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  1. Joel Iles is definitely out today but rumor has it that he has a chance to be back in a week.
  2. I agree the thread is Kentucky's remaining undefeated teams. That would be 0 losses.
  3. Beechwood defense was all over NCC they couldn't do anything. If Beechwood make all it's 5 foot shots this is a 30 point blowout.
  4. I think that in most divisions the best teams where playing. That may be the reason attendance was good this year.
  5. I believe the quarterback is his nephew. Don't think he would leave him his senior year.
  6. I know people are excited but the game wasn't. There was 3 good drives in the game. The rest of the game really wasn't. Mayer set the tone on his first tackle when he picked up their running back and dumped him. I felt that Mayer should have definitely got more touches. CCH's defense is the real deal. The better team definitely won this game.
  7. I can't wait to see this game. Heard really good things about FD. Eviston is a coach that isn't afraid to gamble so there should be some very interesting situations in this game.
  8. I don't know about the Conner game I didn't go to that game. I guess you would have to be there to know what I am talking about. They ran a lot of the same playes over and over, same formations and didn't even try to get Meyer the ball much. I haven't seen FD play so I can't make an educated prediction on the Championship but I will definitely be there to watch.
  9. I seen it first hand. I didn't say they changed their play book. They wasn't opening up a lot of the play book at all. Because they didn't have to. Highlands offense this year was terrible.
  10. They knew Highlands couldn't get a first down on there Defense and they thought they would play them in 2nd round of playoffs.
  11. Ross pangallo (SO) is emerging as a really good talent at NCC. With Jefferson and Mulligan still out he has carried NCC in there first 2 scrimmages. He will not be under radar for long.
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