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  1. Congratulations Coach Warner! Here's to first of many!
  2. Are there any more scrimmages scheduled before the dead period? Is so when and where?
  3. For those watching Maddie for the first time..enjoy her decision making..her passing..her ball handling..controlling the game without forcing the issue. She could score double her average if she wanted to. She competes to win each game..whatever it takes...a bball purist's dream.
  4. Congrats to Dixie on a great victory. Curious about the technical foul fouling out the Conner player in fourth...tough ending of a great season for the Cougar ladies.
  5. Ridiculous. Let the boys play ball. Diocese of Covington has screwed this up from start to finish.
  6. Appreciate any updates from anyone who goes..don't think its streaming anywhere.
  7. Raiders win if Maddie stays out of early foul trouble..should be great game to take in.
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