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  1. Have to throw Cameron Browning- Male, Jasmine Elder-Butler and Nila Blackford - Manual in the mix! All three play incredibly tough schedules, had multiple D1 offers and will play at a D1 school next season. All also are having great seasons!
  2. So will the Eastern, Male, Sacred Heart, Christian Academy, Assumption and Manual kids who would all win many Regions but only one will advance.
  3. Since when is Mercer in the top 20? They are wayyy far from top 20 and probably would be the 11th best team in the 7th Region but nothing new there with teams out in the state.
  4. Assumption starts out incredibly slow with starters committing 9 Turnovers in first quarter, and Highlands races to 28-10 lead at half. Assumption fights back in 3rd quarter with many reserves contributing and cutting lead to 8 after 3rd. 4th quarter shows Assumption continuing to cut down lead but down stretch Highlands hits 4 for 4 clutch FTs to ice game. Leading scorers - Hayes - 17 from Highlands, Cronen - 12 Assumption.
  5. THIS TIMES A MILLION! Why are they even playing???? That is my question!
  6. Etown has a beast of an 8th grader, Xaviera Smalley! Kid played very well against Anderson County at the Bullitt East Holiday Tournament!
  7. Northern Kentucky has been very strong for many years but curious if these teams are all in the same region? If so, that would be brutal because I know the Seventh Region has 4 teams in this ranking and that leaves out Christian Academy which has regularly been ranked in top 12-15 by coaches.
  8. There are about 5-6 teams in the 7th Region that could make the state in 10 of Regions! Unfortunately, they are in a loaded Region, which had the 5th or 6th best team, Christian Academy add a transfer from a West Virginia HS who is originally from Russia! She can flat out ball!
  9. Apparently someone forgot to let Manual (7th Region) aware that they are not top 20 as they defeated Owensboro Catholic by 4 or 5 at Franklin County this past Saturday. They are surely a top 20 team!
  10. This although the 6th is basically Mercy and Butler and no one else. The 7th will have 5-6 teams that are probably top 25 in the state. 9th also has a plethora of great teams!
  11. Man, I love reading the Northern Kentucky game and fan threads if for nothing else, the comedic value and fandom! Good stuff! By the way, the greatest athlete ever at Campbell County HS was Chuck Harmon! Look him up!
  12. Not sure CAL or Male will win the 7th Region, let alone the state. But both are impressive as CAL somehow having a 4-5 star Russian player who was playing in West Virginia, land in their lap surely helped them out.
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