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  1. I saw a link where the Danville vs Murray game will be on youtube at 10:30 central time I believe. you can find it on Murray high twitter page.
  2. Murray and Danville puts two of my top 4 in the first game against each other which is a shame. I actually think murray could win it all. At one time they had the top ranked defense in the state I believe.
  3. I always tend to feel that the team with the best player (assuming the supporting cast is good 2-7) will likely be the favorite to win a tournament. Mercer was deep but Robbins seemed to be the best player in the state. Although I haven't seen any of them I get the vibe that Ryle has the best player in the state in Maddie Scheer and their #2 in Schwartz must be really good too if shes a miss basketball top 5 candidate. How can anyone overcome that unless the supporting cast for those two isn't as solid as other teams. Is Scheer not the most dominant player in the state? Her offer list and ranking seems to say as much. It seems to take 5-6 college level players on a team to win it all, maybe the 3-5 are not at that level and Ryle just doesn't have the balance others have. Would love to hear from some who have seen them and others.
  4. Emma king from Lincoln has to be the favorite if they finish like they are playing now right? Lauren Schwartz is right there. Wheeler is also there if the team finishes strong and probably the leading scorer in the state right? My guess is unless wheeler or king make a deep run then it would go to Schwartz if Ryle wins it all.
  5. I believe Marshall County plays Simon Kenton in a few weeks, but honestly I don't see where many region 1 teams have played against top 25 teams outside of the area. There are a few mutual opponent type of games that lead me to believe the rest of the state is currently that much better.
  6. I have not seen them play this year but they are ranked in the top 25 in the coaches poll after having lost three girls to Murray State last year. I think he only has two big contributors back and at one time had one of the top 5 defenses in the state, that sounds pretty good. Like I said though, I haven't seen them, was impressed he could do this well with a new group.
  7. I'm not sure Lamelo Ball footage is really the best footage they will get from players on that team. Lamelo did put on a freak passing display and nice speed and handles at the McCracken hoopfest, but on night 2 he was more human and struggled. I'm honestly not sure after watching him whether he will play in the NBA or is a low level D1 player. I'd have to watch him in a real game first, because he plays like a clown half the time and no way he could do that in a high level D1 setting. Kids got some skill though, and its entertainment.
  8. I've got to admit, now that i'm following girls basketball closely with a child that plays, its really disappointing there aren't better teams down in Western Kentucky that can be in these discussions. I would love to tell you the publicity just isn't there because we are forgotten down here is west ky, but that's just not the case. Now don't get me wrong, there are some really solid teams and some programs that know how to coach basketball. I just think the population density and demographic of the area along with a lack of basketball tradition (minus Marshall County) has really led to basketball that is a step below the rest of the state. Murray High seems to have a nice program now with Turner then Foust. Marshall is definitely on the rise with Langhi taking over and a really good core. Graves has a good core and program, Paducah Tilghman has some really good 8th graders coming up, and Calloway has Settles and a pretty good young core. Region 2 fields some solid teams as well, but about the same level. Seems like a large part of the state with Region 1 and 2 being what I consider to be Western Kentucky, and really there is not 1 dominant team this year. Maybe i'm off, maybe the out of sight out of mind mentality has put some of those teams on a higher pedestal than they deserve, but I think I've seen enough basketball to know. What say ye?
  9. Maybe its just me...but I agree with your logic. I actually have the two teams switched and I have South Laurel 16th and South Laurel 19th.
  10. Only watched the second half of MCcracken game but Graves just outplayed them and was quicker and stronger. I figured they may get Mccracken tonight. Sivills only had 5 points, the two guards however played pretty well for us. Odd game.
  11. Meant to mention, I watched University Heights yesterday and they are a solid team but I believe McCracken would beat them and feel they are likely not the 4th best team in the state. Probably depends on what Tandy does, as they do not have a lot behind him and could have easily lost to Murray High yesterday. They will win their region i'm sure, so it will depend on what Tandy does at the state tourney. If he has an off night they lose, if he takes a game over they could probably beat anyone. He can fly, but could use some work on his motor.
  12. The region tourney is going to be must see TV, as I have seen them all but Tilghman this year and there is very little separation in the top 6. I would say McCracken has a bit of an edge on everyone due to Sivills and some depth and size. I would go Graves next because they really have a nice top 3 and really run their offense well. I would say Mayfield next, then Murray and Marshall are dead even, and lastly Tilghman until I see them. I believe Tilghman is on the rise. Meat of the schedule is coming up so things are fixing to get interesting.
  13. I would keep an eye out for Elliott County. I watched them play McCracken County Saturday night and they have a very solid team. Not enough size but very good teamwork and scrappy bunch of kids. The 8th grader is legit, nice looking guard. They lost by 1 in OT to the #10 team in the state on their home floor at 8:30 on a Saturday night at least 6 hours from home. Ill bet they end up winning their region and could win a game at the state tourney.
  14. It was a really good game. Much better basketball than the Lamelo Ball show the game prior, ha. Elliott was small but scrappy, I like their 8th grade kid he can play but didn’t score a lot. Sivills came up big in the end with a big rebound and got fouled with .8 seconds and sank the free throws. He probably should have had 40 tonight.
  15. That I’m not sure, I know there are some really good ones in that class, and the girl at Mercer May be the best. The Ky premier folks would have to weigh in as they have seen them all in person as I know at least Lind and thomas play on the same team for premier. Lots of talent in 7th and 8th coming up, KENTUCKY is a pretty strong state for girls hoops now if you ask me.
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