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  1. Football program picked up a decent all-purpose back in a transfer from Dupont Manual. From the sound of things that won't be the only new face walking the halls at Evangel next year.
  2. So from everything I've seen this is a school like Douglass that's manufactured to win in sports, right? And I mean, look at that schedule, even with three games missing still. Bonkers.
  3. Garrard, Lincoln, Washington and Whitley are all winnable games. Boyle and Johnson Central are going to be beat downs. Danville actually did decent against LCA last year. Lost by 4. But with their starting QB transferred to Boyle, the Ads' offensive potency is suspect. Maybe we'll see a surprise in there, but I figure to see things at 3-7 or 4-6 come 10/30.
  4. Ballard seems like it has had a little step up on Male for the last give or take decade but I think that is largely Renner's doing. So those are big shoes to fill.
  5. So I'm assuming I'm not the only one hearing substantiated rumors that Chris Renner is getting ready to announce his retirement right? And that it's actually happening this time and not just a rumor?
  6. Promoted from assistant coach. Also was a head coach on the middle school level for several years.
  7. Gotta love the interwebz... According to the article from the Henderson Gleaner, it looks like Jay and Josh Boston are close friends, and Jay has been looking to direct his career into an administrative position. The opportunity presented itself, and he took it. https://www.thegleaner.com/story/sports/2021/04/23/jay-burgett-joins-henderson-staff-associate-head-coach-associate-ad/7348940002/ “He’s not ready to quit coaching, but he’s ready to explore the administrative avenue," Boston said. “I’m not going to be a coordinator, but I will be aiding in the game planning and things of that nature on that side of the ball,” said Burgett, who will coach linebackers on defense.
  8. Jay is just a health and phys ed teacher at Madisonville in addition to being coach. Henderson's a bigger school than Madisonville, so the pay for associate HC at Hendo may well be comparable to the HC job at Madisonville. Not sure if he's still going to have a job in the classroom to go along with his associate AD duties, but my assumption is that there's a bump in pay somewhere along the way. Andrews is only in his first year as AD and Boston is going into his 6th year as HC at Henderson, so I wouldn't guess either of them are looking at going anywhere in the immediate. Jay's wife Katie is a social worker, so maybe there's an additional career opportunity for her that we're not hearing about here. Maybe there's something else family-related. Who knows.
  9. He can transfer to Kentucky and be the next in a long and storied line of shooters who don't ever really play because they don't defend enough...
  10. Seems like a good spot for another of the Chris Wolfe assistants to surface as a head coach.
  11. The Ads have had Wayne, Mason, Allen County, Shelby Valley, Bell, Bardstown, Madison Central, Madison Southern and John Hardin all appear in various iterations of their last couple years' non-district schedules. Mason had an open date on 10/1 so that might be the game for that date. Madison Central and Bardstown are yet to put out a schedule. And I think Douglass and Bryan Station are the only to FCPS programs with schedules out yet.
  12. Was he in the mix for the head coach job at T? Possibly a case of hurt feelings?
  13. Good info, thanks. I like seeing when the state's talent spreads out further. Sounds like they've got some good things going on at Hendo.
  14. Boudin. Eat the boudin. And if you find deep fried boudin balls anywhere, eat those too.
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