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  1. So, admittedly I am biased. Will Adkins is my nephew. I also live 1000 miles away in New Orleans so I do not get to go to the games to watch him play but I do listen on-line. I'm also the guy that talked them into letting Will come to the Manning Passing Academy here in Louisiana where he has progressed and been noticed each year for the last 3 years. There is no question here... Will is a natural. He is an intelligent surgeon with an incredibly strong arm who makes great decisions. He rolls through his check-downs with vision and his passes are precise. As a Blazer grad myself I've neve
  2. Ah!!!!! All this talk about my nephew! I love hearing it. Just wish I was around Ashland to be able to see him firsthand. I am looking forward to his family being back down here in the big easy with us during the summer. Go Cats!
  3. My dad is in surgery and my brother is teaching... so my connections are out of pocket right now. Ugh! Where is this game and how does Raceland's freshman team look?
  4. I haven't talked much to his dad about it, but I would just hate to see Will in something other than Maroon and White. However, Ben has taught in LC for a few years now and it certainly would make a lot of sense for Will to head that way... if for no other reason than logistics. I just hope that the coaches see the benefit of having both those boys Will and Ratliff (seems to be a solid and strong athlete) on the field at the same time. I really do see a pretty special offensive attack on its way there on Elm Street in Ashland.
  5. Hey there, LRCW. Benji was slow. Even when he was the Baseball District MVP in Ashland years ago, It was like watching a slug run the bases. I, on the other hand, can't even be called slow. I barely move at all, then and now. Your molasses analogy is both adequate and accurate.
  6. Well, let me just say in an overtly biased and extreamly proud way, Will Adkins is my nephew and the kid really is amazing. I'd have to ask his dad (my brother and Lawence County teacher, Ben) but I don't think he's 250. I'm happy to say that he has spent two summers down here near me at the Manning Passing Academy. You will not find a better, more fundamentally-sound, natural pocket QB Freshman anywhere. He's calm, organized, checks down and has a sling of an arm. It helps that he has a couple of big time receivers. In my mind (and of course I'm biased) with the way Ratlif runs (speed) a
  7. Go Tomcats!!!! Cheering you on from way down the bayou in the big easy!
  8. :lol: :lol: BTW, I'm with the Guru and the mods on this one!!!
  9. Let me go ahead and say this... IF and that is a HUGE IF, there is no Cheer, this is the single GREATEST gag in the history of pratical jokes!!! I mean it would rank real high!!!! I'm still going for a real Cheer.
  10. IF this were correct you guys spend WWAYYYYY too much time doing this. I'm still gonna hold out for a real Cheer. Although If a fella was to make up a name for a "blonde" girly girl on a sports thread, the name "CheernbHappy" would fit very well... :eek: :confused:
  11. OK Ru. I'll become a beleiver if you can tell me how you know so much about Jazz and music in general??
  12. Someone get a hold of TNVOLS. They are friends I think... That should settle it.
  13. Ha Ha Ha. Come on everybody... catch on here. Cheer is real... way too much "Music knowledge" for anyone not living in a music teacher family. She may well be held "post captive" against her will in the deep dark dungeon of Guru's cyber "suspention". She will be back.
  14. Bayou Segnette State Park is within 1 mile from my front door. I remember driving through Greenbo or CarterCaves and seeing deer all over the place. They say after hibernation that as I drive through Bayou Seg, I will see plenty of alligators. Now that is a big difference.
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