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  1. Not sure the date but they have to make up district game they were suppose to play tonight.
  2. As someone who watched just as a fan the officiating was questionable both ways. One sequence a Brossart player hit in the face, no call, go back the other way player called for putting hand up and touching Frankfort player at half court.
  3. Frankfort Williamsburg Lexington Christian Taylor County Walton Verona Anderson County
  4. Dunking is allowed as long as you stop once the official come to the court. I think it may be a safety issue, checking with a referee friend to find out.
  5. I'd say there are several coaches in the 11th region who would love to get out of that gauntlet and move to the 8th.
  6. What a great atmosphere!! District winners should host every year.
  7. There is a larger lot behind gym with a gravel lot beside that. Also plenty of street parking, just don't block driveway's or you could be towed.
  8. Another last season test Saturday at home against Ballard.
  9. Had some of the shots that the Frankfort kids normally knock down that would have been very interesting last minutes of the game. LCA made shots and free throws down the stretch and FHS did not. Still a very good game. Good luck LCA in the finals.
  10. After watching Frankfort against Woodford Friday they certainly look like a top 20 team. Free throw shooting looked a little shaky at times though.
  11. The hands have to be extended when contact is made. This from a friend who is a high school ref.
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