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  1. Henry Clay's ability to handle John Hardin's press should be a concern for LexCath. I agree it's these two in the 11th, because they are the most consistent teams after the Blue Devils December doldrums. Mackey and Dillard are the x-factors. Warrick's gonna Warrick, but the other two and the rest of the team came up huge Saturday.
  2. Being at the meeting on Thursday, it was said that statistically, given all the calculations going into the football RPI, the OWP change is not that significant and you really have to monkey with it to make a difference in the RPI standings. But changing it to the in-state average makes sense and is a concession to critics who thought OWP and OOWP was too low. They talked about a few criticisms, but the consensus was that it produced a pretty good tournament from Round 3 to the finals, i.e. it did what is was supposed to do.
  3. Not arguing for district format or saying people shouldn't complain. And I agree that LexCath/Boyle would have happened by third round, regardless. I don't think it's a particularly good scenario for top teams to have to play each other early just because of some lines people have drawn.
  4. Since I'm up, I'll take a whack at the new playoff format. Yes, the games we're seeing this week as District Championships would previously be probably third round games, but you'd still have this big knock out of top teams in an early round. Scott County/Douglass, Pikeville/Hazard, LexCath/Boyle all would happen too early in the old format, too. The KHSAA has told me the third round will be a Regional Championship trophy round. So, that still exists, just later. Now, at least, once we get past this round, and into RPI seeding there's no way I see for the top 2 RPI teams to face each other before Kroger Field. If Cov Cath and Douglass advance, they won't meet next round just because the bracket says so. They only meet in the final. Same for Male and North Hardin, Bell and Tilghman, KCD and Pikeville. Do people hate having to play back through the district this week? Oh yeah. Do people want to see the best two teams in each class at Kroger Field? I think so. The old way meant Johnson Central-Boyle County could be the semifinal. The new way won't let that happen. My philosophy on this is that no one is ever happy, regardless. Let's complain about something new. Here we go.
  5. Actually the 3rd round will be called Regional Championships and there will be trophies. Because, technically these are still East only and West only games.
  6. Second round game is the "District Championship" since its all intra-district. Third round game is "Regional Championship" and is seeded based on rankings in each half of the state 1-4. Semifinals are SemiState, which I guess is a thing, but feels dumb, since state semifinals seems fine to say.
  7. Greetings, I'm Jared Peck, the new man behind @HLpreps on Twitter and the Lexington Herald-Leader and Kentucky.com. I wanted to jump on here to see what the fans out there are talking about. Most of you I imagine are superfans of your schools and know more than I can possibly fit in my brain. I just ask for your patience with me as I settle into all that comes along with covering high school sports for the Herald-Leader. I'll make mistakes (and already have), but my primary function is to do what I can to tell great stories. That's what I'm going to try to do. I am from Paducah and did in fact work with the great Joey Fosko at the The Paducah Sun. He was only a couple of years older than me and we went to the same high school (Lone Oak). When I became an intern and sports clerk at The Sun, Fosko had already turned his part-time clerking job into being the full-time cops beat reporter. He transferred over to sports shortly after. He had a photographic memory and an encyclopedic knowledge of local sports. He was a marvel. I am following in the footsteps of Mike Fields and Josh Moore at the H-L. Both greats in their own right for different reasons. I'm told I have "very big shoes to fill." And I often feel like I'm standing here with small feet and no personality. I'll do my best. As for my professional background, I worked as a city beat writer in Winchester and Mayfield in the 1990s before jumping behind the scenes as an editor and manager in Columbus, Ga. and Lexington. I've been at the H-L for nearly 20 years, mostly doing jobs that have since been outsourced to other parts of the corporation. As an editor, I wrote headlines including "Tubby Bolts From the Blue," "Horton Seals a Whew" and "Eighth Wonders." The last few years I've been sports writing -- covering Internet viral stories along with the "non-revenue" UK sports and helping Josh with the high school beat, especially soccer since my kids play that sport. So, that's me. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you out there. Let's have some fun. Jared Peck
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