) Russ Beshear – QB/LB – Caldwell County – 11-16 for 181 yards and 2 TDs vs 2 INTs; add 8 carries for 39 yards and 2 more TDs; and finally add 10 tackles on defense with 2 of those tackles for loss and 1 sack (MERCY!) vs Trigg County! Add Star RB DeEric Hollowell with 22 carries for 292 yards and 4 TDs! 6) Gavin Wimsatt – QB – Owensboro – 16 carries for 149 yards and 3 TDs vs Henderson County! * If there are stats I don’t know about, please add them below! Congratulations to all the young men who have had a spot on this list throughout the season! Great Work!!! Week 11 – Teams Trending Down Bowling Green (5A) – Down – No free lunch here! You aren’t ramping up into the playoffs with a 4 TD loss. It’s that simple. I realize its Trinity they played. But if you want the glory that goes with the opportunity to achieve a win, then you have to stomach the anguish of getting your lunch money stripped from you and told to like it! Regroup Purples! Owensboro Catholic (2A) – Down – Maybe the Aces just ran out of gas? I’m not sure, but it’s not a good look for a team that I know would not beat Mayfield to win on your field. It just sets the ceiling at a 3rd round trip to the end of the road! Week 11 – Teams Trending Up Mayfield (2A) – Up – To go on the road and to take the best shot of a Top 10 team 2 classifications above you and still win is VERY impressive! Cardinals rolling… Glasgow (3A) – Up – I’m just really impressed with the job Coach Garmon and company have done with this Scotties team! They can go a long way! 2019 Western Kentucky Regular Season - All West Team QB – Jaden Stinson, Mayfield QB – Drew Hartz, Owensboro Catholic QB – Tyler Ezell, Logan County RB – Jeriah Hightower – Madisonville – North Hopkins RB – Hunter Bradley – McCracken County WR – Franklin Hayes, McCracken County WR – Reece Jesse, Hopkinsville WR – Kade Neely, Mayfield WR – Jayden Freeman, Paducah Tilghman OL – Colt Jackson, South Warren OL – Logan Weedman, Apollo DL – Blake Moody, Madisonville – North Hopkins DL – Joseph Henry, Daviess County DL – Terrion Thompson, Bowling Green DL – Yovani Sales, Owensboro LB – Gary Hardy, Logan County LB – Erik Grubbs, Hoptown LB – Cody Goatley, Graves County DB – Dejaun Mercer, Hopkinsville DB – Jaiden Jackson, Murray S – Jantzen Dunn, South Warren S – Vito Tisdale, Bowling Green K – Cole Hollingsworth, Franklin Simpson P – Eli Burwash, Bowling Green Coach – Josh Boston, Henderson County Honorary Coach – David Barnes, Caldwell County Farewell: End of the Road! It’s been a Long Road, but I hope you have found it as fun as I have! Even if you don’t agree with my rankings, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our teams out West! We have A LOT to be thankful for in having good football teams in the West! Now get out there and support your team(s) in person! It’s a great time of year! Good luck to your teams this playoff season and hope to see ya next year!
  4. BluegrassPreps 2019 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 9 Edition The top story line this week reflects the stellar play of our Top 11 squads in the West! All 11 (save the Hopkinsville BYE) won in very convincing fashion (save Glasgow, who played a very worthy District Foe)! But for Spots 12 through 20, most found unfavorable results with 6 of those 9 taking losses, albeit against very sound competition! But some great games and surprise results for us to discuss for sure! So let’s get to it… Week 9 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 2A Caldwell County (7-2) 42 at 2A Murray (6-2) 40. One of the best games of the year right here in terms of competitiveness and never giving up! Which describes Former Caldwell County Coach David Barnes to a Tee! Murray came out fired up for Homecoming Night at Ty Holland Stadium and led Caldwell 17-0. But Caldwell rallied and led 35-34 in the 4th Quarter. Caldwell scored again to take a 42-34 lead. But Murray wouldn’t fold either and staged a terrific final drive and scored late in the 4th Quarter. They set up for the 2-point conversion, but Star QB Hunter Utley’s pass was batted down in the end zone ending a whale of ball game! Great effort by both teams! Also, WPSD Local 6 out of Paducah does an awesome job of providing highlights for all things Purchase Area Football and provides highlights for this game and many other WKY games this week. The following is a link to that telecast: 1
  5. BluegrassPreps 2019 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 8 Edition The top story line this week continues to be the impact of the BYE Week with only 1 game impacting 2 Top 10 teams was played this week! And only 6 teams and 5 games were played in spots 11 through 20, so let’s just say it was a light week overall! But this is a clear indicator that the push to finish the year strong is now upon us! Most teams have big district games still to go! So let’s get ready… Week 8 Western Kentucky Games of the Week: 4A Hopkinsville (5-3) 18 at 4A Madisonville North-Hopkins (7-1) 20. The last big battle between the Big 3 within 4A District 1 did not disappoint! Madisonville dominated the first half leading 14-0 behind stellar running from Star RB Jeriah Hightower! And into the first part of the 3rd Quarter, the Maroons added 6 more points on with a punt returned for a TD by Gunner Dameron! But Hoptown would not quit, as we have seen this entire year! The Tigers started to make plays mostly in their passing game where they rolled up 200 yards on the night! Additionally JR WR Lane Rushing really broke out in this game to give the Tigers very formidable WRs on both sides of the field joining Star Reece Jesse! Hoptown would come all the way back to get to 18-20 with a 2 point conversion try. But that attempt was unsuccessful and the Maroons escaped with a critical win to set up a 3 way tie atop the best 4A District Top to Bottom! Week 9 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 2A Caldwell County (6-2) at 2A Murray (6-1). Terrific game over on the left bank of the state! The winner of this game pretty much wraps up the 2 seed in the district, while Murray still gets to take their shot against Mayfield, and even if Murray loses at Mayfield it’s the winner of this game that will determine home field for that critical first round game of the playoffs! In this battle of Tigers, Caldwell County QB Russ Beshear has played well throwing for over 800 yards on the season with 12 TDs vs 6 INTs and RB DeEric Hollowell has rushed for over 700 yards and 12 TDs on the year! For Murray, QB Hunter Utley has passed for nearly 2,000 yards and 27 TDs vs 3 INTs and WR Tommy Waldrop has 43 catches for over 700 yards and 11 TDs on the year! So this should be a terrific game! Good luck to both teams! Honorable Mention: Dyer Co TN at McCracken County, Owensboro at Graves County, Taylor County at Glasgow, Crittenden County at Fulton County, Henderson County at Daviess County, Hancock County at OCATH, Union County at Paducah Tilghman, and Allen County-Scottsville at Warren East. Try to make it out to one of these great games! Week 8 Top 10: 10) Glasgow (3A) – Preseason Rank: 12 - 2019 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Week 8 Results: BYE Week. The Scotties headed into the Bye Week in great shape and were a whisker from being undefeated. Still very promising season ahead for Glasgow. As you take a look at their schedule, all 3 are games Glasgow will compete in and likely should win at least the first 2. The last game of the year vs Franklin Simpson is a terrific game we’ll keep our sights on! Week 9: vs 3A District Mate Taylor County (6-1). These teams have equal records coming into the break. Looking at the teams they have lost to, South Warren barely beat Glasgow 21-20 and 6A Simon Kenton beat Taylor up in NKY 39-7. I think South is stronger than Simon Kenton IMO and I like the Scotties in this game, but not by more than 2 TDs. And it could be much closer. What say you… 9) Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Preseason Rank: 7 - 2019 Record 5-2; [District Record 1-0] Week 8 Results: BYE WEEK. Tilghman can certainly use this down time to prepare for the final push of the season. Focus on the District Championship is now paramount! Good luck Blue Tornados! Week 9: vs 3A District mate Union County (4-2). With a win here, Tilghman is almost assured a District Title with only one remaining District game at Poor Ole’ Webster County! So this is a Big Game! I look for Tilghman to try to get back on their rushing game and try to wear down the Braves to get that job done! While I like Tilghman by 3 TDs, I would not overlook an always scrappy Union County team, as they remind me of a Graves County Roman candle kinda team that seems to have one good spark left in them but you don’t know when it’s coming out! But I still have confidence in Tilghman in this one! 8) Logan County (4A) – Preseason Rank: 10 - 2019 Record 6-1; District Record 1-1] Week 8 Results: BYE WEEK! The Cougars are banged up! With very physical tough games back to back to Madisonville and Hoptown, the Bye Week came at just the right time. Now with the vastly easier part of their district schedule to complete, they should be able to play some younger Cougars while continuing to heal some critical starters. I still don’t know the status of star RB/LB Gary Hardy. Could someone provide an update? It would be appreciated! Rest/Heal up Cougars! Week 9: vs 4A District Mate Hopkins County Central (0-8)! After losing the Basement Bowl this week to Calloway County, the Storm now face an almost assured winless season. I get no pleasure typing that, as I have compassion for the Storm players just like anyone else’s team. Better luck next year Storm! With that said, Cougars roll!!! 7) Hopkinsville (4A) – Preseason Rank: 6 - 2019 Record 5-3; District Record 2-1] Week 8 Results: Western Kentucky GAME OF THE WEEK - Loss: 20-18 at District Rival 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins (7-1). Great effort Tigers! Yes, I know you wanted to win this game, but when your starting kick got injured that put you on a much more unstable course and it turned out to be critical because Hoptown had to go for the 2 point conversion after all 3 TDs. They did not convert on any of those 3 and that turned out to be the difference! Still Star QB Jay Bland, RB Jayden Dillard and WR Reece Jesse all played really well. But to me the emergence of WR Lane Rushing on the other side of the field when Jesse was getting double teams all night that propelled Hoptown back into this game! Great effort and you’ll see them later! Week 9: BYE WEEK! Bye Weeks can be awesome tools for a football team when combined with a proper timing element. Well that’s certainly the case for the Tigers! After 2 drop down – drag out cage matches against Logan County and now Madisonville, the Tigers have certainly earned the off week! And great scheduling to put the BYE here as well! It should set the Tigers up well to ramp up into Week 1 of the playoffs! As District Champs? You tell me… 6) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – Preseason Rank: 5 - 2019 Record 7-1; [District Record 2-1] Week 8 Results: Western Kentucky GAME OF THE WEEK - Win: 20-18 vs District Rival 4A Hopkinsville (5-3). Great Win Maroons! You controlled the first 2.5 Quarter of this game with another fine effort from Star RB Jeriah Hightower! You will see him later. I should point out that Mr. Hightower is the State’s Leading Rusher and ranked 3rd in the country with 1,723 yards coming into this game! Outstanding! But the Maroons D played tough when they had to, especially on all 3 2 point conversion attempts! BIG, BIG Win for Madisonville! Now with a 3 way tie at the top, it will come down to the tie-breaker system that might not be settled until the last week of the season! Week 9: at 4A District Mate Calloway County (1-6). The Lakers are ridin high with their first win of the year over fellow district basement dweller Hopkins County Central. Good for Calloway County! Plus, it is a long bus ride from Madisonville to Calloway County, but when it’s all said and done, Madisonville is a very good team this year and Calloway County is not and that will ultimately describe the final score in this one somewhere in the vicinity of 46-8 Maroons. 5) Owensboro (5A) – Preseason Rank: 8 - 2019 Record 6-1; [District Record 3-0] Week 8 Results: BYE WEEK! The Red Devils cruised into the Bye Week as smooth as Kentucky Lake on a fine crisp Fall Morning! No worries here! The Red Devils seem to have gotten most of their injuries (albeit important ones) out of the way early this year! The remaining Owensboro schedule displays an always gritty Graves County team, upstart Grayson County, along with old foe Hendo, who has played really well this season. But I’d honestly be shocked if Owensboro had a lot of problems against any of these teams, but you just never know and that’s why you play the game! Good luck Red Devils! Week 9: at 5A District Mate Graves County (3-4). Maybe an interesting game for a while! It’s a 2.5 hour drive over to Mayfield from Owensboro, so that could definitely have an effect early. But I just think the Red Devils have too many weapons that Graves just won’t be able to account for. But I am looking forward to seeing how QB Gavin Wimsatt performs in this game. Will be interesting to note. Good luck Red Devils! 4) Mayfield (2A) – Preseason Rank: 1 - 2019 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Week 8 Results: BYE WEEK. Mayfield strolls into the Bye Week in really good shape. They have 2 district games left. One is a walk in the park (against poor ole’ Ballard Memorial) and one will be challenging IMO (vs Murray). Then a final trip east to a big, physical Madisonville team that will certainly test the Cardinal’s metal, especially on defense as the Madisonville rushing attack may be the best in the West, if not the State! With all that said, you have IMO the most experienced Coaching Staff in the West and that will surely guide you through this stretch of games. This should set the Cardinals up looking to host games at War Memorial Stadium deep into the playoffs! Your enemy will almost certainly be injuries as you will have to give your all in the Murray and Madisonville games! Week 9: vs 2A District Mate Ballard Memorial (1-6). I’d certainly dress all the Freshman team for this game. As they could certainly perform in this game. Also, who will take over when QB Jayden Stinson graduates? This is the game to get him a few series of Friday Night Lights! Rest up Cardinals! 3) McCracken County (6A) – Preseason Rank: 9 - 2019 Record 5-2; District Record 2-0] Week 8 Results: BYE WEEK! Similar to their Purchase Area rivals above, the Mustangs stroll into the Bye Week playing really well and already have 2 district wins under their belt! McCracken seems to have limited injuries at this time, but I’m sure some nagging injuries persist. Great week to get back to full health! The Mustangs final 3 games include the likely District Championship at Henderson County on October 25th. That one should be a great game as both these teams have played well this season. The last game of the year sees a beleaguered Christian County team come to town winless. So the Mustangs could see a desperate team November 1, but still McCracken is clearly the class of that game. Onward to an interesting game! Week 9: vs Dyer County (Newburn), TN (6-1). The Choctaws will roll into Paducah with confidence, as they have won every game this season with ease (save a 27-24 win against Clarksville, TN). Their lone loss was to Henry County, TN who checks into MaxPreps National Ranking around 1,000. They are somewhat closely graded to North Hardin at 860. So this should be a good game to see where the Mustangs are at in this latter part of the season! This game also sets the stage for their huge district showdown in Henderson the week after. Good Luck Mustangs! I’ll be pulling for you against the Choctaws!!! 2) South Warren (5A) – Preseason Rank: 3 - 2019 Record 6-1; District Record 0-1] Week 8 Results: BYE WEEK! The Spartans were dealt their first loss of the season in Week 7. So, in many ways the BYE Week has come at a good time for South so they can refocus for the final 3 games of the season and hopefully get some valued Spartans healthy! With that said, the Final 3 games of the season (at Greenwood and at Christian County and home vs Logan County) should line up in your favor, especially the first 2 games. The Logan County game in the final week of the season is interesting, as do you manage some of your ailing personnel that week, as you likely won’t need that game going into the playoffs. We shall see how Coach Smith handles it! Week 9: at 5A District Mate Greenwood (5-2)! The Gators have only beaten the Spartans once. A 17-16 OT Thriller at Greenwood back in 2016. If memory serves me correctly, the Spartans had some injury issues in that one as well! Does this game have a chance to be the Gators second win in this series? I don’t know, but the longer the Gators hang around, the longer they will believe they can win! The Spartans need to shake off Week 7 and come out strong here to prevent a closer than comfortable game; it’s as simple as that! Good luck Spartans! 1) Bowling Green (5A) – Preseason Rank: 2 - 2019 Record 4-2; District Record 1-0] Week 8 Results: BYE WEEK! The Purples had to have a good Bye Week after getting the Spartan Monkey off their backs! Yes, it’s just one game, but it means a lot toward district play and it means a lot in the community. The Purples remaining games represents 2 valleys and 1 peak! BG will face district foes Christian County (winless) and Greenwood (have never beaten BG in more than 25 tries) and represent the valleys, while the final game of the season sees the vaunted Trinity Shamrocks drive down I-65 to battle the Purples and they clearly represent the peak! BG should handle their district foes with no problem. But the Shamrocks are a completely different animal. If BG couldn’t beat St X, how can BG beat a team St X lost to 35-3? You tell me… Week 9: vs 5A District Mate Christian County (0-7). This matchup has been a really big one in Western Kentucky in the near recent past! But Kolbi Langhi and Cory Trice ain’t walkin through that door! The Colonels are simply young this year and have competed well in several games, but just couldn’t close the deal. I certainly don’t think they close it at El Donaldson Stadium either! Purples roll!!! Next 10 – 11 to 20: 11) Owensboro Catholic (2A) (6-1) – Week 8 Results: BYE WEEK! The Aces are playing awfully well pulling into their Bye Week! Star QB Drew Hartz is playing as well as anyone in the State IMO. It doesn’t hurt to be playing a soft district schedule, but that’s not the Aces fault. You play who remains on your schedule! For the Aces, they finish up district play with homes games vs a decent Hancock County team and a struggling Butler County team. They finish the year at home vs nearby rival 6A Apollo, who has clearly been improving of late. The district games likely get out of hand quickly, but the game with Apollo could see it closer for a while. But I still think the Aces pull away from the Eagles late in that game! Good luck Aces! Next up: vs 2A Hancock County. I think the Hornets are a decent 2A team that have improved come District play. The problem is the Aces are destroying their district and ultimately think the Hornets get swatted in this one! Go Aces! 12) Henderson County (6A) (5-1) - Week 8 Results: Win 20-13 vs 6A Apollo. Thanks to our good friends @wrn1979 and @Brown for bringing us the updates in this District battle! Apollo led 7-0 at the half while just missing a FG attempt close to the end of the first half. Henderson County tied it up about mid-way through the 3rd Quarter, but then word started trickling in for some unscrupulous play suggesting late hits and ripping Apollo helmets off committed by the Colonels players! I assume this to be the case unless someone saw it differently. That is definitely troubling to hear. Is there some bad blood between Apollo and Hendo or just a hard hitting District Game that got a little out of hand? You tell me… Week 9: at 6A District Mate Daviess County. News Flash Colonels! You better get more than 1 guy on Panther Star RB Shane Riley! This young man is a force on the football field, but he’s been hurt of late. But he is a game changer. If Hendo can control Mr. Riley, I like them in this game by about 14 points! Good Luck Hendo! 13) Franklin Simpson (4A) (3-4) – Week 8 Results: BYE WEEK. Well, I’m sure you’d like more wins in this first half of the year Wildcat Fans, but as we’ve discussed injuries and younger Wildcats need time to get their footing on the varsity field. The good news is it sounds like that is the case, especially along the line of scrimmage. Looking at the final 3 games of the Wildcats season show Warren Central and Warren East at home and then a very interesting road trip on the final week of the season at surging old rival Glasgow. I think the Wildcats will be too much in their District games, but to overlook Warren East would be a mistake! The Glasgow game is intriguing on a number of levels and we’ll discuss those later! Next up: vs 4A District Mate Warren Central! The Dragons haven’t won a game in a long time and the bottom line is that they won’t win here either. But their final 2 games, I do give Central a chance in both! Good Luck Dragons! For Franklin, this game would be great to make sure any younger Wildcats you want to bring up for a shot at varsity ball this year and next are ready to play on the 18th! Good luck Wildcats!!! 14) Murray (2A) (6-1) – Week 8 Results – Win 54-6 vs 2A District Mate and Poor Ole’ Ballard Memorial. Just 2 teams at different levels, but hey Bombers, you did beat Fulton City last week! Murray in a really big way! I hope the Tigers got some cubs in this game. Star QB Hunter Utley and undervalued WR Tommy Waldrop were huge in this game and you’ll see them later! Not much else to see really. Next up: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK vs 2A District Mate Caldwell County. This should be a really entertaining game! I respect Caldwell’s program quite a bit but just feel Murray is the better team this year with likely the better lines. Plus playing at home will be an advantage IMO. Am I wrong? You tell me… Go Tigers! 15) Caldwell County (2A) (6-2) – Week 8 Results: Win 40-0 vs District Mate 2A Fort Campbell. Cheer up Falcons! You are finally on the BYE Week with Ballard Memorial coming to call on the 25th! This is your shot! Don’t miss! For Caldwell County, they were razor sharp as one should be against a lesser opponent! I don’t have any stats for this one, but a good team beats a really struggling team is the theme here! A Big game is upon you now! Rise up Tigers! Next up: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK - at District Mate Murray. Important game right here Tigers Fans! This game will likely determine who hosts the Round 1 playoff rematch between these 2. So, if you’d like to host a playoff game, and I’m sure you would, give it all you got at Murray! You’re going to have to stop/neutralize stellar QB Hunter Utley, who can be a dual threat QB. It won’t be easy. Good luck Tigers! 16) Graves County (5A) (4-3) – Week 8 Results: Win 21-10 at New District Mate Grayson County! Graves with a big District Statement win here as they knock Grayson County from the unbeaten ranks! The Eagles rushing attack was in full swing and really dictated this game as Graves County rolled up almost 290 yards on the ground! 2 Eagles RBs each had over 100 yards rushing and you’ll see them later! Also the Eagles defense came to play by limiting Grayson County to only 59 yards total offense on the night! That’s stout work there! Nice win and it sheds quite a bit of light on where Grayson County really is as well. Next week: vs District Mate Owensboro. Graves County is playing well right now and they will host this game, which I do think is an advantage. This game has a chance to be close early as Owensboro will be driving 2.5 hours over into the Purchase Area. But I just think Owensboro has better athletes across the board and especially on defense. The Red Devil D has been terrific of late. QB John Brown has his work cut out for him! Good luck Eagles! 17) Greenwood (5A) (5-2) –Week 8 Results: BYE WEEK! The Gators got to rest up after a strong opening 7 games to the 2019 season! Their opening win vs Franklin Simpson is still one of the more surprising of the entire season to date. Yes, you likely should have held on to beat Barren County. But still much promise in the Gator camp! Onward! Next week: vs 5A District Mate South Warren! The Gators upset South back in the 2016 campaign for their only win vs the Spartans! Could this be the second? In order for that to happened, you’d think star Reed Sloan would have to be involved to some degree, as he pulled Greenwood through last week vs Christian County. Also, can the Gator D Line hold up against a fine South OLine? That may be the difference in the game right there! It’ll be a tough game for sure, but at least South won’t be coming into it flying high and missing a couple key pieces of their team. Good luck Gators! 18) Warren East (4A) (4-3) – Week 8 Results: BYE WEEK! Raider Nation has done pretty well this year! Their only losses are to South Warren, Logan County and a 22-13 setback to Greenwood. Those are all teams above you in these rankings! What about from here on out? Only 1 of 3 remaining opponents are above you in these rankings (Franklin Simpson). While I don’t think you’ll beat Franklin, especially away, I can see you beating Allen County-Scottsville and even a physical Daviess County team on the road. But you will need to shore up your defense prior to that last one, as you gave up over 300 yards rushing to Greenwood! Good Luck Raiders! 19) Barren County (6A) (5-2) – Week 8 Results: Loss 38-0 vs New District Mate 6A Central Hardin. This loss doesn’t surprise me and shouldn’t any Trojan fan that knows it’s going to take time to compete near the top of 6A District 2! Also know Trojan Fans that this year is one of the absolute top years for both Central Hardin and North Hardin so maybe you’ll have a shot not so far down the road! Best of Luck! Next up: vs New District Mate 6A North Hardin. Well Trojan fans, at least you get the 2 toughest district teams at home this year! Problem is they are both way too tough for you this season. But chin up, as you are headed up overall and if you can compete with Meade County things would definitely be rosier going into the 2020 season! Good Luck Trojans! 20) Crittenden County (1A) (5-2) – Week 8 Results – Win 54-0 vs. Poor Ole’ Caverna! Trying to find clarity with this #20 spot is like trying to get free HBO back in the day with the wavy lines rollin across your screen from time to time! But it makes it fun too, as we get to highlight a number of very solid team across our Great Region of the State! I feel bad for Caverna to ride 3 hours over to Marion to get crushed! Sorry, I just do. Not taking anything away from a fine Rockets club here, as they did what they were supposed to do! Many Rockets play well and you’ll see some of them below! Next up: at 1A District Mate Fulton County! This could be a very interesting game. While I fully expect Crittenden to win, this is one of the best Fulton County teams I can recall and Caleb Kimble is a very fine runner. Problem is Crittenden knows this and will load the box and make it very tough on the Pilots! Still hoping for a good one here! Good luck Rockets! Week 8 Players of the Week: *I don’t have all stats available, so please add as you see fit! 1) Jeriah Hightower – RB – Madisonville – 27 carries for 132 yards and 1 TD vs Hopkinsville! 2) Jay Bland – QB – Hopkinsville – 21-44 for 200 yards and 3 TDs vs 1 INT vs Madisonville! Add WR Lane Rushing with 7 catches for 97 yards and 1 TD and WR Reece Jesse with 6 catches for 58 yards and 2 TDs! 3) Hunter Utley – QB – Murray – 10 for 15 for 312 yards and 6 TDs! Add star WR Tommy Waldrop with 5 catches for 241 yards and 4 TDs vs Ballard Memorial! 4) Clint McKee – RB – Graves County – 27 carries for 167 yards and 1 TD! And Cody Goatley – RB – 15 carries for 114 yards and 1 TD at Grayson County! 5) Hunter Jones – QB – Crittenden County – 10 for 13 for 201 yards and 2 TDs! Add star RB Xander Tabor who rushed only 5 times for 117 yards and 2 TDs vs Caverna! 6) Trenton Brown – RB – Breckinridge County – 6 rushes for 86 yards and 3 TDs vs Nelson County! 7) John Foster – QB – Calloway County – 10 for 17 for 176 yards and 4 TDs vs 1 INT! Add RB Jacob Watters with 15 carries for 238 yards and 4 TDs vs Hopkins County Central! 8) Adrian Stringer – QB – Hopkins County Central – 33 for 60 for 487 yards passing and 3 TDs vs 2 INTs! Add WR Blaisin Moore who caught 14 passes for 247 yards. He didn’t have any TDs, but he did make an INT playing defense! Outstanding effort vs Calloway County! GREAT WORK GENTLEMEN!!! Week 8 “Teams Trending Down” Hopkinsville (4A) – Down – When you play in a great district, you can easily be up one minute and down the next! Such is the case with Hopkinsville. Let me be clear that Hoptown isn’t here because they played poorly. To the contrary, they are here because they had a ticket to basically a first round bye if they could have harnessed this game. But it wasn’t meant to be. But Hoptown’s effort was commendable! Sometimes players get hurt and you have to adjust and play with those you have. And such was the case with the Tigers last Friday Night! Still a lot to play for! Good Luck Tigers! Grayson County (4A) – Down – I’m not here to pile on the Cougars! But I will point out the obvious that we all knew your schedule was suspect. And I think that showed on Friday Night. I’m not sure they beat Graves County if they had a more difficult schedule or not. But when the first time you are really tested all year is 3 games into your District Slate, maybe you need to reconsider this scheduling thing… Am I right? You tell me… But good luck the rest of the way Cougars! Teams “Trending Up” Madisonville (4A) – Up – HUGE Win Maroons! You rode your stud RB in the first half and held on in the second half against a worthy opponent! The breaks seemed to finally go your way at the end of a game for once and I’m sure you’re pleased with that! Still a lot to play for if you expect to go beyond the second round of the playoffs! Very nice work Maroons! Graves County (5A) – Up – Coach Kemp has to be extremely proud of his team! They could have easily come in soft in this game and let Grayson County hang around and keep it closer than the score turned out to be. But when you only give up 60 yards on the night, you are playing sound defensive football! That has to be very encouraging if you’re a Graves County fan! But do they have anything for the Red Devils? You tell me… Good luck Eagles! “Broke Their Maiden” – In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant: Basement Bowl - 4A Calloway County (1-6) defeats 4A District Mate Hopkins County Central (0-7) 69-35 – What an epic battle; as both teams laid it on the line! You have to admire young kids desire to get the win in a game like this one! As you can see some of the fine efforts highlighted in the Players of the Week category above, you know this game was played with great passion and great determination and makes high school football the great game it is! Congratulations to Coach Champion and Laker Nation!
  6. BluegrassPreps 2019 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 2 Edition The top story line this week is chalk! Of the top 12 teams ranked last week, all won last week, but four. Graves County had a bye week. Hopkinsville and McCracken County both had losses to teams they were expected to lose to. And Owensboro took a very tough 10-8 home loss to gritty Evansville Central. It was a terrific week overall for the top teams in WKY! Disclaimer: I have attended 6 high school games the first 2 weekends. I’ve never done that before. It was a lot of fun though! Great competition in the early season! Western Kentucky Spotlight: Caverna Colonels – First Win in 37 Games! Huge win for the Colonels over Shawnee last Friday 51-0! The Colonels let the flood gates open since they hadn't won a game on the field since beating Fort Knox on October 16, 2015, a streak that spanned 37 games (their loss to Green County on August 24, 2018 was later credited as a win to the Colonels after Green used an ineligible player, but does that really count for the players?). It is a great thing when long losing streaks are broken! Way to go Colonels!!! Week 2 Western Kentucky Game of the Week RECAP: Mayfield (2A) (2-0) 27 at Hopkinsville (4A) (1-1) 22 at the Stadium of Champions. Fantastic football game sports fans! Mayfield hit 3 big pass plays and 1 pick 6 and it was just enough. The Tigers battled really hard and made Mayfield earn every bit of it. Good showing for both teams, as both teams will learn from this one!!! WESTSIDER - Week 3 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: (Disclaimer 2: Westsider was a friend to this website and all sports in Western Kentucky. This is mentioned in honor of his memory as he loved this rivalry!) Mayfield 2A (2-0) travels to Paducah Tilghman 3A (2-0): I expect this OLD Rivalry to be extremely hard hitting and well played on both sides. Bragging rights at the local grocery store are on the line in the Purchase Area! The last time Tilghman beat Mayfield was back in 2005 (18-15 at Tilghman). I got to see the Blue Tornado’s this past week in Louisville and they are dangerous. They have solid lines and Damian Ford and Jayden Freeman can both take it to the house every time they touch the ball. Mayfield got a scare at Hoptown. I’m sure they will be focused this week in practice! Get out to the stadium early sports fans!!! Honorable Mention: Owensboro Catholic at Owensboro; Franklin Simpson at South Warren, Logan County at Warren East, McCracken County at Graves County, Caldwell County at Hopkinsville – Try to make it out to one of these great games! Week 2 Top 10: 10) Graves County (5A) – Preseason Rank: 11 - 2019 Record 1-0; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: BYE WEEK. Again, not a fan coming off a great emotion filled win against a fine Murray Tiger squad and then sitting out the next week, but play the schedule you got! Week 3: vs. McCracken County (0-2). The Mustangs are likely one of the best 0 and 2 teams out there. That may seem like a backhanded compliment, but I think they are a good team and I also think they will be fired up to play. You’ve been warned Eagles!!! 9) McCracken County (6A) – Preseason Rank: 9 - 2019 Record 0-2; District Record 0-0] Week 1 Results: Loss: 42-14 vs Bowling Green 5A (1-1). I don’t have any stats for this game, but know that in the first quarter the Mustangs were forcing 3 and outs and taking it to the Purples. Franklin Hayes is a terrific football player for the Mustangs and he played really well last Friday. McCracken had the ball in the red zone several time later in the game but simply couldn’t make the plays late. That is disheartening but I like the effort they came with. Big game next week! Week 3: at 5A Graves County (1-0). The ragged Mustangs travel across the Purchase Area to take on a rusty Graves County team that will not have played for 14 days when you meet them. Important game for the Mustangs. Good luck Mustangs! 8) Logan County (4A) – Preseason Rank: 10 - 2019 Record 2-0; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 59-0 over 5A Muhlenberg County (0-2). Poor ole’ Muhlenberg County with flogging #2! Many play well for the Cougars and you will see one of them later! Week 3: at 4A scrappy Warren East (1-1). This is an interesting game as East is a dangerous team with some dangerous players. Yes, they were flattened by South, but a lot of people will be flattened by South. East flattened Russellville. So this should be a very entertaining game. Logan County would like to get this win to continue their nice momentum in this early part of the year. 7) Owensboro (5A) – Preseason Rank: 8 - 2019 Record 1-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 2 Results: Loss: 10-8 vs Evansville Central, IN (1-1). No stats, but you can see the highlights here: Touchdown Live Game of the Week: Central at Owensboro Very good game! Just came up short on the final 2 point conversion! No time to rest now. Week 3: vs City Rival 2A Owensboro Catholic (2-0). This is always an intense game and I think the injuries Owensboro has sustained make this matchup within the Aces reach. With that said, if the Red Devils starters, most importantly the OL and DL guys step up, they should win this game. Who ya got? 6) Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Preseason Rank: 7 - 2019 Record 2-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 50-21 vs 1A Louisville Holy Cross (1-1) at Louisville Central in the middle game of the Central BSN Bowl. I got to make this one and meet our good friend @TilghmanPride! Always great to put a name with a face considering the inherent knowledge of all our BGP guys. The Blue Tornados are a talented and dangerous team. RB Damien Ford and WR Jayden Freeman are really dangerous when they touch the ball. Ford took the opening kickoff to the house! And Freeman just ran by people for as long as I could take it on a hot afternoon! They also passed ok, but think it will be a different animal next Friday night! Week 3: WESTSIDER Western Kentucky Game of the Week vs 2A Mayfield (2-0). This game still means a lot over in the Purchase Area and I bet you didn’t know that it means a lot to the nation as well. How so? According to the MaxPreps TOP 50 All-Time Winningest High School Football Programs (Top 5
  7. BluegrassPreps 2019 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 3 Edition The top story line this week is consistency in the Top 12 in the early season! Of the top 12 teams ranked last week, all won last week, but two and both of those played other teams in the Top 12! Paducah Tilghman lost to top ranked Mayfield and #10 Graves County lost at home to an explosive McCracken County squad. It was a terrific week overall for the top teams in WKY! WESTSIDER - Week 3 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: (Disclaimer 2: Westsider was a friend to this website and all sports in Western Kentucky. This is mentioned in honor of his memory as he loved this rivalry!) Mayfield 2A (3-0) 38 at Paducah Tilghman 3A (2-1) 20: Good first half by both teams and Mayfield led 21-14 at the half. Then Mayfield makes their adjustments and only give up 6 points in the second half while they put 17 on the board. But a very good game none the less. So the Mayfield win streak continues on to 14 years. Interesting to note that according to our good friend @Squirrel, the all-time record between these two teams is Mayfield 50-46 and 10 ties. Great rivalry still! For me personally, it is my Bowling Green vs Owensboro rivalry as they have played a long time (ironically, except this year). The attachment is WPSD out of Paducah who does a great job covering high school sports in the Purchase Area: 9/6 Gridiron Glory - Part 1 | | WPSD Local 6 Week 4 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: There are several pretty good games to choose from. I am going with 2 very solid teams that don’t get as much of the spotlight as they might deserve. So this week’s game of the week is: 2A Caldwell County (2-1) at 1A Crittenden County (3-0). These teams have a very good history even though Caldwell has had the better of things of late. With Caldwell dropping down to 2A this season and Crittenden having one of the larger 1A rosters in the state, could this the year the Rockets blast off and leave the Tigers in their dust? You tell me… Honorable Mention: McCracken County at Mayfield; Owensboro at Apollo, Franklin Simpson at Battle Ground Academy, TN; Paducah Tilghman at Graves County, and Logan County going across town to take on arch-rival Russellville. Try to make it out to one of these great games! Week 3 Top 10: 10) Glasgow (3A) – Preseason Rank: 12 - 2019 Record 3-0; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win 57-14 vs Monroe County (1-2). I don’t have stats for this game, but know Seniors Nick Mitchell and QB Tanner Abernathy led the way against Monroe County. The Scotties have a combined 148-27 through the first 3 wins this season! I see nothing stopping them until a very matchup with 5A South Warren on September 27! Here are some highlights: Football Friday Night: Monroe County Falcons vs Glasgow Scotties Week 4: at 4A Allen County Scottsville (0-3). Allen County has played 3 pretty good teams, but I don’t look for them to be able to stop the Nick Mitchell Show! Good luck to both teams! 9) McCracken County (6A) – Preseason Rank: 9 - 2019 Record 1-2; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 65-26 at 5A Graves County (1-1). JR RB Hunter Bradley had a huge game in this one and you will see him later! BIG win for the Mustangs to change momentum for them. It’s tough to go to Mayfield anyway, but to go there with a 0-3 record is certainly harder! Week 4: at 2A Mayfield (3-0). The Mustangs are the only team to come into War Memorial Stadium and get a win since 2008 against Mayfield. Let that sink in a while! The Mustangs won at Mayfield back in 2015 in OT. That Mustang team only lost to Tilghman, Bowling Green and Central Hardin that year. Could this version of the Mustangs pull off that rare feat? Anything is possible, but to be honest their defense just isn’t in a position to challenge Mayfield at this time IMO. I’ve been wrong before though. And 65 points last week is impressive regardless of opponent. Good luck Mustangs! 8) Logan County (4A) – Preseason Rank: 10 - 2019 Record 3-0; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 35-17 at 4A scrappy Warren East (1-2). This is a good win for the Cougars! The gained roughly 180 yards on the ground and 280 through the air. Stalwarts Tyler Ezell and RB Gary Hardy play well, but I’ve selected another Cougar for later on. Week 4: at Old Rival 1A Russellville (0-3). This is a rivalry game and not too long ago Russellville dominated it. But the past couple years have been the exact opposite once Coach Adler got to Logan County. I don’t see any way Russellville wins this game. Just too many solid weapons for the Cougars! Cougars continue to gain momentum when most of the 4A talk is on other rivals, could Logan County shock some people this year? You tell me… 7) Owensboro (5A) – Preseason Rank: 8 - 2019 Record 2-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 36-7 vs Owensboro Catholic (2-1). No stats, but this game was dictated in the trenches with Owensboro fairly dominant in those areas. Add that to OCath missing some opportunities early to get more points on the scoreboard and a 4 TD game is what you get! Owensboro still has some very fine athletes. They just don’t have those top end ones anymore this season, but several others are getting opportunities to step up and last Friday they got it done! Week 4: at City Rival 6A Apollo (1-2). These two have had good games over the years with Apollo winning a memorable game back in 2017 with a really stout team. This year even with the brutal injuries the Red Devils have sustained, they seem to be playing markedly better than Apollo at this point in the season. Although, the Eagles have some nice pieces to work with and Coach Hawkins is a good coach, I just don’t see the Eagles getting the win here! In fact, the Red Devils start what should be a pretty easy stretch of games for them. What say you… 6) Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Preseason Rank: 7 - 2019 Record 2-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Loss: 38-20 vs 2A Mayfield (3-0). Even in defeat Blue Tornado fans, you have to be encouraged with this outcome. Yes losing to your historic rival sucks and the 14 game losing streak is one that will stay in your craw until it goes away! BUT, you were only down 28-20 in the second half. Yes, I’m playing the moral victory card. Fact is, you can still make significant strides in your district and 3A! Carry on! Week 4: at 5A Graves County (1-1). Of all teams this year, I’ve likely given Graves County the most brushoff. Meaning I just didn’t feel coming into this season that they would set up to have a decent year. Am I wrong? Help prove me right Blue Tornados! 5) Hopkinsville (4A) – Preseason Rank: 6 - 2019 Record 2-1; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 42-14 vs 2A Caldwell County (2-1). Hopkinsville continued it good play of late with a commanding victory on Friday night. QB Jay Bland, RB Jatorian Dillard and WR Reece Jesse for quite an offensive force to be reckoned with! You will see them later! All this and I don’t believe the Tigers defensive leader LB Eric Grubbs is back from injury yet! Week 4: at 6A Henderson County (3-0). Terrific Matchup here! Hoptown travels up the Pennyrile Parkway to take on an undefeated Colonels team that has been tested by 2 pretty solid Evansville, IN teams. While I applaud that work by Hendo, I don’t think they’ve seen anywhere near the level of athleticism they will see this Friday night! Plan to make the trip Tiger Fans and support your team! 4) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – Preseason Rank: 5 - 2019 Record 3-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 52-15 vs 6A Daviess County (0-3). The Maroons rolled in their home opener and never gave Daviess County any chance in this one! Star RB Jeriah Hightower had a tremendous game and you’ll see him later! Madisonville seems to be hitting on all cylinders with the defense only giving up 21 points in 3 games (albeit not to a murders row)! Here’s some highlights: Touchdown Live Week 3: Daviess County vs Madisonville Week 4: at 5A Christian County (0-3). The Colonels are certainly down this year and with the Maroons flying so high, it would be a real upset to see anything other than a dominating Maroon win here! 3) Bowling Green (5A) – Preseason Rank: 2 - 2019 Record 2-1; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 56-0 at 4A Old Foe Warren Central (0-3). As expected, BG won this game with no doubt. But I am most encouraged with some early personnel positioning, which clearly will help the Purples down the road! Add to that the defense is play very well at the moment, as evidenced to holding Central (who put up 42 points the week before) to 0 points and seeing McCracken County put up 65 this week, when they only scored 14 on BG! Well done defense! Week 4: vs 6A Pleasure Ridge Park (1-2). PRP is way down from their team that beat BG 35-21 up in Louisville back in 2017. I could easily see PRP only winning 1 more game all season (Western). With that said, I look for the Purples to be ramping up getting ready for a very tough stretch of games that starts with 6A St Xavier on September 20, 2019. 2) South Warren (5A) – Preseason Rank: 3 - 2019 Record 3-0; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 41-14 vs 4A Franklin Simpson (0-3). The Spartans didn’t come out very strong in this game. But they made solid adjustments at halftime and didn’t allow Franklin to score after the break. Again, the Spartans OLine was a huge factor in this game allow QB Caden Veltcamp plenty of time select his offensive option. I don’t have any stats, but again if you don’t have an OL or DL that can challenge Souths, you are going to be in for a long day. Week 4: vs. 4A Warren Central (0-3). This game will be as lopsided as Central’s last, but I think they will start to move into a stretch of games where they can compete and I hope they get a win! Spartans Big!!! 1) Mayfield (2A) – Preseason Rank: 1 - 2019 Record 3-0; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 38-20 at 3A Paducah Tilghman (2-1). In the video above, if you watch it all, you will see Coach Joe Morris speaking about this game where he confirms what we though. Mayfield used a focused week of practice to get ready for this game and then came out and executed accordingly. Give Tilghman credit for competing, but Mayfield’s halftime defensive adjustments and consistent offensive effort won the day for their 14th straight win in this series! Great work from the Mayfield Cardinals, but none-more-so than outstanding SR QB Jayden Stinson! Week 4: vs 6A McCracken County (1-2). The Mustangs of McCracken County come calling next week on the heels of their best performance of the year putting up 65 point on Graves County! I look for the Mustangs to be able to move the ball early, but what about after the Mayfield adjustments? It will become more difficult. The difference is likely the Mayfield offense who should be hard to stop again! Next 10 – 11 to 20: 11) Greenwood (5A) –Week 3 Results: Win 22-19 vs Allen County-Scottsville. The Gators just keep chomping! While this one suggests they have come down to earth a bit, when you earn a win on Friday Night that beats the alternative! Greenwood hasn’t started a season 3 and 0 since 2016! Great work! Here are some highlights: Football Friday Night: Allen County-Scottsville vs Greenwood Next week: vs 4A Warren East. Greenwood has a good chance to go 4 and 0! 12) Graves County (5A) –Week 3 Results: Loss 65-26 vs McCracken County! Looks like the Graves County defense didn’t get the message to show up Friday night, as McCracken County gained over 440 yards on the ground! Next week: vs 3A Paducah Tilghman! If McCracken County can rush for 440, how many can the high powered running backs for Tilghman earn? We’ll see… 13) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – Week 3 Results: Loss 36-7 at 5A Owensboro. Team Air Raid was brought back to earth thanks to the a couple things. First QB Drew Hartz didn’t throw a pass. SO WR Braden Munday stepped under center for the Aces and gave it his all, but that’s a tough spot to be in. Second, the Red Devil defense flexed their muscles and along with their OLine controlled this game. But I’m not down on the Aces, but would like to know that status of Mr. Hartz! Next up: A trip across the river to take on South Spenser, Indiana (0-3). This is probably what the doctor ordered as I see the Aces winning big in this one! 14) Franklin Simpson (4A) – Week 3 Results: Loss 41-14 vs 5A South Warren. I think Franklin put in another good effort here. It’s simply South Warren is a fine football team and they have a heck of an offensive line to bolster their attack and likely just wore the Wildcats down! The good news for the Wildcats is they won’t face another team like these first 3 after next week! Unfortunately, you have to travel to face a very tough opponent next week. Next up: at Battle Ground Academy, TN. The undefeated Wildcats will host Franklin’s Wildcats. BGA is ranked #12 in Tennessee and around 600 in the nation according to MaxPreps! But all is not lost in the world of 4A. The Wildcats are still the favorite in their district and that should get them to the 3rd round of the playoffs. Beyond that, they have to improve quite a bit from here, but I know they can! Hang in Wildcats! 15) Caldwell County (3A) – Week 3 Results: Loss 42-14 at 4A Hopkinsville. Cheer up Caldwell fans, Hopkinsville is a really good team this year. Their level of athleticism is very hard to match up with. Shake it off and keep going! Next up: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK: at 1A Crittenden County. This has been a good matchup over the years and Crittenden County could be catching the Tigers at a good time for them. Caldwell will have to play very well to come home with a win! Should be a great game! 16) Trigg County (3A) – Week 3 Results: Wildcats drained the Lakers on Friday Night – Trigg County 57 Calloway County 7. Complete mismatch in this game! SR QB Cameron Jordan had a game for the ages! You will see his stats below! Through the first 3 weeks Trigg has scored 148 vs only 21. That’s getting out of the gate in style! After next week, they will hit the teeth of their schedule where they host a very solid Murray team and then start with district Stalwart Paducah Tilghman in what should be two lively games! Next up: over to Barlow for a matchup with the Bomber of Ballard Memorial (0-2)! I look for the Cam Jordan arsenal to continue to be unleased next week! Go Wildcats! 17) Crittenden County (1A) – Week 3 Results – Win 50-6 at Ballard Memorial. The Rockets earned the running clock early in the second quarter, as this one was over early. Next up: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK: vs 2A Caldwell County (2-1). This will be the home opener for the Rockets and I predict a big crowd on Friday Night. It will be needed as Caldwell County will easily be the most difficult opponent Crittenden has played this season. But should be a great game! 18) Henderson County (6A) – Week 3 Results – 26-14 Win vs Christian County. Terrific Win for Hendo! They led 20-7 at halftime and never looked back! Solid season for Henderson thus far. Here are some highlights: Touchdown Live Week 3: Christian County vs Henderson County Next up: Home vs 4A Hopkinsville. This will be a HUGE step up in speed and athleticism for Hendo, but that will be good for them to get tested before district play starts! Good luck! 19) Murray (2A) – Week 3 Results – Win 58-7 vs Marshall County. Tigers roll all over the Marshalls! QB Hunter Utley had a monster game and you’ll see him in just a minute! Murray playing strong ball this year! Next up: At 3A Union County (2-1). This Union County team is dangerous and playing in Morganfield should set up a good test for Murray! I like Murry by a TD in this game!!! 20) Todd County Central (2A) – Week 3 Results: Win 51-27 vs 2A Fort Campbell. The Rebels finally get back on the field again after a bizarre No Referee game last week that is still “under administrative review”. Strong RB JaTwan Graham likely had a big game on Friday night! Next: vs 4A Hopkins County Central. This game should be to the Rebels liking! I like Todd County Central by at least 2 TDs in this one! Week 3 Players of the Week: *I don’t have all stats available, so please add as you see fit! 1) Cameron Jordan – QB – Trigg County – 12 for 18 for 246 yards and 4 TDs; Plus 15 rushes for 99 yards and 2 more TDs! Great Job! 2) Hunter Bradley – RB – McCracken County – 28 rushes for 328 yards and 5 TDs vs Graves County! 3) Anthony Woodard – WR – Logan County – 8 catches for 130 yards and 2 TDs vs Warren East! 4) Jay Bland – QB – Hopkinsville – 17 for 27 for 264 yards and 4 TDs vs Caldwell County! Add ultra-talented WR Reece Jesse who had 12 catches for 210 yards and 3 TDs! 5) Hunter Utley - QB – Murray – 19 for 21 for 280 yards and 6 TDs vs Marshall County! 6) Jeriah Hightower – RB – Madisonville NH - 18 carries for 284 yards and 5 TDs vs Daviess County! GREAT WORK GENTLEMEN!!! Week 3 “Teams Trending Down” Graves County (5A) – Down – It was really the score in this one for me. Graves lost 65-26 at home to McCracken County. We didn’t have a ton of losses at the top this week so the Eagles end up here! What can they do against Tilghman if the Mustangs rolled up over 400 yards rushing? You tell me… Apollo (6A) – Down – Not trying to kick a team when they are down, but it’s been a tough couple weeks for the Eagles. And the schedule turns from bad to worse at least for the next month! Wow! Chin up Eagles! Teams “Trending Up” Butler County (2A) – Up – The Bears have been in hibernation since the King Rex Henderson days which ended back in 2016. And believe it or not, they hadn’t won a single game since. That is until last Friday Night when Butler County stopped Russellville 20-15 to end a 2 season long drought! And as tradition would have it; the Bears were led by another Henderson! SO QB Jagger Henderson completed 9 of 14 passes for 145 yards and 2 critical TDs! Way to go Bears! McCracken County (6A) – Up – The Graves County win was a critical one for the Mustangs as going to War Memorial Stadium (Mayfield’s home stadium) being 0 and 3 is a poor idea! But after getting beat by 4 vs Tilghman and 4 TDs by BG, this was an early gut check call for Coach Clark’s team! And to put up 65 points against a 5A club that wanted/needed the win every bit as much as you did speaks volumes! Nice work Mustangs! Trigg County (3A) – Up – Through 3 games the Wildcats star SR QB Cameron Jordan has passed for over 500 yards and 7 TDs and rushed for over 300 yards and another 8 TDs on the year! While their schedule is due to ratchet up after next week, these Wildcats have come out impressively in 2019!
  8. BluegrassPreps 2019 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 4 Edition The top story line this week is the opposite of the opening 2 Fridays of the season! The first 2 weeks have been chalk with higher ranked teams, specifically the Top 12, all winning! But this week the #1 and #5 teams were beaten by the #9 and #18 teams! SO, that’s a big deal! And the results of that can be felt throughout the Top 20! Week 4 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 2A Caldwell County (3-1) 36 at 1A Crittenden County (3-1) 14. An enormous crowd gathered for the home opener for the Rockets! But those home town fans never got going as Caldwell County used great field position to score 5 unanswered first half TDs before the Rockets knew what hit them! Great effort for Caldwell County! Crittenden just couldn’t get it going at all on Friday night! Disclaimer: I have always held this distinction for Week 3 for the Bowling Green vs Owensboro game. With the classification realignment, that’s not possible at this time. So I’d like to focus on another significant Bowling Green game that I know our good friend PurpleHaze would have loved. I know of no other, who combined a love for playing the game, watching the game, researching the history of the game and supporting all others who do the same with the zeal that my friend Michael “Bulldog” Drake (aka. PurpleHaze) did. He was a friend to BGP and to so many on this site and the entire Western part of the State. This week we honor his memory here, as he absolutely loved this game! Also want to make sure this year that @MrsPurpleHaze knows about it as well! Week 5 PurpleHaze Western Kentucky Game of the Week: Bowling Green 5A (3-1) vs St Xavier 6A (3-1). I know both of these teams would have liked to have been 4 and 0 going into this game. But the game has a way of humbling you. And I firmly believe that it’s how you assimilate the information from any loss that put good teams on the road to being great! The team that wins this game will be in the right frame of mind going forward and the one that losses will be on gut-check watch, as St X will face arch-rival Trinity and BG will travel to Corbin before traveling to South Warren! Wow! The season is officially serious now! Honorable Mention: South Warren at Louisville Central; Hopkinsville at Christian County; Greenwood at Logan County; Graves County at Mayfield; Murray at Trigg County. Try to make it out to one of these great games! Week 4 Top 10: 10) Henderson County (6A) – Preseason Rank: Not Ranked - 2019 Record 3-1; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 28-13 vs 4A Hopkinsville (3-1). Our good friend @Brown was spot on with his assessment of Henderson County and called a close win this week! Henderson County pulled off a huge Homecoming win to start 4 and 0 for the first time since 2005. Coach Boston has done an outstanding job with this squad. They had 2 secondary starters out with injury and rotated multiple players in to keep them fresh to chase star WR Jesse. This was huge as Hoptown threw for a record 44 times on Friday. QB Sam Elliot was super and WR Edmond Brooks had a big game for the Colonel offense. Just a big win! Week 5: at 4A Anderson County (2-2). Long bus ride for the Colonels (3 hours). Anderson was projected to have a good season and opened with 2 wins but followed that up with 2 losses. So hoping the Colonels can get to 5 and 0! Good Luck Hendo! 9) Glasgow (3A) – Preseason Rank: 12 - 2019 Record 4-0; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win 50-7 at Allen County-Scottsville (0-4). Thanks to our good friend @Tkinslow who reported on this game that went to a running clock with about 7 minutes left to go in the 4th Quarter. Glasgow’s offense is scary good. Their defense if good to, but largely untested. Week 5: vs 3A Hart County (3-1). Hart County lost to Monroe by 18 points. Glasgow just beat Monroe County by 43 points! This game is at Glasgow. The Ra-Ra-Raiders are in for some pain on Friday Night! But no injuries I hope! Scotties Roll! 8) Logan County (4A) – Preseason Rank: 10 - 2019 Record 4-0; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 55-28 at 1A Rival Russellville (0-4). This rivalry matchup came down to rushing the ball. Logan County could and did roll up nearly 360 yards on the ground, while Russellville could not and only earned around 10 yards on the night! Wow. Stalwarts Tyler Ezell and RB Gary Hardy play well as usual for Logan County. Week 5: vs surprising 5A Greenwood (4-0). This is a sneaky good game right here. Before the season I would have said Logan County rolls in this game, but now I think Greenwood has earned a punchers chance in this game. And while I fully expect Logan County to win at home, Greenwood has surprised me every step of the way this year! Will that continue? You tell me… 7) Owensboro (5A) – Preseason Rank: 8 - 2019 Record 3-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 46-0 vs Owensboro Apollo (1-3). No stats, but I feel bad for Apollo as the schedule seems very daunting for them. For the Red Devils, this is a dangerous team. They have plenty of athletes and should be well rested come Week 3 of the Playoffs. Do they have the offense then to win a game of that magnitude? I’m not sure, but their talented young QB gets from now till then to gain more game experience, which is the only thing he needs. But I clearly think the better team’s defenses will load the box on O and make the young QB beat them. This team will continue to improve. Should they be higher up this list? You tell me… But you can’t hit a nail with melba toast and drive into a tough piece of wood… Week 5: at County Rival 6A Daviess County (1-3). Daviess County should have given the Red Devils a game last year. Now with all the talent that departed Panther Nation, I just don’t see any way Daviess gets a win in this game without significant turnovers. What say you… 6) Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Preseason Rank: 7 - 2019 Record 3-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 34-13 at 5A Graves County (1-2). Paducah Tilghman just did what they do and that’s run the football effectively! They had over 370 yards on the ground. The passing game continues to be a work in progress, but adding an additional QB who you can go to if needed is surely a good thing. This game had some reportedly crazy aspects concerning the referees, who seemly didn’t know what to call on several occasions resulting in large breaks between plays. Is this a result of not having enough quality referee to start with? I think so. Week 5: vs 4A Calloway County (0-4). Poor ole’ Lakers; just can’t seem to get a break! And now, here comes the Blue Tornados. Just too many weapons for Paducah in this one! Tilghman rolls! 5) Mayfield (2A) – Preseason Rank: 1 - 2019 Record 3-1; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Loss: 45-35 vs 6A McCracken County (1-3). Whoa Nelly – Sports fans! This one surprises many, except a few die-hard Mustang fans! WPSD out of Paducah does a really good job covering football out west; here’s some video of this game and the Paducah vs Graves game too! 9/13 Gridiron Glory - Part 1 | | WPSD Local 6 Some of the holes that Mayfield fans have been hinting out we seen last Friday night. Can they be fixed? I think so! It’s not all doom and gloom Cardinal fans as you are 80 and 2 at home since the start of the 2009 season! WOW! Time to refocus! Week 5: vs 5A Graves County (1-2). Mayfield hasn’t lost to Graves County since a 28-12 setback in 2008. Look for that streak to continue! It’s as simple as that. 4) McCracken County (6A) – Preseason Rank: 9 - 2019 Record 2-2; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 45-35 at 2A Mayfield (3-1). What a win Mustang Fans! I love how McCracken County opens with a play action bomb the first play of the game resulting in a TD! You can’t go to Mayfield and come out with rudimentary offense and defense and expect to win. That hasn’t worked 80 times out of 82! But this week SR QB Elijah Wheat to SR WR Franklin Hayes was a combination Coach Clark and the Mustangs had to feel confident in and they used it to their advantage! I’ve said it before that over in the Purchase Area (the area roughly west of Interstate 24 in the Western Part of the State) classification numbers don’t mean as much. That’s primarily because Mayfield has ruled the roost with an iron fist for decades! McCracken County has been the only team to win at Mayfield in roughly 11 years! Impressive (for both really)! Week 5: at 5A Marshall County (2-2). With their 3 toughest games of the non-district regular season behind them, the Mustangs should be able gain significant traction here and ramp up to the district season! This is a solid team and they are still the favorite in 6A District 1. But the Mustang at Henderson County game is my leading contender for Game of the Week in the West on October 25, 2019! Great Job & Good luck Mustangs! 3) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – Preseason Rank: 5 - 2019 Record 4-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 25-15 at gritty 5A Christian County (0-4). SR QB Hayden Reynolds and SR RB Jeriah Hightower with 264 yards and 2 TDs both play well. When you play Christian County this year, it is a defense first, second and third approach. So 25 points is roughly what they average giving up on the season. Two teams headed in the opposite direction I’m afraid. As our good friend @macdon said: It’s Madisonville’s year! Week 5: vs 2A Ballard Memorial (0-3). Need to switch this game out Maroons. You’re above this one for sure! With that said, the Bombers are really going to get bombed in this one!!! Great game for the Maroons to get the guys who will be called to lead this team next year A LOT of snaps next Friday! 2) Bowling Green (5A) – Preseason Rank: 2 - 2019 Record 3-1; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 56-0 vs 6A Pleasure Ridge Park (1-3). PRP beat BG in 2017 in a game they led start to finish. But that PRP team is LONG gone! The one that showed up at the El left flattened! BG playing well right now and it is needed, but some of that is a reflection of the competition. QB Conner Cooper, RB Javy Bunton and WRs Dez Wilson and Jordan Dingle lead the offense, while S Vito Tisdale and DT Terrion Thompson lead the defense! Now the real work begins! Week 5: PurpleHaze Western Kentucky Game of the Week vs 6A St Xavier (3-1). These teams have played some memorable games over the years, but maybe none more memorable they last year when long time BG Coach Kevin Wallace steps down at BG and accepts the Head Coaching position at St Xavier. That game showed X outplaying BG in the first half and leading the Purples. But BG used a steady diet of Vito Tisdale running the ball to come back to tie St X and push it to overtime. BG held X in the opening OT possession and kicked a FG to win 24-21. I’m honestly not sure what to expect in this game other than a hard hitting well-played game where BG tests the X secondary and X tries to establish the run. Will Vito get a shot to carry the ball? Who wins? You tell me… 1) South Warren (5A) – Preseason Rank: 3 - 2019 Record 4-0; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 53-14 vs 4A Warren Central (0-4). Another game; another Spartans win! The Spartans have a very solid team, but how good are they? Will we know before they play BG? I don’t think so. I don’t have any stats for this one, but it’s clear the Spartans dominated this game. I hope now the Dragons can get to a part of their season to get win! Good luck Dragons! Week 5: at 4A Louisville Central (1-3). The Yellow Jackets play anybody! They aren’t scared to schedule anyone. They have only played Jefferson County 6A teams this year, except for the sacrificial lamb Iroquois. So South won’t intimidate Central. These 2 have played in the relatively recent past with Central knocking South out of the 2014 4A State Semifinals 16 to 14! I look for South to win, but not win big! What say you? Next 10 – 11 to 20: 11) Hopkinsville (4A) – Preseason Rank: 6 - 2019 Record 2-2; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Loss: 28-13 at 6A Henderson County (3-1). I didn’t foresee this outcome plain and simple. But if you’re a Hoptown fan, it’s better to know it now than in a district game. The score doesn’t tell the whole tale of this one. Hoptown entered the Red Zone 3 times on Friday and came away with no points! That’s Huge! Additionally, Hoptown ran the ball 8 times and passed it 45 times. That seems extra unbalanced to me. You don’t have to be a power run team, but need some running attack against the better teams on your schedule. Rise up Tigers! Week 5: at Rival 5A Christian County (0-4). Not too long ago Christian County was the favorite in this great Western Kentucky Rivalry! Now Hoptown is! And while I know Christian County will play their best game, Hoptowns top shelf athletes should be the difference! But make no mistake, this is Christian County’s Super Bowl this season right now! So Hoptown needs to refocus and play their best game Friday Night as County will come to play! Plan to show up Tiger Fans and support your team! 12) Greenwood (5A) –Week 4 Results: Win 22-13 vs 4A Warren East. The Gators just keep chomping! The Gators rolled up over 370 yards on the night to take care of the Ra-Ra-Raiders! RB Reed Sloan is have a great season for Greenwood! You’ll see him later! Greenwood hasn’t started a season 4 and 0 since 2012! Great work! Here are some highlights: Football Friday Night: Greenwood vs Warren East Next week: at 4A Logan County. Greenwood will have their work cut out for them is this battle of undefeated team! Good luck! 13) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – Week 4 Results: Loss 36-7 at 5A Owensboro. Team Air Raid busted back out last Friday north of the Ohio River! QB Drew Hartz played great again throwing TDs to 4 different WRs. You will see him later! And Christopher Boarman continues a long line of tradition excelling in the Aces defensive ranks with 17 tackles including 3 tackles for loss and 2 sacks on the night! Next up: A home game vs lowly Hopkins County Central before the district opener at surprising Todd County Central in what should be a very entertaining game! 14) Graves County (5A) –Week 4 Results: Loss 34-13 vs Paducah Tilghman! The Eagle defense just doesn’t have the feathers this year to stop many high powered offenses. McCracken gained over 440 yards on the ground while Tilghman rolled up over 370 yards on the ground. And now isn’t the best week to be traveling to Mayfield! Very unlikely to get that win, but the seas will calm down considerably once district play starts, except for Owensboro, who appears from afar to be beyond Graves County’s reach! Chin up Eagles! 15) Caldwell County (3A) – Week 4 Results: Win 36-14 at 1A Crittenden County. The Tigers drove up to Marion and took a very big home crowd out of the game from the beginning! QB Russ Beshear, RB DeEric Hollowell and the rest of the Tiger offense have played awfully well this season! They are a really solid team! Next up: a crappy Union County squad comes calling. This should be a good game. I expect Caldwell to win, but only by about a TD. This will be a good primer game before district play starts in 2 weeks! 16) Trigg County (3A) – Week 4 Results: Win 46-8 at 2A Ballard Memorial. I don’t have any stats here, but feel the Wildcats continued their impressive journey this 2019 season! NOW it gets interesting! New up: The Murray Tiger come to Cadiz! This will be a terrific game as both these teams have had terrific starts to the season! The one who can get this win will set their district slate up on a high note! Go Wildcats! 17) Franklin Simpson (4A) – Week 4 Results: Loss 35-16 at Tennessee Power Battle Ground Academy. I think Franklin put in another good effort here. Franklin Fans, I don’t think there are 16 better teams than you in the West, but due to the turmoil this week, this is just the where your ping pong ball ended in this week’s draft. And 0 and 4 is 0 and 4 even against very solid teams! Better Days ahead! Next up: vs Old Rival Russellville. As our good friend @macdon stated that this will be the first time Franklin and Russellville will play where they are both winless. But it’s clear to me that Franklin will get their first win this coming Friday night! Hang in Wildcats! 18) Murray (2A) – Week 4 Results – Win 21-7 at Union County. This is a good win as Union County is no pushover up in Morganfield! No Stats, but QB Hunter Utley and squad are off to a great start in 2019! Next up: At 3A Trigg County. This will be a great game to tell us where each team is! Both will be heading into district play after this game! I’m not sure who the favorite is. You tell me… 19) Todd County Central (2A) – Week 4 Results: Win 60-34 vs 4A Hopkins County Central. The Rebels rolled up 60 points mostly on the ground and overwhelmed the Storm! Next: vs 1A Caverna. Poor Ole’ Caverna does come into this game with a win to their credit, which isn’t something they could always say! This game sets up the district clash with District Favorite Owensboro Catholic! Good luck Rebels! 20) Grayson County (5A) – Week 4 Results – Win 22-14 at Fort Campbell! Welcome to the Top 20 Cougars!!! Grayson County is 4 and 0 this year! Congratulations on that accomplishment to Coach Smart and team! They have not played a challenging schedule but have won the games in front of them. They are in the 5A district with Owensboro and other than the Red Devils should have a good chance to beat the rest. Good luck! Next up: at 5A Breckinridge County. The Fighting Tigers are 3 and 1 so this district opener for the Cougars will be telling. I like Grayson County to pull this one out! Good luck! Week 4 Players of the Week: *I don’t have all stats available, so please add as you see fit! 1) Sam Elliott – QB – Henderson County – 211 yards passing with 2 TDs! Add WR Edmond Brooks with 5 catches for 115 and 1 TD vs Hoptown! Great Job! 2) Reed Sloan – RB – Greenwood – 18 rushes for 206 yards and 2 TDs, plus 1 catch for 28 yards and another TD vs Warren East! 3) Drew Hartz – QB – Owensboro Catholic – 14 for 22 for 279 yards and 4 TDs vs South Spencer, IN! 4) Adrian Stringer – QB – Hopkins County Central – 28 for 46 for 436 yards and 5 TDs vs Todd County Central! Add undervalued WR Blasin Moore who had 12 catches for 237 yards and all 5 Storm TDs! 5) Tyler Ezell - QB – Logan County – 12 for 16 for 126 yards and 4 TDs vs Russellville! 6) Jayden Freeman – RB – Paducah Tilghman - 19 carries for 280 yards and 4 TDs vs Graves County! Add standout LB Anton Jones with a team leading 12 tackles! GREAT WORK GENTLEMEN!!! Week 4 “Teams Trending Down” Mayfield (2A) – Down – Look – everybody is “allowed” to lose. But when you are 80 and 1 at home in roughly 11 years, when you do lose it is shocking. Does Mayfield need to make some adjustments? Sure. Are they still the favorite in 2A? Yes, I think so, but others may not fear them as much now. Just the mental part of the game! Mayfield has one of the best coaching staffs in the state and I look for them to run the table in their remaining home games and head into the playoffs very strong as usual! Hopkinsville (4A) – Down – The Tigers were flying pretty high coming into the Henderson County game. But this loss spotlighted the fact that Hoptown is having trouble running the ball. So now teams are loading the box and doubling Reece Jesse and saying beat us with this defensive package. Now it is Hoptown’s turn to add adjustments/wrinkles to move forward. With the rivalry game with Christian County coming up, a defensive battle is brewing! Good luck Tigers! Teams “Trending Up” McCracken County (6A) – Up – I love the positive vibe Coach Clark keeps within this team. And I love the aggressive offensive strategy they play with. It merits repeat that they are the only team in 82 Mayfield home games to come away with a win. In the far Western part of the state, that holds great significance! The Mustangs are now set up to start rolling with a district championship as their usual goal! Go Mustangs!!! Henderson County (6A) – Up – Coach Boston has done a really nice job over in Henderson revamping this team that has had success on the non-Jefferson County 6A perspective. I think that is really admirable! To win by 2 TDs vs a team that likely is more athletic than you are and to do so when you are missing 2 secondary starters if remarkable! The Colonels should have significant momentum now to head into their district slate of games looking to challenge for a District Championship! Good Luck Colonels!
  9. BluegrassPreps 2018 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 8 Edition Concerning the top story line for this week, The BYE Week Cometh!!! Six of the Top 12 Teams (or 50%) are on their BYE Week! Most teams try and schedule the BYE for this time of year as injuries do mount up for many teams! Do you think some teams are better at utilizing the BYE week when compared to the rest of the pack? I would say there are definitely teams that have a routine down that they feel pays off for them. And there are others that probably just WING IT! Just like in many other facets of the game, this is an area that can set teams apart, if ever so slightly. But it’s a game of inches; is it not!!! Let’s move on! Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 8: 1. Bowling Green 5A (7-0): BYE 2. South Warren 5A (8-0): Win 21-0 vs Ravenwood (Brentwood) TN 3. Mayfield 2A (7-0): BYE 4. Franklin Simpson 4A (6-1): BYE 5. Logan County 4A (7-0): Win 10-6 at 4A Hopkinsville 6. Owensboro Catholic 2A (5-2): Win 35-8 at 2A Hancock County 7. Caldwell County 3A (6-2): Win 51-26 vs 3A Trigg County 8. Owensboro 5A (5-2): Win 50-7 at 5A Marshall County 9. Glasgow 2A (6-1): BYE 10. Paducah Tilghman 3A (5-2): BYE Week 8 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: District Buster – 4A Logan County (7-0) 10 at 4A Hopkinsville (1-6) 6. This was a tough, hard hitting game that shows what can happen when adversity hits!!! First, thanks to our good friend @FSfan for going the extra mile to this one and providing great reports! Hopkinsville’s defense came to play and they led 3-0 after the first quarter. But Logan County found the end zone on a 39 yard end around to lead 7-3 with about 10 minutes to go before the half. But with 2 minutes to go in the first half, Star Logan QB Tyler Ezell suffers a leg injury and does not return. That is a big loss! But it matches the Tigers loss of Star QB Jay Bland. From there it was an old-school defensive struggle with both teams connecting on 1 FG in the second half. If you yearn for the old days, this was the game for you! Week 9 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: I have 3 really good games to choose from this week and am going with the one with the District on the line 100%: 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins (5-2) at 4A Logan County (7-0). The Cougars won a WILD game at Madisonville last season 23-21, where Logan County outrushed Madisonville. That doesn’t happen very often. So the question is can Logan County do that again? The Maroons will anticipate the Cougars will want to run more especially if QB Tyler Ezell can not play in this critical game! Whoever wins this game effectively seals up the district title on Friday night! Who ya got? Honorable Mention: - Daviess County at Henderson County; Apollo at Owensboro; Bowling Green at Warren Central, Indianapolis, IN; Graves County at Christian County; Paducah Tilghman at Union County; Fulton County at Crittenden County; and Greenwood at Grayson County - Try to make it out to one of these great games! Week 8 Top 10: 10) Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Preseason Rank (PR): 18; Last Week (LW): 10 - 2018 Record 5-2 [District Record 1-1]: Week 8 Results: BYE Week. Hope all the injured Blue Tornados get 100% better after the BYE Week! As you prepare for a Big District Game! Week 9: at District Foe 3A Union County (5-2). About a 2 hour trip from Paducah over to Morganfield on a bus. I think Tilghman is the better team, but Union County is scrappy and could hang around for a while. The longer they do; the more the pressure shifts to Tilghman to pull out this important game. The second seed in the district and a home playoff game will be on the line Blue Tornados!!! That’s a Big Deal! Get fired up!!! 9) Glasgow (2A) – PR: 12; LW: 9 - 2018 Record (6-1) [District Record 1-0]: Week 8 Results: BYE Week. Scotties have played very well this season! I think they are the next tier below CAL, Desales, and Mayfield with Owensboro Catholic. So I anticipate they roll through their weak district toward a season ending clash with a good Etown ball club! The way I read the brackets and IF the Scotties handle their Region, they would host the Mayfield Cardinals IF the Cardinals could manage their Region! That would be an entertaining game! Week 9: at 2A Scrappy Monroe County (2-5). The Falcons always come to play a tough physical game. But I just think the Scotties are on a different level this year and should be WAY too much next Friday Night! But playing in Tompkinsville isn’t the easiest place to play. But I still like the Scotties BIG! 8) Owensboro (5A) – PR: 4; LW: 8 - 2018 Record 5-2; [District Record 2-0] Week 8 Results: Win 50-7 at 5A Marshall County (3-5). The Red Devils drove their Beat-Down Truck over to Marshall County and handed out 50-Burgers!!! Lot to like if you are an Owensboro fan! Thanks to our good friend @rosco who reported Imonte Owsley scores on a 57 yard TD catch and a 55 yard punt return! Treyvon Tinsley is a terrific WR and he grabbed 2 TD receptions. QB Will Warren had a great game and you’ll see his numbers later! Week 9: vs 5A Apollo (4-3). This game used to be a piece of cake for the Red Devils not that long ago, but the Eagles pulled off a great upset last season with a memorable 31-28 victory to send the Red Devils reeling on the year! This season has definitely been different for Owensboro. And while I get the sense the offense is just running a rolodex of plays; I think the defense is getting locked in and ready for a Big Playoff Run! Apollo has a good team and is capable of winning this game. But I just don’t think they will. Owensboro should use the revenge card to their advantage in this game and I think they will. I like Owensboro by 3 TDs at Rash Stadium! 7) Caldwell County (3A) – PR: 10; LW: 7 - 2018 Record (6-2) [District Record 3-0]: Week 8 Results: Win 51-26 in the 139 Bowl vs 3A Fierce Foe Trigg County (4-3). Even though geography creates rivalry, sometimes teams just trend in different directions. Such is the case in the 139 Bowl, as Trigg County just hasn’t been able to ascend to the same level on the grid iron as neighboring Caldwell County has. Just a fact! The Tigers retain the 139 Trophy for the 6th straight year and guarantee winning 3A District 1! Congratulations! The Tigers earned 8 plays gaining over 20 yards (scoring on 3 of them) to break open the game! Week 9: at 3A District Foe Fort Campbell (1-6). Not much to see here other than to see if the Tigers can gain their security clearances to get on Base to play the game. Was curious as to how many men down could Caldwell play with and still win this game? I’d say the over/under is 9 Tigers to 11 Falcons and Caldwell still comes out on top!!! About the only way to make this one close!!! 6) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: 13; LW: 6; 2018 Record 6-2 [District Record 3-0]: Week 8 Results: Win 35-8 vs 2A Hancock County (4-4). Aces roll! I don’t have stats for this one, but the Aces are clearly playing awfully well! This is their 6th consecutive win! Make it 7… Week 9 vs 2A District Mate Todd County Central (4-3). Don’t look now, but new Rebels Head Coach Darell Keith is doing a Fantastic Job over in Elkton!!! I’m really glad to see things going well for the Rebels, but their record will be at 500 after this coming Friday night. The Aces are just at a different level right now. And although I predict a first half running clock; I think the Rebels can use this game to improve and hopefully move up the district ladder! Aces roll!!! 5) Logan County (4A) – PR: 8; LW: 5 - 2018 Record 7-0; [District Record 2-0] WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK Week 8 Results: Win 10-6 AT 4A Hopkinsville (1-6). The Cougars clearly played an opponent that tested their metal! They didn’t get the offensive freedom they have enjoyed the whole season. But the Cougars played with grit, especially defensively after the loss of Star JR QB Tyler Ezell to a leg injury. I certainly hope the young man can overcome the injury and bounce back soon. The Cougars earned roughly 230 yards on the night against a determined Tiger defense! Sets up a BIG game in 4A District 1! WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK Week 9: District Buster vs 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins (5-2). Before the loss of Ezell, I thought these were 2 pretty evenly matched teams. Now I have to give the edge to Madisonville. BUT the game will be played in Russellville and that will be an advantage! Which team will be able to dictate the game with their rushing attack? If neither can, then the team with the least turnovers will win and basically win the District next Friday night!!! Big Deal – as you stay away from Franklin Simpson as long as you can! Speaking of the Wildcats… 4) Franklin Simpson (4A) – PR: 5; LW: 4 - 2018 Record 6-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 8 Results: BYE Week! Just loving the fact that the Wildcats have a Freshman QB who seems to be getting better each week. That is evidenced by 125 impressive yards through the air last week vs Allen County Scottsville! Exciting! I’m sure the Wildcats have some injuries; so hope they are able to come out the Bye ready to go! Week 9: at 4A District Foe Warren Central (0-7). I think the over/under for Franklin Simpson is 7 players. I think they could still eke out a win vs Warren Central playing 7 players vs 11 for Warren Central! What say you…? Not trying to pound on the Dragons, but this game is pretty uninteresting, so trying to add some hot sauce and spice it up!!! 3) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 3; LW: 3 - 2018 Record 7-0; [District Record 1-0] Week 8 Results: BYE Week. I think it would be really fascinating to go behind the scenes of the Cardinal football program to see how they handle the Bye Week protocols. I mean do they let the players take the week off or half the week off or business as usual or you are off but this is your assigned homework for the upcoming week in advance, etc. Let me know your thoughts Cardinal Fans! I went to the Desales v CAL game on Friday night and who did I sit next to? 3 Mayfield fans! They had driven to Louisville from Mayfield just to watch/scout this game! That my friends is dedication! Week 9: at District Mate 2A Ballard Memorial (2-5). The Bombers have no chance OK. SO, I’d say the over/under for Cardinal players is 7! I think Mayfield could still win the game with 7 players. It would be a close game at that point, but Mayfield still wins. What say you!!! 2) South Warren (5A) – PR: 2; LW: 2 - 2018 Record 8-0; [District Record 2-0] Week 8: Win: 21-0 vs Ravenwood (Brentwood) TN (6-2). Very good win for the Spartans who dictate the game with 14 points scored at the end of the first quarter and then just rode their outstanding defense to a solid win. Is this RB Cameron Harrison’s best game of the year? I think it may be Spartan fans, as he gained 150 yards and scored 2 TDs on the night! If you can’t score; you can’t win and the Spartans are the epitome of that statement! Spartans just have to wait for BG to roll on over to Nashville Road! Week 9: BYE Week. Spartans roll into the Bye Week looking like a new silver dollar! Not much wrong in Spartan Land as your district opponent is on the road this week and should get banged around pretty good. So just heal up a bit and go over the Warren Central Indy vs BG game tape till your blue in the face and life is good! T – Minus 2 weeks and counting Spartan Fans!!! 1) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 1; LW: 1 - 2018 Record 7-0; [District Record 2-0] Week 8 Results: BYE Week. Purples can use the bye week to heal up and recharge the engine! But when Sunday afternoon comes (first practice after Fall Break) its ALL Business till the end of the regular season!!! Week 9: at Warren Central (Indianapolis), IN (8-0). The Warriors host the Purples in a schedule fill in game. Both teams needed a game and Warriors Coach Jason West called Purples Coach Mark Spader and the rest is history! To say the Warriors are good is the biggest understatement I’ve made all year! The Warriors are #16 in USA Today’s Super 25 National list of top teams! They are led by Star WR David Bell with offers from many Big Time Colleges who is near impossible to cover 1 on 1 (I saw him play at Trinity this year). SR QB Jayden George is the son of former NFL QB Jeff George and returns for his senior year with plenty of experience. At RB, the Warriors have maybe their secret weapon in fireplug Romeir Elliot, who carried the Warrior on his back in the second half comeback at Louisville Trinity. And I would be remiss to not mention SR OL and Iowa recruit Justin Britt. The Warriors just laid 70 points on their arch-rival Ben Davis and 72 vs Lawrence North! So the Purples have ordered “The Old 96’er” from the John Candy classic movie The Great Outdoors, where he tries to get his families meal for free if he eats his 96 oz steak and has to sweat it out when the chef comes out and tells him to eat the Fat! Just a TOUGH assignment 4 hours from BG; one week before arguably the most important regular season game of the year! SOOOOO, here we are Purples fans!!! We haven’t been this far from home since the classic 2013 McCallie, TN game in Chattanooga. But this Warriors team is different. As evidenced by CALPreps prediction of a 52 to 19 Warriors win next Friday Night! I plan to go to Indy for this one even though I saw Central beat a healthy Trinity squad and even though BG will be heavy underdogs! Why? Because that’s what fans do! They support their teams in good times and tough times! Just crossing my fingers for no significant injuries!!! T- Minus 2 weeks and counting Purples Fans!!! Next 10 – 11 to 20: 11) McCracken County (6A) – PR: 14; LW: 15 - (2018 Record 5-3) Week 8 Results – Win 36-24 vs 6A District Rival Henderson County (5-3). Twitter I had to see these highlight and though you should too! Looks like a wide open game where QB Elijah Wheat just out dueled his competition. And the McCracken County defense played pretty darn well! The Mustangs Kiael Walden ran a kickoff return back 86 yards to really push the momentum in the Mustangs favor! This is the 6th District Championship in a row for McCracken County! Congratulations! You know those early tough games for the Mustangs may now be paying off! Remember as long as you don’t sustain significant injuries and can keep the team in focus mentally, it is my opinion that playing a very tough schedule is worth it! Tough tight rope to walk sometimes I realize! Lastly, the Mustangs lost 40-10 early in the year to Northeast Clarksville, TN, but that game has now gone to a 1 – 0 Win for McCracken County on a “Forfeit”. Must have used an ineligible player! Good for McCracken County! Week 9: at Dyer County (Newbern) TN (3-4). The Mustangs will saddle up and ride about 2 hours south, southwest to Newbern TN to take on a Choctaw squad that gives up roughly 35 points a game! That’s music to the Mustangs ears! And I’m pulling for a Big McCracken victory! But it might be closer than I think as CALPreps says Mustangs take the Choctaws 31-27 on a neutral field. So this game may go down to the last possession! Go Mustangs!!! 12) Christian County (5A) – PR: 11; LW: 13 - 2018 Record 4-3; [District Record 2-1] Week 8 Results: Win 18-14 vs 5A District Rival Apollo (4-3). This was a crazy game characterized by a lot of penalties, some turnovers and many dropped passes! But the Colonels defense set the offense up enough to take advantage of good field position and they scored their go ahead TD with about a minute to play in the game! This is a really good win as Apollo is a good team! Week 9: vs District Foe 5A Graves County (3-4). Christian County won a knock down – drag out 21-14 OT Fist fight (literally) at Graves County last year. I can’t imagine any player who played in that game will have forgotten about the “scrappiness” of this game. It was downright Hatfields and McCoys right on the field! Both teams have played well in spurts but not consistently all year. I think it would make either team’s year to win this game and likely host a playoff game! Big Deal and a LOT on the line in Hopkinsville come Friday night! It would be worth the price of admission sports fans!!! 13) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – PR: 9; LW: 12 - 2018 Record 5-2; [District Record 3-0] Week 8 Results: Bye Week. Maroons should be healed up and charged up for their most important game when they travel south to Russellville for a Major District Bout!!! Western Kentucky Game of the Week Week 9: at 4A District Rival Logan County (7-0). Maroons should be pumped about this one considering the Cougars came to Madisonville last year and won the game on a late FG if my memory serves me correctly! Keys to the game for the Maroons: 1. You need to outrush the Cougars! Period. 2. Use the play action to your advantage! Even though you are a dead red rushing team, I think you can throw on occasion and those could be Big Plays! 3. No easy turnover for the Cougars! Turnovers happen, but don’t give them to the Cougars! Make them earn them! Accomplish all 3 and I think the Maroons come away with a critical win and take the District Championship!!! 14) Crittenden County (1A) – PR: 17; LW: 14 (2018 Record 6-1) Week 8 Results: Win: 58-28 at 2A Ballard Memorial (2-5). Wild game over in Barlow – Sports Fans!!! The Rockets were up 31-12 at the half, but the Bombers reloaded and played well in the 3rd quarter cutting the lead to 10 points. That’s when Star RB Devin Nesbitt, who already had a career night going, brought the Rocket Fuel out and hit the ignition switch!!! Nesbitt then scored 3 straight rushing TDs to extend to the full margin of victory! You will see Nesbitt’s sparkling stats later! This one had to feel good to the Rockets who lost a heartbreaker to the Bombers last year at home 74 to 70! And yes, we are talking about football! Crazy! Similar to last year, this game featured OVER 1,000 yards combined total yards on the night! So defense was pretty much optional! Great win Rockets!!! Week 9: vs 1A Cinderella District Mate Fulton County (4-3). Rocket fans I hope you don’t dislike me over this one, but my heart just pulls for the Fulton teams! We all know they haven’t won a lot in the anywhere near recent past and the effort that both City and County portray on the Gridiron is certainly uplifting to all that truly love the game. Which I know Rocket Fans do, as evidenced by their Top Shelf Coach after last week’s game (visit the WKY Power Rankings 9/30/18 at the very end to see that story! It’s worth your time!). I realize the game is in Marion and my brain expects the Rockets to win, but the Pilots fought to the end against a decent Russellville team in Russellville! So you will have to come ready to play in order to win this game! Good luck Rockets! 15) Henderson County (6A) – PR: 20; LW: 11 - (2018 Record 5-3) [District Record 2-1) Week 8 Results: Loss 36-24 vs District Foe 6A McCracken County (5-3). This one hurts Colonel Fans! Your team played valiantly but just couldn’t get the stops it needed to hold back a surging Mustang advance! A Mustang kickoff return for a TD really turned the tide and allowed McCracken to dictate from there! Not time to cry now Colonel Fans! Week 9: vs 6A District Foe Daviess County (4-3). This one is for all the District marbles that are left to be had Colonel Fans!!! If you defeat Daviess County, you win the second seed in the District, simple as that! If you lose, it puts you on the Road to start the playoffs – Not where you want to be! Rise up Colonels! 16) Graves County (5A) – PR: 15; LW: 16 - 2018 Record 3-4: Week 8 Results: BYE Week. The Eagles got to rest up and heal up for arguably the most important game of their season! Week 9: at 5A District Rival Christian County (4-3). I know you remember the Scrap you had last year with the Colonels Eagles Fans!!! I know you’re chompin at the bit to get some revenge for last year’s home defeat! Add that sauce to the winner gets the inside track to the #2 seed in the District and a guaranteed home Playoff Game! BIG DEAL! Good luck Eagles!!! 17) Daviess County (6A) – PR: 7; LW: 17 - 2018 Record 4-3; [District Record 1-1] Week 8 Results: Win 49-12 at 6A District Foe Muhlenberg County (2-5). I’m not sure what happened in this game, as I only have the box score to look at. It lists SR TE/LB Owens Aleaga with a career night passing! You will see those stats and a few others later! The Mustangs have a couple good pieces but just can’t put it together to challenge for the District just yet! Week 9: at 6A District Rival Henderson County (5-3). It’s now or never Panther Fans! Lose this game and are likely in 3rd place in the District looking at a Road Playoff Game! NOT where you thought you’d be this season! BUT, it’s not too late YET! But you better strap it up because the Colonels have scheduled tough teams and taken many tough teams out already this season! You have to go to Henderson and it will be no easy task! 18) Apollo (5A) – PR: 16; LW: 18 - (2018 Record 4-3) [District Record 0-2]: Week 8 Results: Loss 18-14 vs 5A District Rival Christian County (4-3). Lions (penalties), tigers (turnovers), and bears (dropped passes) – OH MY - at Apollo field last Friday night! The Eagles defense played really well and had the lead with 3 minutes to go in the game, but costly penalties gave the Colonels favorable field position and they drove it in, while the Eagle offense couldn’t find any magic for a late hale mary! Week 9 at 5A City & District Rival Owensboro (5-2). This will be the last District matchup for the foreseeable future as Apollo is set to move up to 6A next season! Hopefully the 2 will continue to play due to their close proximity to each other! Apollo pulled of a memorable win last year off Tamarack Road and I’m sure the Red Devils have heard about it all year long! Apollo is a good team, but I think they will have to get several breaks to stay in this game due to the talent on the Red Devils bench! I didn’t think OCath would beat Owensboro and they did! Could Apollo turn the same trick? You tell me… 19) Union County (3A) – PR: 19; LW: 19 - (2018 Record 5-2) Week 8 Results: Win 28-6 vs 3A District Foe Fort Campbell (1-6). Well Braves Fans, I don’t have stats for this one, but know it’s nice to get the win and end a 2 game losing streak, especially to a district foe (even if it is Poor Ole Fort Campbell)! Week 9: vs 3A District Foe Paducah Tilghman (5-2). Now is the time Braves Fans that your team will really need you! This game will be for second place in the District and the right to Host a Playoff Game – BIG DEAL! So the Blue Tornados are still pretty banged up, but they still have outstanding athletes to throw at you! I would think the Braves would need to be able to establish their run game and gain a few “Home – Morganfield Special – Cookin” Breaks in order to hang with this Tilghman team!!! Good luck Braves! 20) Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 6; LW: 20 - 2018 Record 1-6; [District Record 0-2] WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK Week 8 Result: Loss 10-6 vs 4A Logan County (7-0). Thanks to our good friend @BigTiger55 who reported that Ultra-talented WR now QB Ellis Dunn is now directing the Tiger offense. That seems like the best course of action for the Tigers. As I equate the loss of Star QB Jay Bland to having lost your best spark plug out of your vehicle. You replace that spark plug with the best next one ya got, but that leaves a hole where you took that one from! So in the end does your car still run? Sure just not nearly as well! You have to tip your hat to the Hoptown Defense as they were outstanding – only giving up about 230 yards on the night to a team that came in putting up big numbers, albeit to lesser opponents! And JR K Mason Marschand is a very solid kicker, so that helps! But the offense just can’t get it going right now and the Tigers will be on the road come playoff time! Week 9: at 4A District Foe Calloway County (3-4)! FINALLY, the Class V Rapids are now passed! But many hardships were inflicted along the way! But I think this team will make the #2 seed in 4A District 2 have nightmares! Hang in Tigers!!! Others Receiving Votes: Murray, Warren East, McLean County, Allen County Scottsville, Russellville, Grayson County, Hancock County, and Fulton County!!! WEEK 8 PLAYER OF THE WEEK*: Devin Nesbitt – RB – Crittenden County – ran a kickoff back 84 yards, caught a 43 yard TD pass, and ran for 5 more TDs – all in all 7 TDs vs Ballard Memorial!!! WOW!!! Congratulations Devin! Other outstanding performances in the West: 1) Trenton Howard – WR – Ballard Memorial – 13 catches for 209 yards and 2 TDs vs Crittenden County!!! 2) Owens Aleaga – QB – Daviess County – 15 for 26 for 309 yards and 5 TDs vs 0 INTs vs Muhlenberg County! Marquel Tinsley – WR – Daviess County – 9 catches for 217 yards and 4 TDS (he picked off 1 pass on D as well just for fun!) vs Muhlenberg County! 3) Cameron McCauley – SR RB/LB – Fulton County – 4 rushes for 103 yards and 1 TD; plus led the team with 9 tackles on the night vs Calloway County! 4) Will Warren – SR QB – Owensboro – 8 for 11 passing for 191 yards and 4 TDs vs Marshall County! * If there are stats I don’t know about, please add them below! Week 8 “Teams Trending Down” Henderson County (6A) – Down – Just a missed opportunity Colonels! I realize you were on the road and that McCracken is capable, but seems like you and Daviess County kinda let McCracken off the mat and now they are a real team to be reckoned with! Still a lot to play for Colonels! And this week is probably that game you need most of all! If I asked would you take a home playoff game as a sign of a positive season, I think you would have said yes Colonel Fans; and I would agree! Good luck Colonels! Apollo (5A) – Down – I hate to jump on you while it seems like you can’t catch a break Eagles Fans! But the main reason you are here is that most of the wounds you took last Friday were self-inflicted! How many penalties at crucial times? How many turnovers and dropped passes and snaps over your punters head? Tooooo Many! Still think this is a good team! But unfortunately the ceiling now is likely a first round road playoff game at either BG or South Warren….. OOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF!!!! Week 8 Teams “Trending Up” Logan County (4A) – Up – Well they were supposed to win this game 88!! Come on man… So easy we forget about a little losing streak right before this stellar winning streak and we just toss that baby out with the bath water!!! NOT SO FAST! We all know Hoptown is a very good team that has had to endure some extremely difficult times with player losses! But the players who remain in Hoptown are still playing as hard as anyone! So the Cougars had to earn this win and the right to play for the District Title this coming Friday Night! Great Work Cougars!!! McCracken County (6A) – Up – What a Win Mustang Fans! This team just refuses to quit! I have always like Coach Clark and I still think McCracken hit a home run when they hired him a couple seasons ago! No, they will not beat the Louisville schools right now, but nobody else will either! 6th District Title in a Row! Impressive! I will say this: This is my 4th Season doing the WKY Power Rankings and it isn’t even close that the hardest team to rank is the McCracken County Mustangs. They start out the season not playing great against quality, determined teams! Then you write them off! Then they come out of left field and take it to their district mates like “been there, done that”! I wouldn’t want to see Daviess County again though Mustangs! But I am really pulling for you against the TN school this week! Go Mustangs!!! WESTERN KENTUCKY – GAME SPOTLIGHT - 4A Calloway County 62 at 1A Fulton County 28 – Calloway County has about 60 players while the Pilots have about 25. Total yards for the game were roughly 490 for the Lakers vs 260 for the Pilots with the biggest disparity coming in the passing game. The Lakers gained about 200 yards in the air vs about 30 for the Pilots! The Pilots roll on to Marion for a very tough District assignment vs the Rockets! While the Lakers return home to face a battered but proud Hopkinsville squad! Both will be interesting games!
  10. BluegrassPreps 2017 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 10 & Post-Season Preview Edition Concerning the top story line for this week: The third season has arrived: Playoff Time! The time most of us cherish most, as teams prepare for the win or go home drama ahead! Looking back, we have had some terrific football this season! These playoffs seem pretty open (At least initially) with many teams in the West capable of making deep playoff runs! Get your honey-do’s out of the way Sports Fans and get out and watch some playoff High School Football! Nothing Like it! Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 10: Man it was a Frog-Strangler of a Friday Night!!! Cold and wet conditions gripped all teams in the West causing coaching staffs to have to gear down into slower, less risky offensive and defensive sets (except Mayfield). Conditions made it difficult on the fans as well. With these conditions, I find it best not to take these games totally as they seem. Most times you can just look at the scoreboard and know how a game went. These aren’t those kinds of games. These games are just get the lead and grind it out and go home as fast as you can, where you can’t run what you really like to run offensively speaking. 1. Bowling Green 5A (8-2): Win 28-0 vs 5A Bullitt Central 2. Mayfield 2A (9-1): Win 55-14 at 3A Caldwell County 3. Christian County 5A (10-0): Win 20-10 at 3A Paducah Tilghman 4. South Warren 4A (8-2): Win 21-16 at 2A Owensboro Catholic 5. Caldwell County 3A (8-2): Loss 55-14 vs 2A Mayfield 6. Franklin Simpson 4A (7-3): Win 55-6 at 1A Russellville 7. Logan County 4A (10-0): Win 34-6 vs 2A Todd County Central 8. McCracken County 6A (6-4): BYE Week 9. Glasgow 2A (7-3): Loss 20-12 vs 3A Elizabethtown 10. Apollo 5A (7-3): Loss 26-7 vs 6A Daviess County Week 10 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 9-1 2A Mayfield 55 at 8-2 3A Caldwell County 14. YOUZZZAAA!:eek::eek::eek: Double Nickels on the road vs a worthy opponent! Speaks volumes to me!!! The Mayfield defense played very well, bending several times, but came up with HUGE turnovers in critical times to get the ball back to their outstanding offense. To go into hostile territory with difficult playing conditions and still roll just like any other game says this team is ready to go DEEP into the playoffs! For Caldwell County, I take my hat off and scratch my head a bit. Is this a reflection of Mayfield being just that good or a reflection that you really haven’t been tested in a while and not quite as good as your record would suggest? I’m not sure, but still think you could pull a playoff upset at home! More on these 2 below! Meat & Potato’s Version Week 10 Top 10: 10) Apollo 5A (7-3) – LW: 9 – Preseason: Not Ranked (NR) – District Record – (3-1) - Week 10: Loss 26-7 vs County Rival 6A Daviess County (5-5). I don’t have any stats on this one, but again think this game meant more to Daviess County with Apollo just looking to get ready for next week’s game hosting Greenwood. I think Coach Crume was willing to lose this one in order to be in a better position to win Friday night! GREAT Season Eagles! Playoff Snapshot: Where did this team come from? I mean… did they and Logan County get together with Harry Potter and magically transform overnight? Just seems that way… Just a remarkable season! Apollo earned their first winning season since 2009 and first 8 win regular season since 2004; also the last time they beat rival Owensboro. Can’t say it enough…Outstanding season!!! Ceiling: Show up at BG Week 2 and have the lead in the second half. But it doesn’t last! Floor: Turnovers and penalties could let the Greenwood Gators win one for SR QB Jackson Adams! Purple88 Pick: Apollo is too good for Greenwood this year and the Eagles win by 3 TDs. Show up in BG and play very well only being down by 7 at the half. BG finds another gear in the 2nd and ends a terrific Eagles season 42-17. 9) Glasgow (2A) – 2017 Record 7-3 - LW: 7 - Preseason Rank: Top 20; [District Record: 3-0] Week 10: Loss 20-12 vs 3A Elizabethtown (9-1). Battled valiantly in this one and was up 12-7 at the half… But couldn’t tackle on both special teams TDs and costs you the game. Tough loss because you played well enough to win. Still a very fine regular season Scotties!!! Playoff Snapshot: Glasgow has played well this season with a difficult non-district schedule in order to attempt to prepare for the 2A Jefferson County Beasts! This team is well coached and has terrific athletes. 7 and 3 is fine record and I expect most in Glasgow are pleased with that! Ceiling: Roll Covington Holy Cross; Sneak by a talented Newport Central Catholic; Face a better than you think Lloyd Memorial team and win the Region in OT! Face a destined to get to Lexington Danville squad and just get outmatched. Floor: NCC is good enough to beat you, even at Glasgow. This is your floor. Purple 88 Pick: The Scotties make it to the Regional Final game and play well, but Lloyd Memorial just makes more plays and wins 28-24 in a well-played game. Go Scotties! 8) McCracken County (6A) – Last Week (LW): 10 - Preseason Rank: 9 - 2017 Record 6-4; [District Record 4-0] Week 10: BYE Week. Rested and healed up! The Mustangs get ready to host Poor Ole’ Muhlenberg County again. My recommendation is to blast them out early and rest your players you can’t do without! Playoff Snapshot: Cross-bracketing is the Mustangs Friend this year, as it will keep them away from the Jefferson County Beasts all the way to the State Semi-Final! The opportunity is NOW Mustangs! Ceiling: Win the regional championship vs probably Central Hardin and Host the Trinity Shamrocks over on the Left Bank. Play hard and fight to the end, but that’s all she wrote…. No shame losing to the #9 team in the Nation! Floor: Come in “unfocused” and let a dangerous Daviess County team with revenge on their mind capitalize on too many turnovers. And to lose here would be devastating IMO. Purple88 Pick: Running clock Muhlenberg County; beat a game Daviess County squad by 2 TDs; and take Central Hardin’s Best Shot and win 24-14. Host Big T and get a rough way to go 56-7. Still an excellent year and MUCH to build on! Go Stangs! 7) Logan County 4A 2017 Record (10-0) – Last Week (LW): 8 – District Record: 4-0 - Week 10: Win 34-6 vs 2A Todd County Central (6-3). Don’t have many stats here either, but on a grim night for playing conditions, the Cougars finish off what they started – their FIRST UNDEFEATED REGULAR SEASON IN SCHOOL HISTORY!!! Sound the trumpets!!! :dancingpa Unprecedented achievement! Congratulations Coach Adler, Players and Cougar Nation!!! Playoff Snapshot: The BEST Story in the West & the BEST Story in the State 2017 – the Logan County Cougars! Epic turnaround we will be referencing for years to come capped off with an Undefeated regular season on the heels of the state’s longest losing streak. Start writing the book now… But I feel the Cougars aren’t done and like the sweet taste of Victory. But how are their wounded comrades? Will be vitally important later! But the Cougars have the ability to play in Russellville until the State Championship Game – Big Advantage! Ceiling: In the second round, you will struggle with the athleticism coming your way, but they know not the Heart of a Cougar and Cougar Nation rolls on. Up next is Franklin Simpson who has been achieving steady runs to the State Championship game for some time now – OH What the Hey – Logan County in this one too! But the train runs out of coal at the Semi-State as a gritty Collins squad finally stops Cougar Nation after a remarkable run! Floor: The team in the second round is good enough to beat you and that would be your floor! Purple88 Pick: Logan County ROLLS in Week 1; gets tested significantly, but refuses to die and ekes out a 24-17 win over Warren East. When Franklin Simpson comes to town, they are all business and stops Logan 28-17 in a hard fought game! Go get em Cougars!!! 6) Franklin Simpson (4A) – LW: 6 - Preseason Rank: 4 - 2017 Record 7-3; District Record 3-0] Week 10: Win 55-6 at Old Rival 1A Russellville (6-4). Not much to see here on a cold, rainy evening in Russellville. Many Wildcats play well, but not sure Russellville was really in this one from the start. Playoff Snapshot: After some speed bumps early in the year, this Wildcats team has really come on! Coming off an undefeated 2016 regular season, I want to think this Wildcat Team has benefitted from the early season losses. If you are a Wildcat fan, you have to like where you sit going into this postseason run! Ceiling: Playing for the 4A State Championship in Lexington! You won’t be the favorite, but your opponent isn’t as invincible and if you can get some momentum going in that game, especially early, you can win it! Floor: I think Madisonville is capable of beating you, but I just don’t think they will. But that’s your floor. Purple88 Pick: Running clock Hop County Central; Beat a tough and physical Madisonville squad in a closer than predicted game. Travel to a better than predicted Logan County, struggle early, but come on late and win by 1 TD. Edge a very well coached Collins squad by 3 points and travel to Lexington for a Class 4A rematch. I will be pulling for you, but you will have to win the turnover battle to win this game! 5) Caldwell County (3A) – LW: 4 - Preseason Rank: Top 15 - 2017 Record 8-2; [District Record 4-0] Week 10: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week: Loss 55-14 vs Old Rival 2A Mayfield (9-1). While I expected Mayfield to win, I did not expect this score. Some teams handle adverse weather conditions better than others. I’m not sure if Caldwell just came out of the locker room down 7 or what, but just never got the feel they were playing with much energy, especially defensively. For example, Caldwell has been one of the best defensive squads in the West, especially against the pass. But Mayfield passes cut through the Caldwell D like the P51 Mustang (one of the Best US Planes of All-Time!) cut through the Nazi lines in WWII. One game Tigers – shake it off and move on!!! Congratulations to Hunter VanHooser who is now the leading tackler in Caldwell County History!!! Well done! Playoff Snapshot: The Tigers have played much better than I anticipated they would this season (barring last Friday Night). Their defense is good enough to win deep playoff games; can their offense do enough to win those games? You tell me… Ceiling: I think the Tigers can avenge some old demons and send the Elizabethtown Panthers home for the winter! These 2 have had some terrific battles before and even though you wouldn’t be favored, you would be at home and that’s important for that game! Can’t pull the trigger against Boyle County for you though, but you prove me wrong… Go Tigers!!! Floor: Larue County is a dangerous team. They are under the radar and you likely won’t get up for them. If you are too flat; it could be all she wrote for Caldwell! Purple88 Pick: Running clock vs Hart Co in Round 1; Beat Larue by 7. Play Etown a nip n’ tuck game and I want to pick you to win this game, but just don’t feel it with how Etown is playing right now. But prove me wrong Tigers!!! 4). South Warren (5A) – LW: 5 - Preseason Rank: 10 - 2017 Record 8-2; District Record 3-1] Week 10: Win 21-16 at 2A Owensboro Catholic (6-4). I will say it again, OCATH is not your average 2A team. And I thought they likely played harder than South did in this game. BUT, you HAVE to take into consideration the double whammy of FINALLY playing the Bowling Green game and all that emotion and also losing handily. Taking all that into account, plus the crappy weather, and being on the road, and South being an effective passing team, I’m not that surprised by this outcome. And I still think they can make a good run. BUT make NO MISTAKE, South Warren has THE TOUGHEST DRAW OF ANY TEAM IN CLASS 5A. Let me back that statement up: 1st Round – Graves County, who is capable of beating South and playing well in their own right. 2nd Round – at Christian County, undefeated Christian County. 3rd Round – at Bowling Green, Defending 5A State Champions. 4th Round – at Covington Catholic, #2 in the State with arguably their best team ever. 5th Round – State Final – you’ll be challenged in this game regardless. :eyeonyou::eyeonyou::eyeonyou:CRAZY DIFFICULT!!! Playoff Snapshot: South Warren has had a terrific inaugural 5A season. They played several tough team early (winning those) and 2 really tough teams late (losing those). But you have to think South learned quite a bit from those really tough games that will help prepare them for the playoff wars ahead! Solid team here! Ceiling – I may get some flak for this one, but I think South is capable of pulling some shockers; winning the Regional Championship and facing Covington Catholic in the Semi-State game. Don’t like your chances there, but would be a heck of a year if that plays out!!! Floor – Graves County is good enough to beat you in round 1, especially if the penalties are severe for South. This is your floor. Purple88 Pick: I predict South to beat Graves County is a very competitive, fist fight kind of game. Travel to undefeated Christian County and have a chance to win, but just feel it's Christian County’s year to challenge for the Regional Championship. South falls 21-20. 3) Christian County (5A) – LW: 3 - Preseason Rank: 2 - 2017 Record 10-0; [District Record 4-0] Week 10: Win 20-10 at Paducah Tilghman 3A (4-6). Congratulations on earning your first undefeated regular season of varsity football in school history! Big Deal right there considering the Colonels rich football history! Lot of hard work went into making this happen! Enjoy it this week Colonels – you’ve earned a bunny Week 1!!! :bunny::bunny::bunny: Playoff Snapshot: Not sure how you can improve on an undefeated season! But I will call to the spotlight your schedule, as it does not provide a lot of tests to get you ready for deep playoff games IMO. Now you may have prepared yourself on your own and if you have, your efforts on the field will reflect that! Let’s see what you got!!! Ceiling – This team is clearly capable of making the 4 Game Run to Lexington!!! Floor – Second Round of the Playoffs, no matter who comes to the Stadium of Champions – South Warren or Graves County – either team is good enough to beat you. Plain and simple…. Purple88 Pick: I spoke to our good friend @TackleTrap in January of this year and we predicted BG would travel to Christian County in November with the regional championship on the line. I say that plays out. While I think Christian could win that game, I just honestly feel BG is better prepared to win it. I’ll take BG 35 Christian County 21. 2) Mayfield (2A) – LW: 2 - Preseason Rank: 3 - 2017 Record 9-1; District Record 3-0] Week 10: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week – Win 55-14 at 3A Caldwell County (8-2). When you play Mayfield in late October and you get a chance to score; you better capitalize! Mayfield puts so much pressure on you from a “having to keep up” standpoint, I think the mental fatigue took over after the Cardinals got up a couple TDs and that was all she wrote! The Cardinals 4 Phases (offense, defense, special teams, and JV) all played so well; not sure who to mention as I’ll leave many out who played well (Valuable Minutes for the Mayfield JV also - will bode well for next season:thumb:), but the dual QB position this season played by Stinson and Guthrie has been particularly impressive. Usually 2 QBs playing significantly don’t work out that well; seems just fine in Mayfield! Would also keep defensive coordinators up late at night I’d think as well! Playoff Snapshot: These Cardinals have sailed the 2017 waters with incredible seamanship! Their first 5 games saw stiff competition be overwhelmed early and often. Weary, they sailed on to Clarksville to battle a desperate (lost up in Beechwood the week before) 3A Title Contender in Corbin who had to use the “If All Else Fails” Playbook to nip the Cardinals by a FG. The ship pulled back into port for the annual recharging/District Bloodbath and just set sail again LOADED for a deep run – plowing through Princeton – on its way to Lexington!!! Ceiling: This is the Year the Cardinals can start another consecutive Championship Game appearance streak – This time at the Grocery Bag in Lexington! Floor: At the first of the year, I would have said OCath can beat you. But this game would be at Mayfield and OCath has faced too many obstacles during the season IMO – I just don’t see it. But the Desales Colts have been to Mayfield before and they’d like to win this time. They are capable and they are your floor! Purple88 Pick: I think Mayfield goes to Lexington is the bottom line. I think the first and second round games are running clocks. I’d like to think the OCath game would not be a running clock, but it might be as well. The Desales game will be Epic with the game going back and forth. I think Mayfield has more offensive ability than Desales outstanding D is used to and that’s the difference – Mayfield 28 Desales 21. Go to Lexington and get it done Cardinals!!! 1) Bowling Green (5A) – LW: 1 - Preseason Rank: 1 - 2017 Record 8-2; District Record 4-0] Week 10: Win 28-0 at 5A Bullitt Central (6-4). Just a mud bog of a game with players “tippy-toeing” around trying to find decent footing to kick it back in gear. The BG D played well as did 2nd team RB Ja’vyon Collins with 3 TDs on the night! No significant injuries which is great news! Good Regular Season Purples! Playoff Snapshot: Some will say BG didn’t have a good regular season. Then the phase “the pigs get fed and the hogs get slaughtered” comes into play as expectations have become forecast above realistic understanding. Facts are BG lost to a fired up 6A team (PRP) on the road second game of the season; St Xavier strategically places their bye week in Week 2 to prep ahead of the BG game and comes to El Donaldson Stadium and wins fair and square by 11 points. I think the young Purples learned a lot from those games! Now let’s go looking for #7!!! Ceiling: BG has the ability to make it to Lexington – plain and simple!!! Floor: I have a ton of respect for the Owensboro Red Devils, so I will say the Red Devils are their floor. It would be a HUGE disappointment for BG to lose that game, but the Red Devils are like those old firecrackers called “Jumpin Jacks”! You light them and got back quickly because you never knew where they were going to go. They made a whizzing noise and bounced around and you couldn’t get a good handle on them. That’s Owensboro! Makes me nervous for that game as I know they will play as hard as they possibly can. Purple88 Pick: The Purples have been picking up momentum steadily since 2 early season setbacks against better 6A schools. They have a deadly combination of good talent, good speed, good schedule, and a great coaching staff who has been through these firecracker infested grounds before. I think BG handles Owensboro by 21. They play the best Apollo team I’ve ever known and win by the same amount. Travel to Christian County and win by a TD. The Colonels of Covington Catholic, with arguably their best team in their illustrious history, come calling the day after Thanksgiving! Would be EPIC! My feelings are mixed on this game. My head tells me Covington Catholic will win. My heart won’t go against the men in Purple and Gold. I’ll leave it at that. But the team that wins this game; wins it all!!! Next Tier 11 Thru 15 – 11. Tier: Madisonville-North Hopkins 4A – LW: 11; Preseason: Top 15 – 2017 Record: (6-4) [District Record – 3-1] - Week 10: Win 37-6 vs 3A Fort Campbell (2-8). Solid win in tough conditions, which fits the way the Maroons want to play! Good regular season Maroons as you improve off a 4-7 2016 campaign! Playoff Snapshot: The Maroons have played well this season and really developed a strong rushing attack with Hightower and Miller, who will both pass 1,000 yards on the season. The untimely loss to Logan County put you in a MUCH tougher part of the bracket, but you still have much to play for. Purple88 Pick: One of the toughest 4A opening round games you’ll find, as the Maroons host Allen County-Scottsville. The run-first Maroons will look to set that tough physical tone, while the pass-first Patriots will look to ride the arm of their senior leader QB Chase Wilson. Both teams struggled a bit down the stretch, but I’ll go with Madisonville as when the air gets colder, it is easier to run it than throw it. The second round shows a trip to Franklin Simpson. Not this year Maroons, but still a good season overall! Warren East (4A) – LW: 12 - Preseason Rank: Outside Top 20 - 2017 Record 6-4; District Record 2-1] Week 10: Win 36-6 vs. 3A Bardstown (3-7). East just has way too many athletes for this Bardstown team. They have already doubled their win total from last season! Very good season Raiders!!! Playoff Snapshot: Outside of Logan County, I have probably been more impressed with the season Warren East has had than any other team from what I expected. If you look at their record 6 and 4, 2 of those losses were 2 of the best teams in 4A IMO Wayne County and Franklin Simpson. They lost to a good 2A team in Glasgow and a gritty 2A team in Monroe County by a combined 3 points when they were dealing with considerable injuries. Purple88 Pick: The Hopkinsville Tigers will travel to Warren East for a date on the Smurf Turf. The Tigers have been faced with more than any team should have to face in a single season (death of a teammate, loss of irreplaceable key players, change of coaching staff, and reinvigoration of their schedule going from Team Cupcake to Team Rambo!). But the Raiders must come out and just play football and I like them to win this game and travel to Russellville and face the new sheriff in town Logan County. While I do think East is good enough to beat Logan County, I just don’t think they do it here. Great Season Raiders!!! The future seems bright! 12. Tier: Graves County 5A (6-4) – Last Week (LW): 12 – District Record 2-2 - Week 10: Win 36-13 vs 4A Calloway County (0-9). Eagles double up on the poor ole’ Lakers in total yards and run behind that big OLine to get a comfortable win. Sets up the best opening round game in Class 5A when the Eagles visit South Warren! This is a good team here! Playoff Snapshot: The Eagles have had a good season. I’m sure they would have liked to have sealed the deal vs Christian County and put that as their signature win on the year. But a solid year none-the-less. Purple88 Pick: While I think you can beat South Warren, I don’t think you will and fall by 6 points. QB Mathis returns for his SR year next year and I think the Eagles will be better next year than this one! Owensboro Catholic (2A) – LW: 11 - Preseason Rank: 5 - 2017 Record 6-4; District Record 4-0] Week 10: Loss 21-16 vs 5A South Warren (8-2). I didn’t expect you to win this game Aces, but I did expect you to be competitive and that’s exactly what you did – compete at a high level on a difficult weather night. I am impressed by this effort and look for you to roll into the playoffs! Playoff Snapshot: Following the Aces this season has been like chasing water-based paint in a glass of water – they keep moving in an out of focus, mystically moving about (early season schedule) and then all of a sudden they appear as a solid film (dominant district campaign) on top. Purple88 Pick: Honestly, I’ve known the Aces path for some time now. Running clock Webster County and maybe Murray too. Travel to Mayfield with the regional championship on the line and just come up short against a better team. Nothing to fret over, you’re just going to need a complete season with much less adversity to overcome to be able to take down Mayfield. Still a good season for a team that was too hyped at the beginning of the year to no fault of their own. 13. Tier: Daviess County 6A (5-5) LW: 14 – District Record 2-2 - Week 10: Win 26-7 at 5A Apollo (7-3). This is a Big win for Daviess and sets the tone going into the playoffs! And I still think Daviess needed this game more than Apollo did. Playoff Snapshot: The Panthers have a nice offense, but seem to have trouble putting a full game together at times. I know you wish you could have that Henderson County game back. You need to win that one next year to take a step forward. Good luck. Purple88 Pick: Daviess goes to north Etown to take on North Hardin. I think you can win this game and will be pulling for you, but feel it’s a draw. With that in mind, I think you have the best player on the field (WR Marquel Tinsley) so I think you’ll win by a TD. Week 2 you have to travel to McCracken County. Don’t like your chances there even with revenge in your favor for motivation. You play a strong game; just not enough McCracken County 42- Daviess County 34. Allen County Scottsville (4A) LW: 13 - Preseason Rank: Top 20 - 2017 Record 7-3; [District Record 1-2] Week 10: 29-0 vs gritty 2A Monroe County (7-3). Grisly night; but the Patriots took care of business in this one. Sets the stage for a tough 1st round playoff game in Madisonville! Playoff Snapshot: Uneven is the first word that comes to my mind concerning ACS. QB Chase Wilson is an upper level talent, so I expected a better showing in the tougher games. They beat Greenwood by 3 before their wheels fell off and beat Glasgow by 4 in Scottsville; the rest of their wins is to a rag-tag group that have no shot at winning a playoff game. Purple88 Pick: The Patriots have to travels to Madisonville to take on a tough Maroons squad. While the Patriots could rise up and win the game, they have given me nothing to suggest that will happen. Will be a while before a better QB than Chase Wilson walks out of that Patriots locker room! 14. Tier: Owensboro (5A) – 2017 Record 4-6 – LW: 15 - Preseason Rank: 6 - [District Record 1-3] Week 10: Win 39-20 vs Henderson County (4-6). According the Riherds Page stats, Owensboro amassed over 300 yards on the ground. That is not surprising. What is surprising is that Star Imonte Owsley got the ball for 14 carries and 127 yards and 2 TDs. That is almost 3 times as many touches as the Red Devils best player touched the ball vs Apollo. Trend??? You tell me… Playoff Snapshot: Well sports fans, I was praising the Owensboro coaching staff for going to the veer last season as I still feel it was a good call at that time, but I honestly think it’s easy to armchair QB it and say they should have flipped the switch the other way this season. Just too much talent to not try to scheme to get those athletes in space. Purple88 Pick: Red Devils travel to BG in the first round. Owensboro could win this game. I just don’t think they get it done though, but they scare me honestly as they’ll have nothing to lose, play loose and compete hard. But A LOT of baggage has built up off Frederica Street. Some form of change is needed. NO WAY Owensboro should be down here in the 14th Tier!!! :no: Union County (3A) – LW: 15 - Preseason Rank: Not Ranked - 2017 Record 8-2; [District Record 2-2] Week 10: Win 39-29 vs 2A Murray (4-6) Exactly what you needed Braves fans! Got an opponent that didn’t roll over and played you pretty well, but not enough to get the win from you. Your regular season record matches the 2013 season where you also won a playoff game vs Ballard Memorial. Playoff Snapshot: The Braves have been fun to follow this season honestly. They are a tough scrappy team that plays hard and is fun to watch. Had a HUGE crowd when they hosted Top Dog Caldwell County. A bit out of their reach at the moment, but I like what’s going on over in Morganfield! Great season! Purple88 Pick: The loss to Tilghman stings now as you will have to go on the road to a really tough Larue County Hawks team that has only lost once on the road to Etown. I want you win Braves but just don’t feel it this year. But hope to see you next year at the Central Hardin 7v7! 15. Tier: Henderson County (6A) – LW: 13 - Preseason Rank: NR - 2017 Record 4-6; [District Record 3-1] Week 10: Loss 39-20 at 4-6 Owensboro. As long as you come out of this one without injury, I’d say you’re in good shape Hendo, as I think Owensboro “should” be better than you are this year. Need to ramp up now though, as a playoff win would be HUGE for this program going into the offseason! Playoff Snapshot: You may not like their record, but Coach Boston and Company are making their way back up the ladder IMO. Playing TOUGH opponents early in the season and handling their district minus McCracken County in fine fashion and hosting a playoff game. Just like in the pre-season, I would call that a win! Purple88 Pick: Host a Gritty Meade County team, but find a way to win. Travel to Etown to play Central Hardin and while you can win this game, I just don’t think you will. Prove me wrong Colonels! Good, solid season Colonels!!! Paducah Tilghman 3A (4-6) – LW: 14 – Preseason – Top 20 - Week 10: Loss 20-10 vs 5A Christian County (10-0). Team Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda gets excruciatingly close to one of the biggest upsets in the state this season, but couldn’t close out the deal in the 4th Quarter. Still a dangerous team, but likely only 1 bullet left in the Blue Tornado gun this season. Playoff Snapshot: One of the toughest schedules you’ll find in the early season for a 3A school anywhere. Still has a punchers chance for a one-time upset. Still think this team has potential, but that song gets old after a while. Purple88 Pick: Edmonson County is good enough to beat you, but I don’t think they will (Long, Long bus ride!). The bus goes the other way in Week 2 as you’ll have to roll on down the WK Parkway to Etown to face the Panthers. Just don’t see it Blue Tornado’s, but ramp up for next season and have a less turbulent off-season and I can see you making noise in 2018! Others Receiving Votes: Hopkinsville, Edmonson County, Monroe County, Greenwood, Russellville, Metcalfe County, Ohio County. Week 10 Players of the Week: (I don’t have a ton of stats this week, so please add as you find players to add here) Congratulations to all the young men who have had a spot on this list throughout the season! Great Work!!! 1) Hunter VanHooser LB – Caldwell County – Breaks the All-Time Tackler Record at Caldwell County – Congratulations!!! 2) Gabe Harned and Josh Whitis – Graves County - both over 100 yards rushing vs Calloway County! 3) Juriah Hightower – RB Madisonville – 20 carries for 177 yards and 2 TDs vs Ft Campbell! Week 10 – Teams Trending Down – Plain and Simple… Caldwell County (3A) – Down – Plain & Simple… the Tigers got their doors blown off! Bad timing. I’m aware they played Mayfield. Past Tiger teams have put up stiff battles with the Cardinals – 2017 was not one of those. Wanted to pick you to upset Etown. I know it’s just one game, but it was a bad one… Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Down – Not much more deflating for a team to have the biggest upset in the state slip thought your fingers… But Team woulda, coulda, shoulda HAD THIS GAME! I realize you were playing undefeated 5A Christian County. I still think you can upset someone you’re not supposed to, but this was a lost opportunity! Week 10 – Teams Trending Up – Plain and Simple… Christian County (5A) – Up – Congratulations Colonels on your first undefeated regular season in your schools history! BIG DEAL HERE! Best of luck going forward… :dancingpa Logan County (4A) – Up – I think they should make a movie of these guys… small county school; been down for years of consecutive losing; change coaching staff; grind out a tough 2016 season, BUT come through and get a program changing win vs Todd County Central at the end of that season, which IMO was the spring board over the winter/spring/summer to allow the Cougars to rise up in 2017 – And Rise Up they Did!!! Congratulations Cougar Nation!!! :dancingpa MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Congratulations to both Christian County (much more expected) and Logan County (no one expected) and truly memorable and inaugural undefeated regular seasons in both programs history! Historic accomplishments! Good luck to both in the playoffs!!! The Sullen 6: It’s been a long season for Breckinridge County, Butler County, Calloway County, Caverna, Fulton City, and Warren Central. I truly want all these teams to break this streak next season. Will likely be difficult, but if Logan County has taught us anything, it’s that if you believe you can and you instill confidence in young men – anything is possible! Good luck next season! 2017 WESTERN KENTUCKY REGULAR SEASON ALL WEST TEAM QB – Kolbe Langhi – Christian County RB – Tre Bass – Franklin Simpson RB - Gary Hardy – Logan County WR – Marquel Tinsley – Daviess County WR – Caleb Huskey – Warren East WR – Peyton Peters - Apollo OL – Tanner Bowles, Glasgow OL – Trevor Terrell, Mayfield OL – Jackson Burke, Owensboro DL – Jacob Lacey – South Warren LB – Justice Dingle – Bowling Green LB – Pete Cross – South Warren LB – Kyle Hurt - Mayfield DB – Saul Brady – Franklin Simpson DB – Vito Tisdale – Bowling Green DB - Trel Riley- Caldwell County S – Corey Trice – Christian County S – Imonte Owsley - Owensboro Kick Returner – Ziyon Kenner – Bowling Green ATH – Jackson Adams - Greenwood ATH – Jacob Lightfoot – Allen County-Scottsville ATH – Trevor Grant – Graves County Coach – Todd Adler, Logan County Farewell: End of the Road! It’s been a Long Road, but I hope you have found it as fun as I have! Even if you don’t agree with my rankings, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of our other teams out West! We have A LOT to be thankful for in having good football teams in the West! Now get out there and support your team(s) in person! It’s a great time of year! Sweatshirt and shorts weather is my absolute favorite to go watch a game. Good luck to your teams this playoff season and hope to see ya next year!
  11. BluegrassPreps 2017 Western Kentucky Power Rankings - Week 7 Edition Sometimes football is second. Thanks to our good friend @silo11, who reported the news of the Tragic Loss of Hopkinsville Freshman football player E.J. Austin. Police Investigating Accidental Death of Hopkinsville High Student | Your Sports Edge We all love the game. That is why we visit this site to gain info, trade info and give a verbal elbow on occasion. But it is through events like this that life becomes crystal clear and the finality of the loss of this young man with so much promise not only on the football field but across all those he encountered is simply devastating to a program and community just getting out of the shadows of the 2015 tragic death of Hopkinsville football player Jay'von Quarles. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Hopkinsville community for this very sad loss. For the remainder of the regular season, the Western Kentucky Game of the Week will be known as the EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week. Concerning the top football story line this week: We have 2: 1. It is the popular BYE time of the season. What are the Top 3 things teams need to focus on when going through the BYE week: A. Heal Your Players! You can't win in the playoffs without a majority of your team near 100%. B. That July 7on7 and August scrimmage seems like a far distant memory now! Focus short term and prepare to take down that local rival to set yourself up well within your district for a favorable playoff seeding! C. If you want to be playing late in November & December, this week is your springboard - Mentally! Take time to rejuvenate and come back to practice with the resolve for long term success! Good Luck! 2. We had 2 Special Highlight Games this week: 4A Logan County 13 vs 4A Hopkinsville 12!!! So many angles for this game. However, one is most clear for me. NEVER, have I EVER known of ANY team to have a long (much less 50 game) losing streak and then go on an 8 game win streak immediately on its heels!!! This takes A LOT of Guts and Fortitude by the Logan County Players & Coaches! Congratulations on this Big Win!!! 2A Ballard Memorial 74 at 1A Crittenden County 70 - Are You Kidding Me!!! 144 points in a high school game with no OT. Did either team ever run the ball? If ever there was a live Nintendo Game this was it! Many teams won't score 144 points for the whole year. This one jumped off the page on me! Congrats to the Bombers who are on a 2 game win streak!!! Good for them! But now they head to Mayfield!!! Ruh-Row!!! Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version - Week 7: 1. Bowling Green 5A (5-2): BYE Week 2. Mayfield 2A (6-1): BYE Week 3. Christian County 5A (7-0): Win 43-21 vs 5A Apollo 4. South Warren 4A (7-1): Loss 31-17 at 6A Ravenwood (Brentwood), TN 5. Caldwell County 3A (6-1): Win 39-7 at 3A Trigg County 6. Franklin Simpson 4A (4-3): BYE Week 7. Glasgow 2A (5-2): BYE Week 8. Madisonville North Hopkins 4A (5-2): BYE Week 9. Logan County 4A (7-0): Win 13-12 vs 4A Hopkinsville 10. Owensboro 5A (3-4): Win 56-6 vs 5A Marshall County Week 7 Western Kentucky Game of the Week Recap: 6A McCracken County (4-4) 40 at 6A Henderson County (3-5) 25. This was an excellent game. Tied at the half and nearly tied mid-3rd Quarter. But give McCracken County credit, as they made the plays late and were the stronger team in the 4th Quarter. For Henderson to improve in these type games, they are going to have to consider improving their pass offense. But never fear, Colonel Fans as you still will likely host a first round playoff game!!! And if you recall, I said that would be a win in my book back in the preseason (especially considering your tough schedule)!!! Mustang fans, you have to feel good with this one and likely winning your district!!! BIG WIN!!! Week 8 - EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week: District Buster: 4A Logan County (7-0) at 4A Madisonville - North Hopkins (5-2). Originally had another game here, but after the Cougars big win vs Hoptown, felt they earned it!!! This is a bigger game for Madisonville IMO as you would expect Logan County to have a bit of a let-down. Madisonville has been off for a week resting. The Maroons are at home and are the favorite. But will the Cougar Magic Wand come out again up in Hopkins County on Friday Night??? Get out to there and find out Sports Fans!!! Honorable Mention: Christian County at Graves County; Allen County-Scottsville at Warren East; Owensboro at Apollo; Monroe County at Glasgow; and Union County at Paducah Tilghman. Meat & Potato's Version Week 7 Top 10: 10) Owensboro (5A) - LW: 9 - Preseason Rank: 6 - 2017 Record 3-4; [District Record 1-1] Week 7 Results: Win: 56-6 vs 5A Marshall County (3-5). Good to get a win Red Devil Fans! Upon further review, felt you deserved to drop a bit more due to your record and Marshall County has little available to boost you on a power basis, but still a lot to play for O fans!!! Week 8: District Buster at 5A Apollo (5-2)! Is this the shortest distance for an away game in the state (3 miles)? You tell me... Apollo hasn't beaten Owensboro since 2004 (33-12 at Rash Stadium). This is a must win game for both sides, as the loser will almost assuredly be assigned Week 1 of the playoffs at either Bowling Green or South Warren. Not good and not where you want to be. Can Owensboro put together a complete game without the turnovers and costly penalties? You tell me... 9) Logan County 4A (6-0) - Last Week (LW): 11 - District Record: 2-0 - Week 7 Results: Win vs 4A Hopkinsville (1-6) 13-12! Was this the biggest win in Cougar History? You tell me... What a gutsy win!!! This win passes the Cougars 1996 squad who started the season 6 and 0. I believe and @CoachAdler can correct me, that this is the best start to a regular varsity football season in Logan County History!!! How's that for BIG!!! The Cougar D was lights out keeping the Cougars in the game in the first half. They held Hoptown to 3 for 15 on 3rd downs on the night!!! That paved the way for SO QB Tyler Ezell to play one of the gutsiest games in Logan County history completing 8 for 16 for 71 yards on the night. But it all came down to the final 72 yard drive with just less than 5 minutes to go in the game. And with 2.8 seconds to go from the Hoptown 4 yard line, Ezell scrambled right and chose to run and dove into the end zone and pandemonium on the field with all kinds of people on the field!!! What a Game!!! If you haven't seen the final play, watch it here: Ezell's game-winning TD lifts Logan County over Hopkinsville, 13-12 - Sporting Times Week 8: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week: at (5-2) Madisonville-North Hopkins. Hopkinsville was knocked out by a tough, physical Madisonville-North Hopkins squad that brought a lot of intensity to their game and handled Hoptown surprisingly easy. For Logan County, they have to be on Cloud 9 right now, but Madisonville plays a tough physical style of football that will really test the Cougars. Can Logan keep the Madisonville rush attack below 200 yards in the game??? You tell me... Should be a great one!!! District Title will be on the line!!! 8) Madisonville-North Hopkins 4A - LW: 8; Preseason: Top 15 - 2017 Record: (5-2) [District Record: 2-0] - Week 7 Results: BYE Week. The Maroons should be well-rested coming into arguably the District Showdown with upstart Logan County. Week 8: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week: District Buster vs 4A Logan County (7-0). Well, Maroon Fans, I bet you didn't expect to battle Logan County for the District Title this season, but here you are. I look for the Maroons to try to wear down Logan County with a very good rush attack. Can the Cougars stand up to it for 4 Quarters? You tell me... 7) Glasgow (2A) - LW: 7 - Preseason Rank: Top 20; 2017 Record 5-2; Week 7: BYE Week. Scottie Fans the district is on the line Friday Night! I think Glasgow has the athletic advantage, but Monroe is a scrappy group and will battle you for 4 Quarters no doubt about it! Week 8: District Buster vs 2A Monroe County (6-1). The Falcons are flying high this year, but they must land in hostile territory here as the Scotties look to lay the law down and pluck the Falcons!!! Should be a pretty high scoring affair as both offenses have been prolific most of the season. Which defense can rise to the occasion? Which team has the better kicking game? You tell me... 6) Franklin Simpson (4A) LW: 6 - Preseason Rank: 4 - 2017 Record 4-3; District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Hopefully you get some nagging injuries healed up Wildcats, but in case you didn't, I'd say you can hold them out next week too! Week 8: District Game vs 4A Warren Central (0-7). The 2017 season has been unkind to the Warren Central Dragons, as the last 3 games were played against teams with far superior numbers and depth and thus they have been shut out the last 3 games. Now coming off the BYE Week they should have more pep in their step. RB/QB/Everything Back DJ Tyner is a really good football player. But after you see him run the ball the first couple times and you know it's coming with not much else in the play book; that's a recipe for a long night. Add that to the fact that the Franklin Simpson defense has gotten MUCH better over the last couple games and this one should be over quick!!! Get the win and avoid injuries Wildcats is your goal here! 5) Caldwell County (3A) LW: 5 - Preseason Rank: Top 15 - 2017 Record 6-1; [District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: Win: 37-6 at 3A Trigg County (4-4). Lot of chippiness in this one, as Trigg just isn't on Caldwell's level right now. Our good friend @CCHSTiger10 reported that he witnessed a Trigg County Chain Gang Guy get escorted out of the stadium. That's when you know you have a chippy game!!! Week 8: District Game vs 3A Fort Campbell (2-5). Fort Campbell has wins over 1 win Fort Knox and an uneven Marshall County squad looking for answers. Fort Campbell won't find many answers in Princeton on the 13th, as Caldwell County is playing as well as anyone right now. Think it would be good to see if Franklin Simpson might be mutually agreeable to get back into a home and home with Caldwell. Although, Caldwell's schedule only has 1 lower tier game for them and they might like it as it is. But I remember the Lightning Bowl, when it was a Great Game over in Princeton and sure would have liked to see how that one played out. Think it would help both teams come playoff time as well. Just my opinion mind you... 4) South Warren (5A) - LW: 3 - Preseason Rank: 10 - 2017 Record 7-1; District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: Loss: 31-17 at 6A Ravenwood (Brentwood), TN (6-2). According to our good friend @jcarter, South battled a tough Ravenwood, TN squad on their Homecoming Night. South had a couple chances to take leads and just couldn't do it. But the game changed when ultra-talented DT Jacob Lacey experienced a "shoulder stinger" and did not return. Lacey commands at least a double team, so when that went away it really helped Ravenwood. But, never fear Spartan Fans as this game means nothing concerning your District Standing. Week 8: BYE Week. I am coming from a mindset that in order for it to be a good time for a BYE that you need to win the game right before the Bye. If you don't, isn't that too long to go without getting that loss out of your system? You tell me... But it is a Great Time to get healthy! And boy, boy, boy will your next game be one to see, when the Spartans trek across town to El Donaldson Stadium for a tussle with the Purples!!! BIG GAME on October the 20th!!! It's been a long time coming and the District Championship will be on the line!!! Make your plans now sports fans to be at the El on October 20 for this one! You won't be disappointed!!! 3) Christian County (5A) - LW: 4 - Preseason Rank: 2 - 2017 Record 7-0; [District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: Win 43-21 vs 5A Apollo (5-2). According to our good friend @SomewhereOffTheMap, the Colonel D really came to play last Friday night as they had 2 Pick 6s, a fumble returned for a TD, and a blocked punt returned for a TD. Apollo "could" have been up 14-0 had they not fumbled on the Christian County 2 yard line. But you can't make that many mistakes against a good, opportunistic team like Christian County! Week 8: District Buster - at 5A Graves County (4-3). This is gonna be a good one Sports Fans, as ever since Graves lost to Apollo, I have looked to this game as giving the Eagles a chance at redemption. Can they do it? You tell me... They are the underdogs no doubt. But I remember another Graves County team that was the underdog and they shocked my Purples, so I think they have a shot in this game! Will we see QB Kolbi Langhi running much in this game? Will be interesting... If I were closer, I'd definitely try to make this one! Good luck Colonels!!! 2) Mayfield (2A) - LW: 2 - Preseason Rank: 3 - 2017 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Good to get some players healed up and some nagging injuries back on the road to recovery, but if it's not quite fixed, I'm sure Coach Morris can hold them out again with no problems. Week 8: District Game vs 2A Ballard Memorial (2-5). The Bombers got their first win of the season on the September 29th and won a Thriller in Crittenden County on Friday 74-70. If you add up the points from the scores of the Mayfield v Ballard Memorial games for the Bombers starting with 2016, it will take you 8 games to add up the Ballard Memorial scores to equal/surpass 74 points. So don't look for them to add a third straight win vs Mayfield at War Memorial Stadium this season as last week was the Bomber's Super Bowl. Should be a good warmup for the Mayfield JV guys and maybe Frosh as well. Since 1998, Ballard has never beaten Mayfield. I think @Toothpick told me some time ago if Ballard has ever beaten Mayfield. If I had to bet, I would bet they haven't beaten them. But I did see that the 2008 game was the closest one I could find with Mayfield winning in Barlow 42-38 with Taylor Edging gaining 132 yards rushing and 2 TDs. Ballard also earned a receiving TD and a Pick 6 and a Kick 6, so it took all that to get close. Don't see the streak ending anytime soon! Sorry Bombers... 1) Bowling Green (5A) - LW: 1 - Preseason Rank: 1 - 2017 Record 5-2; District Record 2-0] Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Good to get away for a bit and re-energize to gear up for another run in the playoffs Purples Fans!!! I get the sense there are multiple 5A teams that feel it is their year to take the 5A crown. Hoping the Purples will use that as motivation to begin playing their best football after the break! Week 8: District Game vs 5A Poor Ole' Barren County (0-7). Barren County has only beaten BG twice (in 1984 and 1985). Barren County is winless on the year and sets to come to El Donaldson Stadium looking for their first win on the season. I look for there to be no room for them in the INN!!! Just a very tough spot for the Trojans. For BG, you want to test your starters to the running clock and then likely get them out as you'll need them ready for South Warren the following week. HUGE District/Rivalry Game on the 20th Purples Fans! Next Tier 11 Thru 15 - 11. Tier: Allen County Scottsville (4A) LW: 10 - Preseason Rank: Top 20 - 2017 Record 5-2; [District Record 0-1] Week 7 Results - BYE Week. Coach Hood has to be gnashing his teeth after not playing as well as I know he would have liked against a very good Franklin Simpson squad. But definitely want to shoot for hosting a playoff game, so Week 8 is critical!!! Week 8: District Buster at 4A Warren East (4-3). The Patriots make the 30 minute trip up to northern Bowling Green to the Smurf Turf for a battle with the better than expected Warren East Raiders. This was a 7 point game last year and I expect another close game this year as Warren East has some excellent athletes. Gear up for another trip to Smokey Pig Barbeque Patriot Fans, you won't be sorry you did!!! Owensboro Catholic (2A) - LW: 11 - Preseason Rank: 5 - 2017 Record 5-3; District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results - Win: 43-8 vs 2A Hancock County (4-3). I don't have any stats or updates to report, but the score speaks for itself. Simply district play for the Aces. Week 8: District Game at 2A Todd County Central (5-2). Todd County is a good story this year. They were terrible last year, winless, and allowed Logan County to break their LONG losing streak. Now look at them!!! Good for the Rebels and Coach Broady! However, against OCath I don't like their chances at all. Possibly to stay out of the running clock - maybe, but that's the high water mark I'd say! 12. Tier: McCracken County (6A) - LW: 14 - Preseason Rank: 9 - 2017 Record 4-4; [District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK: District Buster: Win at 6A Henderson County (3-5) 40-25. The Mustangs have regrouped and come home from a successful road trip vs your strongest District foe. You scored more on Henderson than everyone but stout Evansville Reitz & tough Caldwell County. Of your 4 losses on the season the only 1 I think is a bad loss is the 8 point loss to Northeastern out of Clarksville, TN, as I think you were the better team. So from that vantage point gaining a new coach and all, you have to like how your season is now shaping up!!! Week 8: vs Dyer County (Newburn), TN 5A (3-4). The Choctaws make the roughly 2 hour trip north to take on the Mustangs. I simply don't know a ton on Dyer County other than they are listed by MaxPreps as being nationally ranked at 7,239, while McCracken is nationally ranked at 4,660. So the Mustangs should clearly have the advantage here and I will be pulling big time for you as I do ALL KY teams playing TN teams!!! Graves County 5A (4-3) - Last Week (LW): 12 - District Record 1-1 - Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Good time for the BYE Week Eagles Fans as you pummel poor ole' Marshall County last game and get set for a BIG ONE in Mayfield come Friday night. You know since you lost to Apollo you need to beat either Christian County or Owensboro to have a shot at the top 2 seeds in the District. You get both those teams at home this year. I think you can get one of those wins, but which one? You tell me... Week 8: vs 5A Christian County (7-0). I expect the Eagles to be recharged! Get ready for your last 3 games where you host both District stalwarts Christian County and Owensboro. Do you split those? Do you win both? Do you lose both? In a lot of ways, Graves County still has control of their District and post season destiny. This is it Eagles!!! 13. Tier: Apollo 5A (5-2) - LW: 12 - Preseason: Not Ranked (NR) - District Record: (1-1) - Week 7 Results: Loss at 5A Christian County (7-0) 43-21. I didn't expect you to beat Christian County on the road Eagles. But I bet you'd like a re-do as giving up 2 pick 6s, a fumble 6 and a blocked punt 6 is a formula for a running clock. But all is not lost Eagles - Keep Fighting!!! Week 8: District Game vs City & District Rival 5A Owensboro (3-4). This game is always a big game inside Daviess County. However, it's usually a foregone conclusion that the Red Devils will likely win the game. That is not the case this season, as the Fire Cracker Eagles are playing as well as I can ever remember. Not-with-standing the loss they just took to a fine Christian County Club. Should be a Great atmosphere off Tamarack Road this Friday night. Come out to the Eagles' Nest Apollo fans and support your team!!! Warren East (4A) - LW: 13 - Preseason Rank: Outside Top 20 - 2017 Record 4-3; District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Raiders have played well up to this BYE Week. They have some injuries for sure; so time to heal up as you have tough games ahead vs district rivals Franklin Simpson and Allen County-Scottsville. Important games indeed!!! Week 8: District Buster vs Allen County-Scottsville (5-2). The Patriots are still stinging from a rough and tumble round with the solid Franklin Simpson Wildcats. I'm sure Coach Hood will have his crew ready to go. SO should the Raiders, as both teams realize this is a critical game, as a home playoff game is likely on the line. Should be a good one!!! Get out to the Smurf Turf and support your team Raider Fans!!! 14. Tier: Henderson County (6A) - LW: 13 - Preseason Rank: NR - 2017 Record 3-5; [District Record 2-1] Week 7 Results: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK - District Buster: Loss 40-25 vs 6A McCracken County (4-4). I think you played a fine game Colonels, but as our good friend @Cols 51 said Henderson doesn't play from behind well and their pass attack will need to be improved in order to compete against top tier clubs. But I don't think you quit and continue to strive to get better. Week 8: District Game at Daviess County 6A (3-4). This is typically the spot for a letdown Colonel fans. You knew the McCracken game would be a tough one. But Daviess County still has hopes of hosting a playoff game, just like you, so they will come in hungry. Will you??? I say Coach Boston will have his troops ready! But DC WR Marquel Tinsley will be worth the price of admission Colonel Fans. Get over to Owensboro for some Old Hickory Barbeque and support your team!!! Lot to play for Colonel Fans!!! Union County 3A (5-1) - LW: 15 - Preseason - NR - Week 7 Results: Win 25-21 at 3A Fort Campbell (2-5). This is what happens when you circle a game on your schedule and you have your home fans pack the stadium and you lay an egg against a very strong team. Then go on the road vs an inferior team and finally break out of the fog and get a district win and move on. Shake it off Braves!!! Week 8: District Buster at 3A Paducah Tilghman (2-5). Braves will make the hour and a half trip over to Paducah to take on the always dangerous Blue Tornados. This is a game that will most likely determine the #2 District Seed and more important give the winner the right to Host a First Round Playoff game! Big Deal! I expect a very competitive game here with the run-first Tornados battling the pass-first Braves. Should be a Great game to watch! Get out there and support your team Braves Fans!!! 15. Tier: Monroe County (2A) - LW: 15 - Preseason Rank: NR - 2017 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Heal up Falcons as you need your best effort of the season this week in arguably the most important game of the season!!! Week 8: District Buster at 2A Glasgow (5-2). On paper, this one is a mismatch, but paper can't measure Grit! And the Falcons got Grit-to-Burn!!! While I look for Glasgow to pull away in the second half, don't be surprised to see Monroe hangin early. Don't forget the great equalizers - turnovers and penalties - So anything is possible Falcon Fans!!! Edmonson County 3A (4-3) LW: Not Ranked - District Record 1-1 - Week 7 Results: BYE. Just thought we needed some new teams in this week, as Hopkinsville just has too many defeats on the season (6) to be in the top 20 right now. So the Edmonson County Wildcats get the nod! Get Ready Wildcats and Congrats!!! Week 8: District Game vs 3A Hart County (1-6). Hart County has really struggled this season. Just don't see them being able to stay with Edmonson in this one. Others Receiving Votes: Hopkinsville, Greenwood, Daviess County, Russellville, Paducah Tilghman, Metcalfe County, Ohio County. Week 7 Players of the Week: (I am trying to pick different guys for this list to try and provide more hardworking young men a chance to get highlighted than to keep going to the same ones over and over. Also, I do not get all the stats by the time this edition goes out, so please add to the list and thank you for it!) 1) Logan County vs Hopkinsville - Tyler Ezell - QB - 8 for 16 for 71 yards; but it was his memorable 4 yard go ahead TD run as time expired that earns him this position! Congrats!!! 2) Crittenden County vs Ballard Memorial - Ethan Dossett - WR - With 6 TD receptions and 347 yards receiving (13 receptions). 3) Ballard Memorial at Crittenden County - Drew Cox - WR - With 13 catches for 321 yards and 3 TD's. Week 7 Teams Moving Down Apollo (5A) - Down - I didn't put Apollo here because they lost against Christian County. I put them here because of the NUMEROUS turnovers and costly mistakes they made vs Christian County. Not trying to bash you Eagles Fans, but sure you'd like try again and control those mistakes and this game is much closer! Henderson County (6A) - Down - No shame in losing a hard fought game vs a talented McCracken team, but the "What could have been" thinking immediately came to me following this game. But chin up, as I still like you guys this week in a HUGE game vs Daviess County. Week 7 Teams Moving Up Logan County (4A) - Up - @CoachAdler is going to have to send me a Logan County T-shirt, as I've been pretty open about pulling for Cougar Nation!!! BUT, this Hopkinsville win is absolutely huge from a momentum standpoint. Does anyone question if the Cougars are bought in now??? I guess not. Good luck next week as you play for the District Championship at Madisonville!!! McCracken County (6A) - Up - What a BIG District Win Mustangs!!! You likely sealed the deal on winning another District Championship! That is Really Big!!! Now if you could finish the regular season strong (very doable), host a first round game (doable), and compete strongly in the playoffs (doable); then this season turns from one beginning in what could have been turmoil as former Coach Jackson chose to leave VERY LATE to one that will be remembered. You match up with the Central Hardin District for the Region. I think you can win the Region 1 Championship!!! Now go get it Mustangs!!! Broke Their Maiden - In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don't get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that's significant: NONE - Hopefully next week! AND THEN THERE WERE 2! Both these teams deserve all the accolades they will get, as it is tough taking everyone's best shot at this point in the season!! Good luck to both teams!!! Team (% likely to remain undefeated all season) (biggest challenger(s) remaining) (In alphabetical order): Christian County (55%) (At Graves County) Logan County (45%) (At Madisonville-North Hopkins) The Sullen 7: These 7 teams remain winless on the season! It may be very likely that this list stays this way through the end of the season. I hate that as this is a sport that demands participation throughout the year. To not get 1 win during the season is REALLY Tough! Chin up guys and Best of Luck! Team (% likely to get a win this season) (best chance at a win remaining) (In alphabetical order): Barren County (35%) (At Grayson County, Edmonson County) Breckinridge County (5%) (? Maybe at Hancock County) Butler County (10%) (Hancock County, At McLean County) Calloway County (0%) (No Chances Left this season) Caverna (15%) (Fort Knox) Fulton City (5%) (? Fulton County) Warren Central (0%) (No Chances Left this season)
  12. BluegrassPreps 2016 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 4 Edition Concerning the top story line for this week, lightning made its presence felt across the state delaying and prematurely canceling games. While I understand the rule, I honestly feel it is time to revisit this rule to see if adjustments could be made. I am safety first as much as the next guy, but if prevailing technical science/Doppler radar can intervene with "common sense", I feel SOME modification to the rule could pay off with MANY resumptions of games that are currently canceled in a SAFE manner or played in Scott County :banana:. What about you? Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 4: 1. Bowling Green 5A (5-0): Win 60-0 vs 4A Warren Central 2. Mayfield 2A (5-0): Win 42-14 at 5A Graves County 3. Franklin Simpson 4A (5-0): Win 53-7 vs 2A Monroe County 4. South Warren 4A (4-1): Win 20-10 vs 6A North Hardin 5. Christian County 5A (4-1): Win 19-16 at 4A Hopkinsville 6. Greenwood 5A (4-1): Win 48-12 at 4A Logan County 7. McCracken County 6A (3-2): Loss 56-14 vs Pulaski Academy, Arkansas 8. Owensboro Catholic (4-1): Win 36-12 at 5A Owensboro Apollo 9. Hopkinsville 4A (4-1): Loss 19-16 vs 5A Christian County 10. Russellville 1A (5-0): Win 54-0 at 2A Todd County Central Week 4 Western Kentucky Game of the Week Recap: 5A Christian County (4-1) 19 at Hopkinsville 4A (4-1) 16 – I think I was right about who should be in the Game of the Week this week, but completely wrong on what type of game it would be. These teams are known for their high flying offense and offensive players. Both have averaged nearly 40 points a game this season. Not Friday night, as both defensive squad showed up when they had to. Our good friends @chrisjung and @Solo11 reported Hopkinsville outgained Christian 329 yards to 145 yards and still lost. But tip your hat to Christian County as that’s a Big Win! Missed opportunity of Hoptown! Lot of Colonels' gear at Haddock’s Grocery Saturday morning I bet! Week 5 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 4A South Warren (4-1) at 4A Franklin Simpson (5-0). 4A Game of the Year? I think so between only 4A KY teams. AND District Ball is here sports fans! Games that REALLY matter, as playoff seeding implications begin taking shape. And what better way to kick it off than by having the 2 district favorites play. These team are separated by 22 miles along US 31W. But these 2 district rivals have only played in the 2015 season with South winning both of those in convincing fashion, but this is a new year with new teams. Franklin has played as well as anyone. If you’re sucking on lemons due to too much lightning or lucky passes, that’s your problem cause Franklin is very good this year. South Warren took an unexpected loss and significant injuries, but battled back like the defending champions they are. This sets up a dynamite battle come Friday night. If it weren’t my wedding anniversary, I would drive down to watch in person! Since I can’t go, I’ll leave you with this photo of the Frosty Freeze at 433 S Main in Franklin. In business for 60 years and still going! I’m sure those 2 guys in the photo are Wildcat Fans! Honorable Mention: GREAT GAMES! Greenwood at Glasgow, OCATH at Butler County, Caldwell County at Paducah Tilghman, and Mayfield at Corbin Meat & Potato’s Version Week 4 Top 10: 10) Russellville (1A) – Preseason Rank (PR): Top 15; Last Week (LW): 10 - 2016 Record 5-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 54-0 over Poor Ole 2A Todd County Central (0-5). The past 2 teams you’ve played are 0 and 10. I am pulling for you to make it to BG this year, but should you not make it, this schedule is likely the reason IMO. Terrific offense and defense but really more of a scrimmage than game. Which approach is better: Thumping TCC by 54 or Beechwood getting shellacked by CovCath 44-10? Regardless, I see these 2 battling the day after Thanksgiving in NKY for the right to play for the 1A Championship. Week 5: Down Trending 2A Murray (1-4). When was the last time Murray was 1 and 4? ………2007 9) Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 9; LW: 8 - 2016 Record 4-1; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Loss: 19-16 vs 5A Christian County (4-1). Not sure any loss will hurt more than this one Tigers. This is your rival; kids transfer back and forth in this “free agent” age. Just think you will say “woulda, coulda, shoulda” for a long time on this one. You outgained County by 184 yards and were even in turnovers! Moving on… Week 5: BYE. Just don’t like this set up Tiger fans. Sets up complacency. Rest up and heal up and go to Haddock’s Grocery and load up on all those cupcake ingredients you’re going to be eating over the next 6 weeks! 8) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 9 - 2016 Record 4-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 36-12 at Owensboro Apollo 5A (2-3). 4 in a row for the Aces! Dispatched a team that just went on the road and beat your biggest District Rival. OH, and by the way here they are! Week 5: In Bear Country at 2A Butler County (3-2). I just don’t think the Bears can handle the Aces but this is King Rex Henderson’s Senior Year and he will likely play his best game Friday night. If the Aces were to play Mayfield right now (WITHOUT Bright) in Owensboro, I think it’d be a tight game. LONG way to go though! Food for thought. 7) McCracken County (6A) – PR: 4; LW: 5 - 2016 Record 3-2; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Loss: 56 to 14 vs. Pulaski Academy, Arkansas (2-1). No shame in losing to a team ranked around #100 in the country, but I have to think the Mustangs wanted to show a little better on the field and scoreboard. Stats are not posted yet and maybe that’s a good thing. Just put it behind you Mustangs as that game doesn’t mean anything (but don’t give that film to the Purples – burn it!) Week 5: at Daviess County (3-2). Get Fired Up for District Ball Mustangs! This will likely be their toughest district challenge and on the road. Do the Panthers really have a chance against McCracken County? You tell me! 6). Greenwood (5A) – PR: 10; LW: 6 - 2016 Record 4-1; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 48-12 at Poor Ole 4A Logan County (0-5). What is football chicken soup? Any time your feelin low after a tough loss (lost last week at home 24-20 to Franklin Simpson); just schedule Logan County. It’s worked for a long time. Don’t worry Cougars, we’re pulling for you to get your first win either next week or last game of the season – Good Luck! Super talented QB Jackson Adams 160 yards on the ground and 4TDs. Solid! Week 5: In Scottie Country at Stout 2A Glasgow (4-0). Great measuring stick game for both teams! Should be the Scotties toughest challenge the rest of the year and the Gators last significant test before heading to El Donaldson Stadium for a District Showdown October 21st. 5) Christian County (5A) – PR: 5; LW: 7 - 2016 Record 4-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 19-16 at 4A Hopkinsville (4-1). I’m sure Coach Lovelace could care less if it’s 2-0, 19-16, or 45-35 as long as he wins. Big Win for the Colonels! Catlett with 1 catch and a total of 32 yards passing on the game is not what I call lighting it up. The Colonels must find a way to improve this if they want to go deep in the playoffs. But this is September and not November so plenty of time to work through the kinks of a long season! Week 5: at surprising 5A Marshall County (4-1). The Colonels march on to open District ball on the road at a Marshall County team only beaten by the vaunted Mayfield Cardinals. Think Christian should have far too many weapons than the Marshalls can handle, but you better be ready to play. If you put up 145 total yards again, the Marshalls should be able to stay in the game. 4). South Warren (4A) – PR: 3; LW: 4 - 2016 Record 4-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 20-10 vs 6A North Hardin (4-1). Another gritty win Spartans! I think this makes you better, especially in 4A, except for injured players as far as the eye can see. With adversity (injuries) you either face it, pull together as a team and overcome it or you just don’t. No stats ready, sorry. Week 5: Western Kentucky Game of the Week (And 4A Game of the Year) In Wildcat Country At 4A Franklin Simpson (5-0). Does the District come down to this game? The first district game? We know AC-Scottsville is capable, but likely a rung below these 2 on paper. Lot on the line this Friday night! Who actually plays this week from the walking Spartan wounded? I expect most to play. Will be a good one! Make ‘em throw Spartans; Make ‘em throw! 3) Franklin Simpson (4A) – PR: 8; LW – 3 - 2016 Record 5-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 53-7 over 2A Monroe County (2-3). No problems this week Wildcat fans! Plenty of time to try anything you’d like to work on prior to the South Warren game. Brady and Robey carry the load in basically the first quarter and that was all that was needed. Week 5: Western Kentucky Game of the Week vs 4A South Warren (4-1) – Big Game Wildcat Fans! To Be The Man; You have to Beat The Man! Yes, the potential matchup in the playoffs is overall more important, but from a confidence standpoint this one is just as important IMO, as you can lead/win the District and dictate home field for the playoffs. Lot on the line this Friday night! Plan on all the Spartan injured to play and you won’t be surprised. If you let QB Ryder Litten beat you – shame on you. You have to put a solid spy or 2 on him ALL Night! 2) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 2; LW: 2 - 2016 Record 5-0; [District Record 0-0] - Week 4 Results: Win: 42-14 over 5A Graves County (3-2). Even with Trajan Bright out, the Cardinals roll on! According to our good friend @Cardinals44, Mayfield won the total yardage battle 455 to 248 over Graves. QB Landon Arnette rose to the occasion with fellow superstar RB Trajan Bright on the sideline. Next up: Week 5: 3A Corbin (5-0) At Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky. QUALITY OPPONENT, Cardinal fans! Love the idea of playing a top school from the east end of the state and meeting in the middle to play. Hope you’ve saved your gas card points for this trip CARD NATION as I know you travel as well as any team in the state! And your team will need you in this one! #1 on the Trip Advisors list for restaurants in Columbia is Circle R Drive INN (712 Russell Road – Country Cooking) or #3 is Anderson’s Pizzeria (1411 Campbellsville Road)! Good Luck! 1) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 1; LW: 1 - 2016 Record 5-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 60-0 over 4A Warren Central (0-5). I know most of you will find this hard to believe fans, but I was figuratively speechless after watching this game. Warren Central is a program that just 3 or 4 years ago was arguably the 2nd best program in all of 5A! JUST 3 or 4 years ago! I could not and can not believe how low Warren Central was on Friday night. These words I ran across sum up my feelings: “Envy creates such a desire for another's house that you forget to take care of your own home. Wake up, be accountable, and do your job! “. Jamale Carothers with 2 TDs before being called off in the 1st Quarter passed Blue Tisdale for 3rd place on BGs All Time Scoring List 13 points behind the GREAT Nacarius Fant! Week 5: Homecoming vs 6A Central Hardin (3-2). Good program here and Homecoming festivities cause the Purples to come out of the gate slowly, but once the faucet is turned on it’s over. Week 2 Players of the Week: (I did not get many stats for this edition at all. So please add to the list and thank you for it!) 1) Landon Arnett – QB – Mayfield – 21-31 for 353 and 5 TDs vs 5A Graves County. I know I had Landon last week, but just seemed exemplary to me! 2) Mason Green – QB – Marshall County – 207 yards and 2 TDs vs Murray! 3) Chase Melton – QB – Adair County – 12-16 for 153 yards and 2 TDs vs Russell County. Week 1 “Big Droppers” Hopkinsville (4A) – Down – As our good friend @DragonFire said, “tie the turnover battle, gain 2.5x more yards, have fewer penalties, and still lose? Heck, they only punted twice!” Seriously, how does that happen! Probably won’t be challenged at all until the 2nd week of the playoffs. While you’re almost guaranteed to get there Tiger fans, you have to be nervous considering you are 1 and 1 in games that should have challenged you. Murray (2A) – Down – I knew Murray would take a step back this year and said so in the Preseason, but did not predict a downward trend to this degree. Teams Murray have played are larger than them, but they are the same teams they’ve always played. Perhaps, the #s of the larger schools have caught up with them this year. Plus, I think Marshall County is on the upswing and a 5A school, but 42-3 is flat stomped. . Week 1 “Big Risers” Christian County (5A) – Up – Unfavorable stats, questionable penalties, several turnovers, sluggish offense: you know what, WHO CARES, as you beat your rival, you retain bragging rights and you move into District play on a roll! This is good because you draw the Darkhouse (Marshall County) in the toughest district in 5A right out of the gate. Greenwood (5A) at Glasgow (2A) – Up – Both these programs have historically been very good (2009 Final 4 - Greenwood) to Championship Level (reached the 2A Championship game 3 times - Glasgow), but I think both have taken BIG strides forward this season. Greenwood beat a team (South Warren) that they have lost to by at least 35 points the past 3 years. Glasgow – I think the Jimmy’s & Joes are better (QB Dessi Austin and LB Stephen Franklin – are VERY GOOD to name 2) and Coach Garmon and staff are doing a flat out GREAT job! Who wins this game? Greenwood would be the favorite just on a 5A vs 2A standpoint, but don’t count out the Scotties especially if their DLine can hold up! 11 Thru 15 Thought we’d continue to dabble down in this neck of the woods this week! 11. Glasgow (2A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 11 – 2016 Record: 4-0: Win 34-28 against a determined Warren East squad clearly playing better now than the beginning of the season. No Stats, but look for the Scotties to be pumped for this Greenwood game as it is likely that last game of the season they enter as the underdog. 12. Owensboro (5A) – PR: 7; LW: 11 - 2016 Record 3-2; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 36-6 vs 6A Daviess County (3-2). Red Devils outgain the Panthers 128 to 49 yards on the ground, but were outgained 128 to 29 in the air. Red Devils get back to .500 against local schools. The special teams must have been terrific for the Red Devils as the total yardage was pretty even in this one. Next week is a BYE week, but I would suspect Coach Fallin and company would travel to Marshall County to see 2 District foes before their District opener in Hopkinsville in 2 weeks. I’m unaware if Owensboro has significant injuries this season, but plenty of time now to heal! 13. Adair County (3A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 13 – 2016 Record: 5-0. Indians with another good win over scrappy rival 4A Russell County 50-27. Still how good are they? But is that all I got? @ACfan4 thinks so. Should be the clear favorite at home vs a very decent 1A Kentucky Country Day squad. Good luck! 14. Muhlenberg County (6A) – PR: Top 20; LW: 15. Mustangs are feeling good marching into District play after winning 42-3 at 2A Hancock County. They travel to the Land of John James Audubon to take on the winless Henderson County Colonels. Last year, Henderson beat Muhlenberg 35-12 in Greenville. I’m pickin the Stangs in this one! 15. Tie: Paducah Tilghman (3A) and Caldwell County (3A) – These District Rivals have had disappointing seasons thus far by their standards. Both played some tough teams early and came up on the short end. But I think both will be better off for it. First game of their District matchups will likely determine the District Championship. So a lot is on the line this Friday in Paducah. After reviewing the Riherd’s page this is only the 2nd meeting between these 2 after Caldwell took last year’s game 46-27. Who ya got? Others Receiving Votes: Graves County, Allen County Scottsville, Monroe County, Metcalfe County, Edmonson County, McLean County “Broke Their Maiden” – In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant: Fort Campbell beat Fort Knox 42-0 for their first win of the season. Congratulations Falcons! THE MAGNIFICENT 7: These 7 teams remain unbeaten this season! Team (% likely to remain undefeated all season) (biggest challengers remaining) (In alphabetical order): Adair County (75%) (Elizabethtown and Casey County) Bowling Green (95%) (Greenwood and McCracken County) Franklin Simpson (40%) (South Warren, Allen County Scottsville, and Russellville) Glasgow (30%) (Greenwood, Elizabethtown and Metcalfe County) Mayfield (65%) (Corbin and Caldwell County) Muhlenberg County (25%) (McCracken County, Daviess County) Russellville (50%) (Franklin Simpson) THE MODEST 7: These 7 teams remain winless on the season! Team (% likely to get a win this season) (best chance at a win remaining) (In alphabetical order): Barren County (50%) (Warren East, Grayson County, Edmonson County) Caverna (30%) (Fort Knox) Fulton County (10%) (Merge with Fulton City, Lottery, Alchemy, Anything - Go Pilots!) Henderson County (60%) (Ohio County, Muhlenberg County, Daviess County) Logan County (40%) (Hopkins County Central and Todd County Central) Todd County Central (40%) (Logan County) Warren Central (10%) (Warren East)
  13. BluegrassPreps 2016 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 7 Edition Concerning the top story line for this week: We have 2 this week: 1. It is the popular BYE time of the season. What are the Top 3 things teams need to focus on when going through the BYE week: A. Heal Your Players! You can’t win in the playoffs without a majority of your team near 100%. B. That July 7on7 and August scrimmage seems like a far distant memory now! Focus short term and prepare to take down that local rival to set yourself up well within your district for a favorable playoff seeding! C. If you want to be playing late in November & December, this week is your springboard – Mentally! Take time to rejuvenate and come back to practice with the resolve for long term success! Good Luck! 2. Teams in the West were on Fire this week! The Entire Top 10 either won or were on the BYE week! Our 11 through 15 teams did the same with the exception of puzzling Edmonson County who spit the bit after pulling off one of the biggest upset of the season just 1 week prior (see below)! Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 7: 1. Bowling Green 5A (7-0): BYE 2. Mayfield 2A (7-0): BYE 3. Franklin Simpson 4A (8-0): Win 34-0 vs 4A Allen County Scottsville 4. Greenwood 5A (6-1): BYE 5. South Warren 4A (5-2): Win 34-7 vs 4A Warren East 6. McCracken County 6A (6-2): Win 46-6 at 6A Henderson County 7. Owensboro Catholic (7-1): Win 38-11 at 2A Hancock County 8. Owensboro (5-2): Win 50-16 at 5A Marshall County 9. Christian County 5A (6-2): Win 49-14 vs 5A Owensboro Apollo 10. Hopkinsville 4A (6-1): Win 41-0 vs 4A Logan County Week 7 Western Kentucky Game of the Week Recap: 4A Allen County Scottsville (4-4) 0 at 4A Franklin Simpson (7-0) 34. According to our good friend @macdon, Franklin Simpson rolled up over 300 yards total offense to less than 60 yards total offense for Allen County Scottsville. But the top story for me in this game is that Scottsville fine QB Chase Wilson did not play and according to our good friend @fastaslightin will be out for the rest of the season. We all love this game, but my heart goes out to this young man who was nothing but a very fine QB. I wish him a speedy recovery and best wishes his senior season. More on the game in the Franklin post below, but fair to say all is good in Wildcat land heading to the BYE week! Week 8 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 5A Graves County (5-2) at 5A Christian County (6-2). Big game in 5A District 1, but not quite as big as two weeks ago! Christian County comes into this one on a 3 game spin cycle, where in the Hoptown game they kept playing great defense and opportunistic offense and rode an upside down stat sheet to a big win. Two weeks ago was just about the same script, but the ending changed with Owensboro winning in a Wild 2OT game. This week, the Colonels drove up the Pennyrile and across the Audubon Parkways to meet the low-flying Eagles of Apollo. No contest there, as the Colonels were the ones flying high! Now comes a confident, somewhat unknown Graves County team to the Stadium of Champions. They have beaten Trigg, Murray, Paducah, Apollo and Marshall and lost to Hoptown and Mayfield. So fairly straight forward script for the Eagles! If the Colonel Offense spudders, I could see this being a very close game! Honorable Mention: Hopkinsville at Calloway County, Adair County at Etown, McLean County at Butler County Meat & Potato’s Version Week 7 Top 10: 10) Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 9; LW: 10 - 2016 Record 6-1; District Record 2-0] Week 7 Results: Win 41-0 vs 4A Logan County (0-6) That SUPREME Cupcake was good and easy as expected. 34-0 at the half. No stats available just yet, but you can image a lot for Hoptown and very little for Poor Ole Logan County! Week 8: In Lakers Country at 4A Calloway County (6-1). No one really talkin about the Lakers, but Coach Mickey Garrison has his team playing fine football with their only loss coming at 5A Marshall County by a touchdown (which looked like a better loss several weeks ago). Did you know that up until last week only Franklin Simpson, Johnson Central and Hoptown had given up less points in 4A this season than Calloway County – How bout that! Granted, they haven’t played world beaters, but there is something to be said about keeping your head down, not making a lot of waves and just win and advance. Seems like that’s what the Lakers are doing and BIG Congrats to them for it! However, they haven’t played anyone close to the athletic ability of this Hoptown squad and that ultimately will be the difference! I won’t call Calloway a cupcake, but more like a “scone” that ultimately the Tigers will devour and move on! Still much to play for Lakers and I wouldn’t be surprised if you kept it close for a while. 9) Christian County (5A) – PR: 5; LW: 9 - 2016 Record 6-2; [District Record 2-1] Week 7 Results: Win: 49-14 at 5A Owensboro Apollo (2-5). According to our good friend @chrisjung, the Colonels had their way with the Eagles. Led again by superstar WR Keyron Catlett. But more inspiring was the play of SO RB Jadonavin McNeal who rushed for 36 yards and 2 TDs. Week 8: Western Kentucky Game of the Week vs 5A Graves County (5-2). For the last 10 seasons these 2 have played each other in the regular season (skipped 2009 and 2010), they are dead even at 5 and 5 and most game scores are very competitive! I look for this game to be that way as well. Christian County should be the favorite, but Graves is at their most dangerous when you count them out! BEWARE Colonels! 8) Owensboro (5A) – PR: 7; LW: 8 - 2016 Record 5-2; [District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 50-16 at 5A Marshall County (3-4). According to our good friend @devils58, the Red Devils easily dispatched the Marshalls, who just aren’t at the level of the top teams in their district, just yet anyway (I am high on them to improve long term). Landon Board was very efficient again with 4 carries and 143 yards. QB Zach Gross had a fine game with a rushing and a passing TD! According to the Marshall County stats, Owensboro gained 350 yards offense (all but 28 on the ground) while Marshall only gained 270 (182 of that through the air). But the real bright spot was the Red Devil D with 4 INTs with Super Frosh Imonte Owsley taking 1 60 yards to the house! Week 8: vs cross-town rival Owensboro Apollo (2-5). The last Eagle win was back on October 29, 2004 at Rash Stadium (33-12). Tough sledding for the Eagles since that time! The sled will be too heavy again this year I’m afraid as the Red Devils have likely hit their stride and starting to play better each week now. 7) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 7 - 2016 Record 7-1; [District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: Win: 38-11 at Hancock County 2A (3-5). Great insight again by our friend @devils58, who reports the Hornets played very hard against the Aces, especially in the first half with the Aces only up 21 -11. That’s good for the Aces to be in a closer game. But they may be somewhat complacent at the moment. Still Vonn Williams playing great ball with 190 yards rushing for the Aces! Week 8: vs Poor Ole 2A Todd County Central (0-7). If I’m Coach Edge, I treat this game like a strategic scrimmage. You are going to get plenty of time for your young guys in this one (as heck they could likely beat the Rebels by themselves). But I am talking about focusing on game plans/strategies/wrinkles that you will partially or fully implement or have for a certain game situation should it come up in the playoffs against teams where your young guys won’t play (i.e. Mayfield). 6). McCracken County (6A) – PR: 4; LW: 6 - 2016 Record 6-2; [District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: Win: 46 to 6 at 6A Henderson County 6A (2-6). Cash Jones still playing very well with 12-17 passing for 129 yards and 3 TDs. Darian Woods with 7 catches for 82 yards and a TD. RB Taeshawn Allen is better than you think with 3 carries for 67 yards and 2 TDs. Abijah Williams with 10 tackles leading the Mustang D. Score was 46 to zip at the end of the 3rd Quarter. It is what you would expect from a Mustang perspective. But Henderson County was at home and didn’t put a score on the McCracken first team defense. I would call that disappointing, but beat Daviess County and you can host your last game of the season! At least you’d get the gate! Week 8: BYE. Not bad work Mustangs! You retreat to the confines of the BYE week in pretty good shape as I don’t know of significant injuries for you at this point. Looking back at your season with a sober shot of courage, you see wins against 1 regrouping 3A school (Tilghman), a foundation shattered 4A club (Warren Central), and a rebuilding 4A club (Madisonville-NH). Now you have seized control of your hollow district by playing well. No shots there - you know it is what it is. Your losses are to 2 REALLY good ball clubs! 2A Mayfield is listed as over 1,200 spots better than you right now according to MaxPreps. Pulaski Academy (AR) is listed as over 1,600 spots better than you. But what I like most about this Mustangs team is when you were getting smoked against Mayfield early in that game, you DID NOT QUIT and fought back valiantly against a VERY good team and that takes leadership, effort and the WILL to win. Impressive! Rest up Mustangs for the All-Mustang battle with Muhlenberg County happens soon and then the Purples come for Trick or Treat on the 28th! OH, there is a game this week that all Mustang fans MUST pay attention to: Pleasure Ridge Park at Dupont Manual. In fact, I’m hoping Coach Jackson and staff travels up to see it (GREAT Venue at Old Manual Stadium – Built in 1923 – State Championships were also played there back in the day)! Why is this game important to you? Because the loser will be your first round opponent in the playoffs. Either one will be difficult for you to beat. BUT no matter who loses that game, you can beat them, but you will have to play with more determination than them for 4 quarters to do it and your schedule minus Mayfield, Pulaski and BG won’t help you here. Focus on this in the BYE week Mustangs and you can take the next step in your young program!!! 5) South Warren (4A) – PR: 3; LW: 5 - 2016 Record 5-2; [District Record 1-1] Week 7 Results: Win: 34-7 vs 4A Warren East (2-6). According to our good friend @jcarter, the Spartans were very balanced on the night and JR QB Cody Eblen stepped in very well for the injured Ryder Litten and should have the inside track to be the Spartan QB next season! Warren East is playing pretty well right now so this is a better win than the Raider record would imply. Week 8: vs 4A Allen County - Scottsville (4-4). As mentioned above, JR QB Chase Wilson sustained a season ending knee injury in the Warren East game. This is devastating for the Patriots who are still a decent squad, but offensively I just don’t see them challenging the Spartan D in this one. Continue to heal up Spartans; plenty of cupcakes between now and the next time you will really need your best available! 4). Greenwood (5A) – PR: 10; LW: 4 - 2016 Record 6-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: BYE. Gators have to be pleased with where they sit at 6 and 1, but this is the same record they had last year (they just swapped South Warren with Franklin Simpson for their 1 loss). What will it take care of get over the hump – Purple Hump - that is? BG stands in Greenwoods way again. But even if they don’t beat the Purples in a couple weeks, would you call a Week 2 upset at Rash Stadium (sorry Graves County fans, I kinda jumped you there) a step forward for this program? I SURE would. Week 8: At Poor Ole 5A Grayson County (1-6). Another great chance for Coach Seabolt to run a glorified practice focused on things you’d like to work on before your trip to El Donaldson Stadium. No Contest against the Cougars! 3) Franklin Simpson (4A) – PR: 8; LW – 3 - 2016 Record 8-0; [District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: Win: 48-0 over 4A Allen County - Scottsville (4-4). Our good friend @FSfan put it best; The Franklin Simpson passing game is making all the difference this year! Coach Preston and staff should be commended for this, as it was a GLARING need last season and they have worked on it and implemented an effective passing game to better balance the offense. It is easy to say that, but much more difficult to implement it! Congrats as it is really paying off! Week 8: BYE. Wildcats haven’t been 8 and 0 since before the Riherd’s page data (1998) and I believe I recall someone mentioning the 1994 season as the last one with this much success. Take some R&R Wildcat fans! The Warren East game in a couple weeks is another potential trap game for you as the Raiders have had some tough luck this season, but of late played well. Then the OLD Rivalry up KY 100 to play the Undefeated Russellville Panthers. You will be the favorite, but it should be a terrific battle. Good Luck! 2) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 2; LW: 2 - 2016 Record 7-0; [District Record 1-0] - Week 7 Results: BYE. I am intrigued what a coaching staff as good as Mayfield’s agenda would be over a break in the middle of the season like this when really the only bad thing that has happened is an injury to your star RB. He seems (from afar) to be recouping nicely. Regardless, I suppose they make ready more concise battle plans for potential future playoff foes. Sharpening the saw, if you will. I don’t think a team that good just sits around waiting for the next game! Week 8: In Bomber Country at 2A Ballard Memorial (4-3). The Bombers have had a fine year by all accounts and really could have defeated a fine 3A Casey County squad (lost 35-33). These teams didn’t play between 2015 and 2010 (to cleanse the mind of beatings I suppose), but other than that they have played the rest of the time between 1998 and 2015 and Mayfield has won every time. The closest game I could find was a 2008 42-38 Mayfield win in Barlow. Maybe a knowledgeable Mayfield fan could let us know if Ballard has ever beaten Mayfield in football. If yes, it wouldn’t be many times. Oh and this year won’t be one either! 1) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 1; LW: 1 - 2016 Record 7-0; [District Record 7-0] Week 7 Results: BYE. Purples re-energize over Fall Break having fulfilled every likely goal they had for the first half of the season! The offense has never been better and the defense seems to continue to improve. Turnovers and injuries would seem to be the remaining stumbling blocks for this special BG squad. Week 8: In Trojan Country at Poor Ole 5A Barren County (0-7). All you can do with a 0 and 7 team is treat it like a scrimmage. We’ll see if they get in more than the 59 players that played vs Grayson County. But BIG game on the horizon Purple Fans as the #4 Greenwood Gators are on the horizon to travel to the El with the District Championship on the line. Should be a good one! Week 8 though: Forget about it! The 2 have played between 2007 and 2015; all no-contest Purple wins. They did not play between 1999 and 2007. In 1998, BG won by the closest amount I could find 39-10 and they were district mates at that time also. Week 7 Players of the Week: (I am going to try to pick different guys for this list to try and provide more hardworking young men a chance to get highlighted than to keep going to the same ones over and over. Also, I do not get all the stats by the time this edition goes out, so please add to the list and thank you for it!) 1) Keyron Catlett – Mr. Everything for Christian County – According to our good friend @chrisjung, 3 yard TD run, 40 yard TD catch, 40 yard punt return TD and 2 2-point conversion catches. I realize I had him here last week, but no one put up those kinds of stats this week and he’s a heck of a player! 2) Shane Burns – QB – Caldwell County – 16 for 21 for 307 yards and 5 TDs vs 1 INT vs rival Trigg County! 3) Dontae Smith – RB – Union County – 12 carries for 115 yards and 3 TDs; Don’t look now but the Braves sit at 5 and 2 and play in Morganfield vs Tilghman for the #2 spot in the district next week! Big Game! 4) Jacob Bellah – JR QB & S – Calloway County – with the 5 games reported has 77 rushes for 468 yards and 3 TDs; 26 for 66 for 474 yards and 9 TDs vs 3 INTs! 1 INT and 3 fumble recoveries as a S plus 18 tackles! Impressive! Figured we should show the Lakers a little love here! Week 7 “Big Droppers” Edmonson County (3A) – Down – I’ll be as bald as Elmer Fudd trying to scratch my head to understand how a team that upsets a solid Adair County squad 1 week drives about 40 minutes over to Munfordville and is up 26-8 with 6:41 left in the 3rd Q and THEN collapses against a team that had only beaten 2 winless opponents (Caverna and Todd County Central) on the year!?!?!? I am happy for Coach Griffin’s Raiders of Hart County, but for Edmonson County????? I guess it just shows you how fragile high school football really is and these are high school kids playing and the margin of victory sometimes is realized by HUGE momentum swings (which I don’t have that info if it happened)! No other explanation can I find! Allen County Scottsville (4A) – Down – May be unfair of me to play the Patriots here, but you are the only ones other than Edmonson County and Henderson County in the Top 20 to lose! My heart goes out again to the Patriots fine QB Chase Wilson! Resolve to come back strong and make your senior year memorable! Good luck on your rehab! As our good friend @DragonFire said, near impossible for you to defeat a stand-out Franklin Simpson club on the road without Wilson. Same task next week at South Warren. Final week vs a surging currently undefeated Bardstown squad may now be out of reach as well. Currently sets up a terrific game in Murray vs a very solid Calloway County Round 1 of the playoffs. Good luck the rest of the way! Week 7 “Big Risers” Calloway County (5A) – Up – Even Magic Johnson should be proud of this Lakers team! Sitting at 6 and 1 with the only loss to a then playing well 5A Marshall County team (20-13). The Party may be over when the Tigers come to town, but that’s no reason to get down! As you have a great shot at being 7 and 3 on the season with a wounded Allen County Scottsville team having to make the long journey to Murray for a playoff tussle. From there you’d have to travel to Franklin, where I don’t like your chances, but still a VERY respectable season! Good Luck! Caldwell County (3A) – Up – Left on the road for dead! The Tigers have run off 5 straight wins very convincingly! The opponents they lost to (1 in 4A, 1 in 5A, and 1 in 6A) have a combined record of 20 and 4. That says a lot to me! This Tiger team is peaking at the right time. Fort Campbell will be pot luck next week. Then one of the best games in Western Kentucky all year when the Tigers travel to Mayfield to battle the high flying Cardinals! Don’t count this team out for a deep 3A run! 11 Thru 15 11. Russellville (1A) – Preseason Rank (PR): Top 15; Last Week (LW): 11 - 2016 Record 7-0; [District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: BYE. Playing the Fulton’s in district is like a permanent BYE. It’s fun, but can make you soft. Beechwood isn’t playing teams as low as the Fultons. Just sayin. Week 8: vs 1A Fulton City (1-7). I like the Panthers, but it’s like they’re on a 3 week BYE! Man that makes playing good teams that much tougher. Just my opinion! So when Franklin Simpson comes calling for a Trick or Treat Showdown off West 9th Street and punches the Panthers in the mouth, they will likely be sorry 1 way or another for the Fulton-type games! 12. Glasgow (2A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 12 – 2016 Record: 5-1: BYE. Probably a good time for the Bye for the Scotties as I think they continue to have some injuries. Good opportunity to regroup and make a RUN! Back half of the schedule looks manageable with lesser district mates to tussle with and a regular season finale at 3A Etown. Good scheduling for the playoffs! 13. Caldwell County (3A) – Well Tiger Fans you take out the Trigg County Wildcats for another year and retain the “Cool as a Fan” 139 Trophy for another year!!! If you don’t know about that, you are not alone. I highly encourage you to read our good friends @The Scribe and @PtownDude account of this underrated Western KY rivalry: http://bluegrasspreps.com/ky-football-high/trigg-county-caldwell-260832.html http://bluegrasspreps.com/ky-football-high/caldwell-county-trigg-335045.html Shane Burns as you saw above had another big game as did WR Jameer Riley with 7 catches for 110 yards and 2 TDs! Don’t look now, but after a Falcon Feast next week you are off until your barometer game with the ever-solid Mayfield Cardinals. What a FANTASTIC Game last season! Can the Tigers make it competitive this season too? You tell me! 14. Graves County (5A) – The 5 and 2 Eagles have been like driving Tin Lizzie’s at Opryland. Up until now you know what you’re going to get and you stay on that track no matter what. In other words, they have beaten the teams they have supposed to beat and lost to the teams they have supposed to lose to. Now comes the most important test of the year in the Western Kentucky Game of the Week at district foe Christian County. Can Graves jump the track this week and pull a big District upset? We shall see Sports Fans… 15. Adair County (3A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 15 – 2016 Record: 6-1. Indians at the BYE week. Facing now (arguably) your toughest game on your schedule (at Etown). Gut check time for the Indians! You have a good squad! Now is the time to show it! Others Receiving Votes: Calloway County, Butler County, Paducah Tilghman, Allen County Scottsville, Muhlenberg County, Edmonson County, Monroe County, Metcalfe County, McLean County “Broke Their Maiden” – In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant: Either Logan County or Todd County Central have to come here right! I hope they don’t tie 0 to 0. Anybody else likely to join them? It’s a tough call… THE FORMIDABLE 4: STRONG Group right here! What are the odds they all win State Championships? I’d say they are high! Would you say the % I have displayed below is their % chance to win their respective classifications? I probably would! You know either Franklin or Russellville will be forced out of this group! Will any others join them? Team (% likely to remain undefeated all season) (biggest challengers remaining) (In alphabetical order): Bowling Green (95%) (Greenwood and McCracken County) Franklin Simpson (75%) (Russellville) Mayfield (85%) (Caldwell County) Russellville (50%) (Franklin Simpson) THE SULLEN 6: We’re as sullen, beat up, ripped jerseys as ever! (This made me laugh re-reading it – so I kept it another week!) But I honestly feel for each and every one of these 6 teams that REMAIN winless on the season! Team (% likely to get a win this season) (best chance at a win remaining) (In alphabetical order): Barren County (35%) (Grayson County and Edmonson County) – BYE week with the Purples on the horizon! Cheer up Trojans! After the Purple Rain, next week you face Grayson County! Rise Up! Caverna (25%) (Fort Knox) - THIS IS IT Colonel Fans - Fort Knox comes to your house – Rise UP!!! You can win this! Fulton County (5%) (Merge with Fulton City Please) There are just no winnable games for them! I really feel for the Pilots! Logan County (50%) (Todd County Central) The Tidy Bowl Game is coming vs Todd County Central on the 28th! Rise Up Cougars! Logan County has now lost 40 straight games :( Todd County Central (50%) (Logan County) The Tidy Bowl Game is coming vs Logan County on the 28th! Rise Up Rebels! Warren Central (5%) (Warren East) Warren East has been playing much better of late and that game will be off Louisville Road at Warren East. I just don’t see it this year Dragons, but respect the heck out of you for competing all season! Better luck next year!
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