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  1. That was final straw for me to say there is more to the coronavirus than what we know.
  2. Not fair to baseball to postpone and play. Unless it was postponed for a week, there is no way they finish it out. Baseball probably be canceled as well.
  3. Devils definitely the better team tonight. Rams not enough fire power...
  4. What happened at end of that game? I was listening with 16 seconds left MC was up 3. Radio tuned out then it was WC up 2 with 3 seconds left and they stole the inbound play.
  5. West Carter only had 5 team fouls, the player trailing the shooter tried to grab him but failed.
  6. Mason gets better every game. Very good chance to win Region..
  7. David Johnson has changed the whole dynamic to this team. Frees up Perry more to play the 2. Allows McMahon to be a true spark off the bench. Fresh can play late, if you need his experience. He will only help you and not hurt you.
  8. Always a good game to watch. Should be down to the wire. Ashland bounces ack after losing to Russell.
  9. Steel is and was the difference. Got tired at the end but still nailed foul shots. She is really good PG.
  10. Russell could have been much higher, if they not lost those leads in the 4th quarter.
  11. Excellent points on this thread. Blazer did not play their best game by a mile. Still beat a team with great discipline by 7. Also, Blazer gritted one out and won with terrific 4th quarter defense. Trinity will get better, would not want to draw them in a region...
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