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  1. There has to be way more to this story for a long time Head Coach & AD to quit a new coaching job after only 2 months.
  2. So exactly who would this "new staff he surrounds himself with" consist of? You do realize it will be the exact same staff that was already there & mostly the exact same staff the previous coach had? That is unless Trigg all of a sudden creates some teaching jobs for this current head coach, which from the previous posts about Trigg's coaching $$ I very highly doubt it! Please keep us updated as to the new staff for us guys that are far away from there.
  3. I believe this was Trigg county's Admins plan all along! #1 get rid of the guy that actually cared about the kids & wanted to be there #2 bring in a “Big Name” Coach they knew didn’t want to be there since he didn’t even live in the county so he would jump ship at his 1st opportunity to move on in 10 months #3 all so they could hire the guy they really wanted with only 6 years of coaching experience! Brilliant plan Trigg decision makers!! Your master plan has worked to perfection!!!
  4. Just my opinion from far away but 2 Huge things started the Losing to snowball at WC #1 The Admin firing a really good , young coach that truly wanted to be there , thus bringing in a couple "big name" guys. That same young coach is having success at his new school and should have been given a chance. #2 Refusing to ever PUNT & onside kicking every time has created a totally up hill battle for those kids every game ! How many games of this current streak of futility has this caused?? My educated guess is 2 to 3 games each year. I saw them on film a couple times and could not believe how they hurt themselves from these decisions.
  5. Haaa I agree with everything you said! they were the clear favorites after day 1 then something went south!
  6. Was this the same year when the Madisonville coach got mad because his team lost a game & put his team on the bus & went back home, refusing to finish the tourney?
  7. Trigg Co's Teacher pay is better than Both Hopkins Co & Christian Co schools . I have no idea on the Coaching Stipends but im sure they are at least equal since their teacher pay is better?
  8. I assume you figured that out?? haaaaaaa
  9. Congrats to Coach Hawkins! The Lunch Lady's at Apollo thing he's a GREAT MAN!!
  10. The AP All State was released today. Congratulations to all kids that made it! I realized there was a Kid that made 1st team on BOTH O -Line & D -Line! Has that ever happened before? Heard he was also the Pop Tarts Player of the Year in his region! Congrats to all that made the team!
  11. Im sure this was all done in a very legal fashion and all transfers were for " academic reasons"
  12. Should be a very interesting week in Christian Co as interviews start today! When a certain possible candidate "toured the school with his wife " before Spring Break caused major uproar I felt all way over on this end of the state!
  13. I know this is a silly question from me but how can a new private school just starting a football program already have "a lot of experienced & very talented football players"???
  14. Agree with this!! Sounds like some jealousy or sour grapes from WKY guy? answer this , if the coach B4 was average at best then why did the great savior this year only win 3 games??? and bolt soon as he could??
  15. I’m hearing interviews are set up. Top candidates to me are: Rusty Goble. Great Offensive mind with experience under several head coaches Cary Fowler Hometown guy & Former Tiger with several years experience as a college coach John Adams. Current Off Co with head coach experience who’s son is great LB from the Future Stars program that churns out great talent every year! Plus he current Wrestling State Champ! I still think they should call Darrell Keith & get him back with his D1 QB / son who is currently lighting up the Spring 7 on 7 leagues in Tennessee! these would all be home run hires!!!
  16. Maybe they shouldn’t have fired the Coach that consistently won 5 to 6 games with what is perceived to be “bad talent” ? Or was this bad talent only there during Coach Peaches year?
  17. Depends of if the Barge Co Guy wants them to or not.
  18. I have heard from a teacher in that school that John Adams has been given the INTERUM COACH title. Could this be his chance to prove he can or can not do the job? Or is it just to start the off season?
  19. So does this mean the SAME guys back for their 4th round of interviews? Or 4th different group of candidates?
  20. Two of the best candidates would be : Derrell Keith. Former asst coach at County who rebuilt Todd Co & is now a head coach in Tennessee plus he has a Division 1 QB son! Adam Dowland former asst coach at Hoptown who is also now a head coach in Tennessee ! He’s also the best strength coach I’ve ever seen!! A Darkhorse candidate on current staff is John Adams also a former head coach in Ky. Any of these would be home run hires!!!
  21. Man you sure are laying it on pretty think for him! He must have promised you a job if he gets it!!
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