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  1. I had no idea that every kid that wants to play a sport must get tested every week in Jeff Co?? I assumed it was like the "test to stay programs" that many of the school districts are offering now. That may be the stupidest decision in the long string of stupid decisions thats been made by so called educated , smart people. Another way to punish kids that want to play sports.
  2. Did BG struggle with them? Only 16 to 0 at the half is a surprise to me? also a question as you have seen both Christian & Hoptown play BG if they were currently combined how do you think they would do vs the Purples?
  3. I thought I read this week that Mayfield was as good as or better than Owensboro???
  4. Can someone explain to me how a kid that’s NOT graduated high school yet be eligible to play college???
  5. That’s now 3 very good former Head coaches on their staff ( Smith & Lewis along with Brad Lawson) Those kids are lucky to be coached by that quality on a daily basis!
  6. Wait until everybody finds out he is an old school Power Football Coach!!! He's the Anti Spread guy!! Double TEs , Veer & run the ball 90% of the time!
  7. Yoursportsedge.com has the short story.
  8. This job just came open Monday as the Coach resigned according to sports news outlets.
  9. 1st 2 games are on Saturdays, is this correct? any word on scrimmages yet? I Hope them & Ft Knox get to play this year !
  10. Lots of 2nd rate candidates hired this year in several sports! At least the get a chance to prove themselves.
  11. There has to be way more to this story for a long time Head Coach & AD to quit a new coaching job after only 2 months.
  12. So exactly who would this "new staff he surrounds himself with" consist of? You do realize it will be the exact same staff that was already there & mostly the exact same staff the previous coach had? That is unless Trigg all of a sudden creates some teaching jobs for this current head coach, which from the previous posts about Trigg's coaching $$ I very highly doubt it! Please keep us updated as to the new staff for us guys that are far away from there.
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