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  1. And consider the source - some are completely unprofessional and do not realize that losses are not negative but just learning lessons and should be posted if they are posting wins. One may wonder why BGH doesn't post about BBHS boys games. Thinking the boys coach has restricted him from doing so.
  2. Guess BGH is back on the bandwagon after not posting anything about the loss to NCC. Pretty typical but we've all come to expect the "missing" summaries. Congratulations to the Lady Stangs for every game they play hard in, win or lose. They deserve a lot of credit for working hard to become the best team they can become. They represent their school very well. Wish there were others who would do the same.
  3. Seldom will you find an AD, or anyone for that matter, in administration that will support their coaches. It's much easier for them to "get rid of the problem" than have to deal with parents, when in fact the problem is the parents. The revolving door of coaches is due to the fact that administrators want to keep their jobs so if they keep the parents, school board, grandparents (ok, everyone BUT the coach) happy, then they save face. I have little respect for those who do not stand up for their principles just because they don't want to deal with conflicts. Spineless people are just that
  4. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this is true. Parents will NEVER be satisfied and they feel they have a God-given right to oust whomever they want. Many good coaches (Turner included in this bunch) opt out of coaching by choice because of parents who complain. I always said, "Give me a team of orphans and I'll likely win a state championship." So sad that we have such spineless administrations -- seldom do they ever back up the coach. Unfortunately in this case, the next coach will already be put on the firing squad, it's just a matter of time before the guns go off. Congrats to Coach T
  5. I'm not the one posting immature comments all over this site. That would be very unprofessional, unlike some people who should certainly know better in the postion they hold. Once again, shame on you for acting in such a manner.
  6. First, I want to congratulate the Lady 'Stangs for tying for the conference title. A great feat by a very good team. But, and I know many of you are going to find this absolutley SHOCKING, BGH was inaccurate with his facts. Actually, it wasn't 1999 (where we got all the "interesting" facts of that year!) that the Lady 'Stangs last won the conference. They went undefeated in the conference in 2001 when Katie Schwegmann and the team won the Regional title. Since BGH seems to know all the facts all the time, I thought that maybe he should do a bit more work before giving his rendition of the
  7. You and Wayne take some of the best pictures around. I know the athletes love to see themselves participating as well as the parents. Thank you for your unselfishness and willingness to take time out to make someone else's day just a little bit brighter.
  8. Possibly Newport Catholic? Brother Joe (who recently just passed away) ran a pretty good program up there for many years.
  9. "I knew I shouldn't have bought these from Wal-Mart."
  10. "Do you know the song - 'Big boys don't cry?"
  11. 7 -Bellevue 5 -Boone Co. 3 - Cooper 2 - CovCath 1 - Lloyd TB - Bellevue
  12. You mean you're not going to help me find my contact? I think I dropped it right here on the field.
  13. Impressive - good reason to post all the stats
  14. "Isn't St. Joe a feeder school for Brossart?" Well, why not ask the AD from Brossart this question - oops, the post was by the AD from Brossart so I guess I answered my own question. Does the AD not seriously know the answer to this question? Come on BigGreenHorse - why even post that question? Maybe the question should be -" WHY are St. Joe's students going to NCC if Brossart is the feeder school?"
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