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  1. 5-Pulaski county 3-Fleming county 3-Greenup county 1-Rockcastle county 1-Henry Clay 1-Dixie Heights 1-North Hardin 1-Franklin County 1-South Warren 1-Meade County TB-63
  2. Josh Crump may be one of the top qb. Kid is a straight athlete and can sling it as well as run. He's pulled his team out of some tight situations.
  3. 1 Scott County 1 Bowling Green 1 Scott 1 PCC 1 Collins 1 Cooper 1 Ballard 1 Fern Creek 2 Bowling Green 2 Scott 2 Cooper 2 Fern Creek 3 Bowling Green 3 Cooper 5 Cooper TB 150
  4. I thought the refs was terrible but should be an exciting game tomorrow!
  5. Panthers’ upset bid comes up short Panthers’ upset bid comes up short | Sports | maysville-online.com
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