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  1. Sometimes parents suffer from a kid's poor decision and sometimes the kid suffers from his parent's decision. Not sure of the facts here but know that the kid is a special player. Hate to see him not have a chance to play, no matter the circumstances. At the end of the day, it is high school hoops... and while I know it could extend beyond to college, etc... if the kid cannot play and it hurts his growth and opportunity, it is a shame. I would find it hard to believe a 16 yr old is driving this decision. Good luck to the young man.
  2. Should be a great game but not sure I would bill as the game of the tournament. I think a potential final featuring Scott Co/Trinity winner vs. Fern Creek/CovCath winner for the state title would be the "game of the tournament". That being said, this should be a great game and cannot wait to watch it live.
  3. While it was a decent game and the SK frosh is the real deal, I find it ironic that everyone states it was "closer than final score". It was never closer than 12 points since a few minutes left in the 3rd and was never less than 15 in the 4th Q. A good game and somewhat close (under 10 points) early in the 3rd, but the outcome was never close to being in doubt. Look forward to seeing SK advance thru regionals.
  4. Having not seen Central play this year and only going of the comments on BGP, sounds like the speed of their defense could be a key factor in the game. When CCH plays Cooper, it is the speed of AK on the defensive end that gives CCH the most trouble. CCH has done a much better job against the press in recent weeks but that might be tested a little more with the speed of Central. Looking forward to the game and will be making the drive down. In a close game, I got to go with CCH by 4. AJ rounding into form and CJ playing too well to go against the Colonels.
  5. 7 - Covington Catholic 5 - Beechwood 3 - Woodford County 2 - Harrison County 1 - Holy Cross (Covington) TB - CovCath
  6. 7 - Mason Co 5 - Simon Kenton 3 - LLoyd 2 - Beechwood 1 - Harrison over Breathitt TB - Mason Co
  7. Tigers at the home of the Colonels. No one in their right mind would pick Beechwood for the W but what is a respectable showing? It will be interesting to see how BW's leading scorer does against a top notch defense focused on shutting him down. I see him not reaching double digits.
  8. That is an interesting debate, do you bring AJ back to hoops or just stay healthy for Miami football? From what I know of him, he will be back on the court once 100% healthy. There is not a lot to gain in the next week or 2 in rushing back to the court. As for his brother Michael, expect to see him this weekend vs Cooper as he was resting a knee this week.
  9. Very good point on AK. He gets his points as the team needs but also makes his teammates better. He is making a case for the best player in the 9th region and a strong candidate for Mr BBall KY.
  10. Sullivan out-coaches CCH in these games. Your points are spot on that too much is dependent on 2 players. They start the game (as they do about every game) with a post play for Walter and he converts. They go to him maybe one other time in the remaining 31:45 of the game. Thelen is not a back to bucket player but with his size and Walter, it is a mismatch in every game that they do not exploit. AK is the best player in the region right now and Sully knows how to leverage his talent against CCH. Cooper's team effort on both ends of the court is impressive.
  11. Don't get me wrong, love 22's game and he is the key to that team. But you have a huge size advantage and run little to no plays to exploit. At times, too much of the game goes thru #22 and #1... hard to argue i know as they are 2 of the top players in the state. As this team gets deeper in KOB and possibly region/state tournament, they are going to need to balance the load between front court and back.
  12. Bruin's press will be their key to success. If CCH #22 can manage the press, where he struggles at times, Colonels will prevail. If he tries to beat press with dribble, Bruin's can give Colonels all they can handle. It will be interesting to see if Colonels decide to leverage their big height advantage with #44 and #30 (not to mention #24). Sometimes the coach decides he wants #22 to do too much. Great tournament and today's games should be fantastic.
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