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  1. Ehhhh I don't see that. Also think that would be a bad move by Highlands.
  2. Highlands past couple of years have not been up to par. The rumor is that there will be a new head coach. If so who do you think it will be? and why?
  3. I really don't know why Highlands scheduled Moeller but I guess its whatever. This one will get ugly real quick. I say Moeller wins with a running clock in the second quarter.
  4. This is going to be a great game. Highlands looks like they got their stuff figured out. Cov Cath also looks like they got things figured out. This will be Just a flat out street fight. Highlands does not have the best of quality wins but this will be the game to see if Highlands is legit. Cov Cath has a lot to prove. They still have to prove if they are the best team in Kentucky. At the end of the day tho. I say Cov Cath by 3 Points due to experience due to Tre Gronette and Coaching. I will think Highlands will end up Getting out-Coached. Not out played.
  5. Jake Aruther has a arm fracture and Trevor Harms has a ankle injury. Harms is listed as Game time decision. Arthur is listed as Out.
  6. I have heard that Highlands will be without there left tackle Jake Arthur and Center Trevor Harms. Big lose for the birds. O-line has got to step up.
  7. Yes I believe this too Highlands looks really good in these upcoming years they got Noon, Hosea, Kelsay, Robinson, Giesler, Hodge, And Highlands sophomores wide outs are really talented and fast. I watch the Bluebirds every Friday and even their freshman games for the past 7 years. Highlands HAS studs coming in really soon. I do think a new coach would be a lot better tho.
  8. I say Connor 24-13 Highlands will play hard so will the Cougars but I Just don't see the bluebirds offense playing good this game Connor has a great defense and it will be hard for the sophomore QB to move the ball plus they can't pass at all the wide outs are weak they don't block or catch anything. Connor really Just has to stop the run and they are good. Connor I think will win because of their defense. I think the offense will play ok but not great. Highlands has a pretty good D and Connor hasn't really played anyone special but at the end of the day I think the Cougars will be 3-0.
  9. Highlands football for the past 5 years is in the gutter. The coaching has not been the same and they have been bringing in pretty good talent. Its been awhile since we have seen Highlands at its best. I have heard multiple rumors that Weinrich and his staff will be gone in January hopefully that is true because to be honest what I saw on Friday night was absolutely disgusting. Multiple bad play callings and all around really bad game. If highlands continues to role with this staff. Highlands is done for. Ruining great talent. Ruining great opportunities. Ruining Highlands football.
  10. Boyle will control this game the whole game. Highlands is weak and under sized. they aren't a very disciplined team. Don't see them winning this game at all. Offense can't throw. Boyle needs to do is stop the outside run and its over. Defensively Highlands will get beat up front. The front six also isn't very strong for Highlands either.
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