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  1. Not about money. It's all about what you put into it. Can't blame not being able to compete on who gets the most money. Are you for real?
  2. Highlands fans back in 2014 thought he was a big enough name from his years of coaching there to be the head coach. Hope you followed along on what happened there and know why he isn't the coach there now. If he couldn't keep the winning tradition going at HHS he won't be able to get Newport to any winning ways. He had the everything handed to him at Highlands and dismantled it in a short fee years... Enjoy it.
  3. What do you mean by "inner city"? How is Newport any different of a school than Highlands. Both are independent school systems and operate pretty similar. Only seperated by about 4 miles
  4. Good for Coach Weinrich. I am sure he will get the best out of the kids at Newport and bring them success....
  5. Means what it says. Good quality coaches under him.
  6. Yes a true life lesson there and I still do that to this day.
  7. NO chance of losing to them twice in a season like it has been.
  8. The guy went full go to the end. I remember him 2 months before he passed would come down into Death Valley, find a nice patch of grass and sit down. He would coach from that spot and let all of us know how we had to play defense. It was hard for him to yell but you knew what he meant. He told you how it had to be and how it was going to be. The guy could rally a team and get you to play that swarming, hard hitting, everyone to the ball type of defense. Don't be the last guy there nor not be in on the tackle or you heard about it.
  9. Its like the calm before the storm right now. The blue smoke has dissipated from the air and stacks. March 1st will soon be here and everyone better be ready!
  10. Red Dog will be known by the guys who knew what that meant. The kids now a days don't understand the man or system behind that. Some previous coaches knew it but this new staff won't know. The man was a legend and his way of coaching shaped Highlands football in the 90s and early 2000s. I am not sure if any player now would be able to tell you what that means. I would even venture out out say not many coaches with in the Jr. football league knows what Red Dog means. It only resinates with us late 30 year olds to mid to late 40 year olds. We are the ones to lived it. It certainly could be broug
  11. Are there any parents still wanting to move their kids to other schools?
  12. You will get a little of both with him. But all for the good.
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